How to Make a Product Review Video

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    You can make different types of videos using simple tools and software available in the technical market. A product video is the one where you explain a product in detail and explain its key features. Your confidence must be shown through your voice in the video. You can also add your video in the product video explaining the product, its features, and its benefits.

    Tips To Make a Product Review Video

    You need to follow some important tips for creating an effective product review video. The purpose is to gain the attention of a large audience. Some of these tips have been mentioned below for the process to make a product review video:

    · Keep It Short

    You must keep the product video short so that the audience does not get bored of It. the video must be to the point and it is preferred not to exceed the video from three minutes. After recording a three-minute review video, you must move towards the editing phase and add a storyline to your video.

    · Focus on Product

    You must concentrate on the product in your product review video instead of mentioning irrelevant information. You need to focus on the product instead of the reviewer because people do not want to know about you in a three-minute video, they want to know about the product you are reviewing. Make sure your opinions and remarks are honest and balanced.

    · Focus on Key Features

    You need to focus on the key features of the product you are reviewing. You should explain what this product can do and what are its benefits if you buy it. You can make a list of some key features of the product that make it unique among others. For example, if you are reviewing a new model of Samsung, explain how it is different from previous models and why people should prefer buying it.

    · Don’t Make a Speech

    Make sure you do not make a speech because it bores people. You should not try to read out your review. So, write a shooting script for yourself that could cover the features of your product in three minutes. It shouldn’t be too short or too long. The voice-overs are the best reviewing videos. You should watch your video and show it to your friends before uploading it to the internet.

    · Use Simple Editing Tools

    You should use simple editing tools for product review videos. Fanaticizing such videos may not attract customers towards them. The pictures being displayed on the screen must not stay more than three seconds. It is recommended to use straight cuts instead of fancy editing while searching for how to make a product video.  

    How To Make a Product Review Video?

    You need to follow the following important things to create a product review video:

    · Select An Approach and Format

    First, you need to select an appropriate approach and format for your video. For this purpose, you need to determine your audience and its needs. Choose a platform where you will upload this video. If you are creating this video for marketing purposes and are unaware about how to make a product review video? it would be best if you show off the features of the product and explain its benefits to the customers.

    Select Video Style

    You need to select the right video style for the product review video as there are many video styles out there. You must select the video style in which you are an expert to express yourself. You can add images to your videos and add your voice in the background explaining the product. Some other video styles are looping videos, demonstration videos, etc. It would be best if you also film yourself a little bit in the video.

    · Plan Your Video

    You need to plan your video before filming it. The planning phase includes storyboarding, sketching, or scripting so you can prepare what shots to take and what to say in the video. You can also plan what location will be suitable for recording this video and what type of lighting is required for it. Polishing simple ideas lets you make an attractive product review video.

    · Consider Camera Setting

    You need to consider the camera setting before recording your video. This activity includes setting a tripod for keeping the shots steady and letting the video look professional. It is recommended not to use the zoom feature of your phone. You should just move closer to the camera.

    It is recommended to film your video horizontally which looks appropriate. Filming horizontally lets you edit your video later but you cannot undo vertical filming if you are unaware of how to make a product review video? Make sure you do not use fancy lights for recording your product review video.

    · Use A Microphone

    It is recommended to use a microphone when recording your audio for the product review video. It would be best if you use two phones, one for filming and the other for recording the audio. You can sync the video and audio together using an editing tool later.

    · Select Appropriate Editing Software

    If you want to create an attractive and remarkable product review, it would be best if you use the best editing software. The software must allow you to stitch the videos, pictures, and audio files together to create a quality video. You can see there are many easy-to-use and free editing software available on the internet.

    You can use editing software to get engaged with your potential customers. You can let them look at the product to check how does it look like in real life. You can create your video to show the actual size of the product. So, when talking about product review video services you should be creative while creating your product review videos.


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