10 Tips for Buying a New Furnace

    Complete Guide to Buying a New Furnace

    An old furnace can be the reason for high energy bills. The more we use a furnace the less energy efficient it becomes. However, being a homeowner, you must be thinking about saving money and wanting a warmer house. Because a warmer house will need less energy to warm up and hence come up with fewer energy bills. 

    Generally, most of the energy bills are due to two main reasons, first warming up your home in winters and second cooling it down in summers. But like everyone else you may also want an energy-efficient home at cheaper rates. And no one wants to waste a lot of money on these energy bills every month. 

    While for warming up a home buying a new furnace can be a wonderful choice. Just by spending a little money on your furnace, you can save yourself from spending too much on energy bills.

    Furthermore, a high-energy efficiency furnace has been the basic need for those countries where winters are longer than the summers. A new furnace can decrease your energy bills by up to forty-five to fifty percent. 

    The Complete Guide to Buying a New Furnace

    As compared to an old system, the new furnace is much more beneficial for you. Not just because it is more energy efficient but it can maintain a constant temperature of your home too. You can completely rely on it. Being reliable, they are more powerful and effective too. 

    Besides that, furnaces are not expensive at all. They are available at very cheaper rates in the market. But, we all know that when we visit a market, many things come around and it is difficult to choose the best one for you. Here are some tips that will help you to buy a new and beat furnace for your home.

    1. High Efficiency is the Key

    Whenever one decides to replace the old furnace with a new one, most of the time the reason behind it might be efficiency. Because slowly the efficiency of a furnace decreases with time. So whenever you decide to buy the new one, make sure to check out the efficiency. And choose the one with the highest efficiency. More the efficiency, the more beneficial it would be. Because it will decrease the energy bills by its efficiency. 

    A new and higher efficient furnace will save you from higher energy bills and higher fuel bills too. Your main focus should be on efficiency. Because it will save your money and keep your home warmer and cozier. The recommended efficiency of a furnace is up to ninety-five percent. The most preferable furnaces are those whose efficiency is at least more than ninety-two.

    2. Older Is Not Better. High Efficiency is important

    An old furnace is not beneficial. A furnace that was installed by you a very long time ago is not better than a new one. In your home, you have to change your old furnace. Because old furnaces will not provide a good heating system. Old furnaces also consume more energy fuel to work but do not work in comparison to that. So it's necessary to understand the right time to change the old furnace with a new one. An old furnace pollutes the environment more badly than a new one.

    3. How do we know that it is the right time to Replace Your Furnace?

    Well, no doubt most people think of replacing the old furnace with a new one when the energy bills hit their heights. However, the best time to replace it is when the winters are about to come. It would be the most beneficial for you.  Because the purpose of a furnace is to warm up your home, which is useful in winters only. So, there could not be a better time to replace it but the pre-winters only. 

    A new furnace will be wallet-friendly. A good furnace can keep your home warm, well ventilated and it also gives you a good deal for the air conditioning system. 

    4. Choose a Contractor That’s Registered For Full Government Rebate Programs

    In many states, whenever you replace a cooling or heating system, you have to pay rebates to the government. However, you can save yourself from these rebates when you are dealing with a company that has registered for the government rebate program. 

    Because, when a company is registered then you are free from this tension. Your company will have to do this on your behalf. While when the company is not registered then it would not be responsible for anything.

    5. Look for Financing Options

    Many companies offer financing options where you can pay for your furnace, cooling, or heating systems in installments. Hence, you can choose a schedule that is suitable for you. So if you can't pay at once then there is no need to panic. The only thing that you have to do is to choose wisely. 

    Some financing options offer you to pay according to your choice. Such as you can pay at once or you can go for installments for more than a year. 

    6. But Even If It’s Affordable, How Do You Choose Which Furnace Is the Best?

    Well, sometimes it happens that you know that you can pay for the best one, however, you can also pay at once. You have reached a company having registration for rebates. But still, you become confused when you see the choices. 

    So, let us clear your vision. There is not much difference in the quality of different brands. First look for the highest efficiency. Then go to search for a good technician. Because the proper working of your furnace will highly depend on the installation process. If it is not installed properly then or would not work according to your expectations. 

    7. Beware of Online Customer Reviews

    Nowadays the best source of information is the internet. This is the site where we can easily reach the best company or the best product.  The online reviews tell a lot about the product. Because their people do share their honest reviews after using the product. So miss checking the reviews before finalizing anything.

    8. Speak to the experts

    There are a lot of things to take care of in replacing an old furnace with a new one. If you do that work on your own then the chances of mistakes are more. Whenever you want to replace your furnace you have to contact professionals. Taking professional advice or doing that work in professionals' eyes is much better. If you want to prevent trouble related to furnace replacement then professionals' advice is important. 

    There are many things like design, size, type of furnace, location of furnace in the home. A professional knows everything about these things and will choose a perfect new furnace for you. Which will save your energy bill costs and also provides a better heating system. Professionals will be with you in all the installation procedures. And gives you all the knowledge about having to use your new furnace in a better way. 

    However, if your using process is right then your furnaces will stay long with you in your home. Also, it gives better comfortable living and adds peace to life and mind.

    9. Get Free Estimates

    The estimation of your time before installing the furnace is as important as looking for efficiency. Because the cost of the overall process will depend upon the interior setup of your home, its location, and the structure of the pre-existing furnace. So, choosing a contractor that provides free estimation would be very beneficial for you.

    10. Regular Maintenance is very  Significant

    To increase the lifespan of your furnace, it is important to keep a regular check on it. For example, you should check the air filter. As there may be some clog in their filter, due to which the air passage can be blocked.  Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your furnace efficient. 


    Getting a new furnace by replacing the old one affects your energy bills greatly. When you realize that your energy bills are increasing for no reason other than the old furnace can be the hidden reason for that. So, replace it with a higher efficient and more reliable furnace. Choose a good company, a good furnace and a good technician to install it. All these things matter while dealing with a furnace. Work wisely and enjoy a warmer home.