Kitchen Cabinets Makeover: A Recipe to Celebrate Food, Style and Personality

    Kitchen Cabinets Makeover: A Recipe to Celebrate Food, Style and Personality

    A kitchen is where you celebrate different events, make timeless memories, and laugh while preparing food with your loved ones. To cherish every moment, everyone prefers to spend time in the kitchen, preparing food according to one’s mood. Your kitchen’s interior and style reflect your personality and taste. When it comes to joyful celebrations, hardly a few people can say No to your invitation. Your kitchen is a key to your success in elevating your celebrations and magnifying your taste and style. Do you know where you feel embarrassment? A dull, drab kitchen with flaky walls and outdated cabinets is a big turn-off for your guests and family. Among them, a huge blow comes from out-of-fashion cabinet style, color, and installation pattern. If this scenario is relevant to your situation, Worry not! This blog offers trendy kitchen cabinet renovation ideas. Let's delve into the endless possibilities of cabinet makeovers according to your personalized choices and embark on the journey where your dream kitchen awaits you!

    Bid Farewell to Unexciting and Boring Cabinets in Your Kitchen!

    Do you know who is the star of the show in your kitchen space? Well. food could be the star of your party. But, in the kitchen cabinets hold this position. When you enter your kitchen, cabinetry is one of the first things you see even before countertops and appliances. In a nutshell, the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen hinges on the design, look, material, hardware, and color of the cabinets. As the world moves towards the vogue trends, we also expect unprecedented changes in the design and hardware of kitchen cabinets. 

    Let’s explore out-of-the-box ideas to transform your cooking area into a magical and classy space where you find harmony in your choice and personality!

    The look of cabinets depends on various factors. It includes cabinet colors and furnishings, cabinet door styles, cabinet materials, and coherence between appliances and cabinet look.

    Trendy Cabinet  Layouts  

    The layout and configuration of cabinets are usually measured according to the space in your home. Traditionally, the cabinets are fitted in the walls. Some kitchens also contain small base cabinets and tall cabinets. However, the wave of modernization has cast its spell over the cabinetry ideas. Now, the market is inundated with different innovative ideas.

    • Open shelves consisting of Display Cabinets 
    • Aesthetically Pleasing Hardware Cabinets with fancy knobs and design 
    • Spacious Base Cabinets with maximum storage facility 
    • Floating Cabinets: An Easy Solution for Transferable Work Nature
    • Glassdoor Cabinets: A Treat for those who have exquisite dining sets to display 
    • Budget-friendly and Space friendly Standalone Cabinets 
    • Easy-going Sliding Cabinets 
    • Appliance-fitted Cabinets: An Unparalleled match between Functionality and technology
    • Appealing Hydraulic Kitchen Cabinets

    Cabinet Color and Furnishes 

    The time is to magnify your kitchen’s personality with mesmerizing and vibrant color palettes. You can easily uplift Kitchen aesthetic value by applying different colors and furnishes. We give you different painting options. Your task is to find the perfect color combination according to your personality. Different ideas regarding colors and furnishings have been making rounds in the market. Just take a look at them!

    For vibrant and refreshing colors, your cabinets must be colored with dramatic monochromatic, and showy colors. White crisps still hold their dominance over other colors. For those who cherish retro and vintage scenery, the color can be customized according to their wish. For Furnishes, glazed, stained, lacquer, and laminate cabinets are worthy of discussion. 

    Classy Cabinet Door Styles 

    Recently, modern doors have set a trend in the outlook of cabinetry. These doors are often sleek and recognized for their flat and shiny surfaces. Different designs can be incorporated into your kitchen cabinet makeover. 

    • Minimalist Cabinet: Less is Enough 
    • Shaker Cabinet Doors: All-time Easy Choice
    • According to Houzz Data, white shaker cabinet doors are the most used style.
    • Raised Center Panel Cabinet with sleek luxury 

    Shift in Material-based Cabinets 

    People think about different materials when installing or remodeling cabinets. But, they usually opt for wood-type cabinets. Compared to white-toned, wood-toned cabinets won the favor of its customers up to 3 points. 

    Cabinet Refacing: A Reliable Solution When You Are Financially Constrained 

    Whole cabinet makeover weigh heavily on your budget. But, when you have to walk on a tightrope to manage your spending, Cabinet refacing is your savior. With Cabinet refacing, you can breathe new life into your outdated kitchen even by wearing a tightened belt. This type of makeover allows you to preserve the existing cabinets while replacing their doors, bolts, and drawer fronts. This could be a rich investment in your kitchen at your end. This process involves several steps in which firstly, the doors, hardware, and drawer fronts are meticulously removed. The remaining part of the cabinet is cleaned and different materials and furnishes are applied to elevate its look. The measurements of the door, drawers, and knobs are taken and installed with utmost care. The great part is you can choose your customized color to paint them. These are more advantageous as compared to a whole makeover due to several reasons:

    • Cost-effective due to partial renovation. According to statistics, cabinet refacing could cost 30pc less than competitors and 40pc less than full-scale remodeling. 
    • Less time-consuming 
    • Best green option due to reduced wastage of materials

    Can Anyone master the art of Kitchen Cabinet Installation and Remodeling? 

    Well, nothing seems impossible when you have the willpower to do it, But, some areas are more about professional expertise and perfection and less about your willpower. Hence, no one can master the art of installing kitchen cabinets. Only professionals can take the right measurements. A nonprofessional can mess things up with his false measurements. So, it is advisable to hire skilled workers to upgrade your kitchen. It will cost you the labor cost between $80-$200 per linear foot. 

    Unlocking the Benefits of Renovating Kitchen Cabinets 

    • Enhances the worth of your kitchen as it is your home’s major selling point 
    • Upticks your return on investment (ROI)
    • Increases functionality and beauty of your cooking space
    • Improves safety and storage space


    Everyone wants his kitchen to be fully furnished and highly embellished so he can capture his timeless memories without any concern regarding its look. Aesthetically renovated kitchen cabinets can satiate your taste. Now is the right time to discard old and costly makeover ideas and let's furnish your kitchen with top-notch cabinet designs!

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