Why Is My Sump Pump Stopped Working?

    sump pump stopped working

    A sump pump can be found commonly in the basement of homes and for those who don’t know how it works, it is a device that is used to remove water. The water can be accumulated in the basement of the house by passing the perimeter and accumulated in a basin. It is used in areas where basement flooding is common and dampness occurs frequently.

    One can also name the sump pump a structural safety system just like gutters. Its efficiency ensures the stability of the building and that’s why it is extremely important that it always stays functional. If you are wondering why my sump pump stopped working? Then you might want to troubleshoot it yourself and the following pointers can help you do that for sure.

    Troubleshooting a pump isn’t always simple that’s why it is recommended to consult the user manual and identify various parts of the pump before starting. Once you are comfortable, go ahead and follow the pointers below.

    Sump Pump Doesn’t Turn On

    There can be more than one reason for a sump pump that doesn’t turn on. It is quite possible that it might not be receiving the power. Another common issue that can become a hindrance in functionality is a jammed float switch or impeller. If your sump pump stopped working, then sometimes there can be a defective component inside that can be the reason for zero response.

     Now that you know various reasons for this kind of problem it is time to deal with each of the reasons independently and get it back online. First of all, check the power source if it is powered up. Verify if the pump is connected properly and if no wire is missing from the switch.

    Before you rush to troubleshoot the sump pump it is extremely important that you pay attention to your safety. So, always remember to turn off the power before the inspection. If that doesn’t work out, then try another socket and if the problem persists, then verify the power with the tester and contact the electrician if needed.

     When you notice that the float switch is jammed and the pump turns on when you manually lift the switch, then it is usually because of some object fallen into the pit. Take a quick look for such a problem and if you find something fallen inside, then remove it to restore the functionality. Also, check the impeller for the clogs.

    If there’s a specific component troubling the sump pump and it is not coming online, then it can be due to a faulty component inside. Unfortunately, such a problem is hard to detect because it is an electronic device and without proper knowledge, various components can’t be checked. For that it is highly recommended to hire a sump pump expert, otherwise, there’s always a risk of permanent damage.

    Sump Pump Runs But Doesn’t Remove Water

    Various kinds of issues can be found when you have a sump pump installed in your basement. For example, in some cases, the sump pump turns on perfectly but it doesn’t remove water from the basin. There can be multiple problems that can cause it, like a check valve malfunctioning, a damaged impeller, a clog in the discharge pipe or in the suction intake screen, or maybe it is a leaky discharge line. Here’s what you can do when one of the above occurs. First of all, check the status of the pump’s check valve and see if it is positioned correctly. If not, and it seems stuck, then take a look if it is installed properly, for this kind of issue you might need a plumber’s help. When everything seems fine but still the water isn’t pulled out, then open the check valve manually to fix this issue.

    For the impeller inspection, you should cut off the power for safety and see if the impeller is damaged somehow. The damage should be checked on blades and if that’s true, then get it replaced. The problem can also be a result of a clogged discharge line. If that’s true, the easiest remedy is to clear the debris from the line to restore the functionality.

    A similar problem can happen if the discharge line is leaking. When that happens, the water goes up, and due to leaking it comes back to the basin and gives the impression of a malfunctioning. Finally, check the intake screen located at the bottom, if you find any debris clear it. Remember to disconnect power during this kind of inspection.

    Sump Pump Shuts Off Before Water Is Removed

    This kind of issue usually occurs when there’s a problem with the float switch. In this kind of scenario, the pump starts and shuts down before the water is removed completely. Usually, this problem can be solved by adjusting the switch. Since every pump is different from the other, get the user manual and follow the instructions in detail to fix this problem.

    The user manual is provided with the pump and if it isn’t there, then the manufacturer’s website can be consulted as well. If that doesn’t solve the matter, then the float switch might need a fix. For that contact the best plumber in the area and follow his lead.

    The sump pump is an excellent addition to the house that frequently faces flooding in the basement. That’s why it must be maintained properly. If your sump pump stopped working, it is also important that you know a few facts about troubleshooting because it not only saves your money but time as well. The quickest way to sort out issues with a sump pump is to do it yourself. However, there are some issues that can’t be fixed personally and for that, you would need professional help.

    Remember if your sump pump still has a valid warranty, then the manufacturer should be contacted to claim the warranty. Otherwise, unplanned maintenance may void the warranty. If you are unsure about the choices you should make, then get in touch with a local expert. If your sump pump is showing one of the above-listed anomalies, then stop wasting time and talk to a professional now.