How to get rid of bed bugs without calling an exterminator

    Get rid of bed bugs

    The following topic is about the most common and dangerous way to get rid of bed bugs. Do you know how to spot a bed bug so that you can eliminate it from your room? Sharing tips on removing bed bugs without hiring an exterminator, and finally how to be your bed bug Exterminator! Bed bugs can be defeated on their own. That’s right, the discussion is about the bed bugs that are very difficult to treat. As their nature is not friendly to most chemicals or pesticides/pests.

    They also require more attention or money than other insects. It occasionally perplexes me because there is no visible evidence of bed bugs, yet I have bites. Before you hire someone else to look for these animals, there are a few things you should know. This includes looking at the quality of the insect traps you choose and also knowing what works the best for you. You should understand that every insect trap has its pros and cons and which traps work best for you. It sometimes relies upon how much room you have and how much money you're prepared to spend.

    As well, you should consider the area you are moving in. Ask yourself whether you want to have multiple trap lines around your house or just one. If you are not satisfied with any form of bedbug infestation, you can use several types of insect bait. Such as mice, cockroaches, snakes, ants, spiders, etc. You can get this treatment by using any insect catcher for that. 

    Reasons for not hiring exterminator

    1. Another thing to consider is that you should never engage anyone who claims to be able to eliminate all bed bugs.
    2. Many of them do this wrong and leave a bunch of useless shells behind which later become pests. Perhaps even more dangerous illnesses for your house. 
    3. Some pest control companies also offer to remove insects from your home free of cost but they charge very high prices. For example, you can buy a $50 package that includes two bins for cockroach traps, two mesh covers for rodent traps. Also includes five buckets filled with water, and several garbage bags. It means that you’ll spend like $150 or even higher. 
    4. Just remember, if you think you have no chance against bed bugs then you can go full out the DIY route. You can hire contractors or even hire people to treat your place. So, let’s start thinking that these pests can help us to better our housing life. Helping us to protect our precious possessions from possible damage. Stop treating bed bugs only as pests.

    Signs of bed bugs you must keep an eye out for!

    As mentioned earlier, when bed bugs hide out in your clothes and sleep, they don’t look good and will appear weird. So how do you know that bed bugs are taking over the bed? There are early signs of bed bugs on a mattress that you can catch. Well, bed bugs may hide behind a pillow or even in your pillows. Most often bed bugs stay hidden behind a mattress and are only visible through their eyes. Most of the time it happens to them because they have poor vision and they don’t see so well. 

    And when bed bugs hide under a pillow, they look like a beautiful butterfly. When bed bugs hide under a mattress, they make a pretty creepy look as their wings look deformed. And most of them look like butterflies when they are sleeping. Bed bugs look bad when they are asleep. They look dirty in their sleep. Plus, bed bugs eat everything they find and they also love eating dirt and grime.

    In some ways, bed bugs and mosquito bites are comparable. Mosquitoes, for example, spread fatal pathogens and illnesses. Because both of those creatures are virus carriers, they won't be able to breed normally. Until they grow back and bite again at night. Also, the bacteria found in bed bugs are associated with many viral infections.

    Adding vinegar or milk to your bath water will kill all of the bed bugs that are alive within your bed. Or even by sprinkling apple cider vinegar into your toilet bowl. So, make sure that you don’t throw it all out there. Try to just sprinkle enough in it that it will cover the bed bugs.

    Bed bug traps you should use

    There are so many methods to keep track of bed bugs. Have provided some of the favorite ways of keeping track of your ones. In general, bed bugs are attracted to dark places. So, you need to have these traps in your living room especially when bed bugs live underground. You can either purchase commercial traps or you can use wooden traps. On the other hand, you can build these traps from your old furnishings. 

    These traps will help you see and keep watch over the bed bugs coming up during the nighttime. One must be able to observe the bed bugs so that they can be avoided. A bed bug can be caught quickly if you have the necessary equipment.

    Bed bug traps for both indoor and outdoor use

    There are many different types of traps for bed bugs. Many people have opted for the traditional traps or the non-toxic traps. However, there are still many people who prefer the non-toxic traps because the traps should be kept far enough away. From the walls and floor but the bed bugs will creep up there if there are no traps nearby. Some people prefer large traps due to their size and size is an issue for small animals. For the same reason, many people are making these traps from wood as they are affordable. 

    Bed bug traps for both indoors and outdoors can be used on the ground or placed on the wall. Now if you take the case of bed bugs that inhabit your building. By moving it to a bigger structure such as your loft, this will be much easier for you to deal with them. You should have wooden traps that are hard to crack open. 

    Bed bug traps for both indoors and outdoors can be used on the ground or placed on the wall. You need to take precautions against placing traps beneath your ceilings. These traps have been proven to be effective in killing bed bugs. As we know trapped bugs can have the potential to move out of hiding spots in the ceiling. Furthermore, you need to check that your construction is not in such areas where you can trap bed bugs. So, all those mentioned should be done beforehand and be checked after you take a particular shape in your house.


    If you buy a single large tree or even a big fence, then you can set up a huge cage. By attaching it with wires in between the branches. This cage should remain closed even if you walk inside it and you will have complete coverage for the bed bugs. However, you can cover cages with cloth nets. And it will provide some protection for the bed bugs from getting trapped by these traps.