What Happens If You Put Toner On Brown Hair

    Putting Toner on Brown Hairs

    You should know that the toners only work on colored hair, not on natural hair. It is because the purpose of a toner is to blend your applied hair color with your natural hair color and let the dyed hair look natural. So, if you have never dyed your hair to any colors, you may not see the results of the toner because it does not have any effect on natural hair color.

    There are many people who use toner for minimizing the orange and red undertones. The toners are also applied by beauty salons when you get your hair dyed. The aim is to let the hair color look natural without any inappropriate or undesirable shade. You should know that when you wash your hair, the toner is washed away so you need to apply it every time.

    What Happens If You Put Toner On Brown Hair?

    Many stylists and beauticians apply toner to your hair after dying hair. Some people are aware of the use of toner but some do not know about its purpose. Some stylists recommend the best suitable toner for your hair to be used after. Make sure you use the one that is suitable for your hair otherwise it will be useless to apply toner to your hair.

    If you want to know what does toner does to brown hair, you must review this section. It includes the effects of toner on brown hair:

    Undesirable Tones are Removed

    We know that the hair dye consists of ammonia that can damage your hair as each strand of your hair can absorb the dye color easily. You cannot wash the dye color from your hair. If you want to get rid of it, you need to let your hair grow first. If you do not like the unnatural tone of your hair dye, you can use toner.

    The toner can let you get rid of the undesirable tones and counteract the ammonia. The orange color present in your hair can be removed by using toner. This orange color appears if you dye your brown hair. So, you can put toner on your hair for minimizing the yellow, orange, and red undertones in your brown hair.

    Moisturizes Your Hair

    You can keep your hair moisturized by using toners in your hair. People who wonder what happens if you tone brown hair must be amazed to know that toners play an important role in nourishing your brown hair. They also help in improving the quality of your hair and increase your hair life. The toners protect your hair from getting damaged due to dye because the dye color makes your hair brittle and dry.

    As we know, dry hair tends to absorb moisture more easily as compared to normal hair, so it is recommended to avoid dyeing your hair if you have dry hair. It is because your hair strands can get damaged badly which can be difficult to recover. It is important for you to apply toner for moisturizing your hair strands and blend the undesired shades of dye.

    Blend The Hair Color

    We know that UV light has a great impact on dyed hair as their color can be changed due to sunlight and they can also get damaged. For your information, the sunlight adds highlights to your hair which is liked by some people.

    You may notice red and orange undertones in your hair if direct sunlight is applied to your dyed hair. But your hair can get brassy and dry. If you do not like the highlights added by the UV rays, you can use toner for dark hair to blend these highlights with your natural brown hair color. No doubt, the toner will let the red and orange color in your hair appear natural.

    Improves Shade Quality

    You can improve the shade quality of your hair by putting toner on brown hair. For this purpose, you need to use ash toner that can help in neutralizing all the warm undertones. You can get stylish, attractive, and remarkable ash-colored hair that provides you a model look and enhances your personality.

    If you want to get your desired results, you must choose the right toner depending upon your hair type and color. If you choose the wrong toner, you will not notice any difference in your hair. It will be like wasting your time and money if you select the wrong toner. You must read the packaging to determine which toner will be best for your brown hair or you can also ask your stylist for it.

    Are Toners Used For Lightening Hair Color?

    The major purpose of toners is not to lighten your natural hair color or dyed hair but it aims to deposit the desired color to your hair. These toners may also need a developer sometimes but it does not mean that they will lighten your hair color.

    The toners are considered the best to darken up your hair color and make it warmer. You should keep in mind that you cannot use any toner as a lightener because it has not been made for this purpose.

    If you are interested in lightening the color of your hair, the best method is to apply bleach to your hair. You can also apply lighter hair dye to your brown natural hair. Moreover, you can use home remedies to lighten your hair color such as mixing honey and lemon together and applying them to your hair.  


    On the market, there are a variety of toners to choose from. You must choose the one that is suitable for your hair so that you could see the difference after applying it to your brown hair. When you apply the toner to your brown hair, you can get your desired hair color. You can also use the toner to remove the undesirable highlights or shades in your hair like red, orange, etc.