What Can You Do with a Broken TV?

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    Having a cracked TV screen or broken TV, in general, is a bummer. Especially if you paid a lot for it. High-end TVs can cost near thousands and most wait until Cyber Monday to buy another. But, there is a bright side. Read along to find out the possibility of repairing your broken TV and whether you could sell it or even create something new from it! But first, let us find out what caused damage to TVs. 

    What causes damage to TVs?

    1) Cleaning TV Screens with Chemicals

    The screen is susceptible to damage from corrosive substances as well as scratches from towels and other abrasives. If you do, it might be difficult to erase stains created by chemical spraying straight onto the monitor. Additionally, you run the danger of harming the transducers. Moreover, the screen can be easily harmed by too aggressive scrubbing or the use of a scratchy material.

    2) Placing a TV in an area with limited airflow

    TVs and other devices that pair with it can be destroyed by high humidity. There is a fluid present in between the TV display plates. High temperatures can alter these liquid's physical characteristics, causing some display elements to get damaged and manifest as black patches or fragments.

    3) TV placed too high or in an area prone to tipping

    TV’s need to be placed in an area where there is less foot traffic and less activity. You don’t want your TV tipping over and shattering do you? Or a baseball hitting the screen and cracking it? Today’s TVs are much more fragile than the past. That is why you need them bolted on properly or set onto a stand that is sturdy.

    How do I know my TV is broken?

    1) Damaged Pixels:

    There is a chance that a pixel is simply stuck, so don't panic. This indicates that the transmitter is the issue rather than the TV. These typically appear as a little black dot in the center of the screen that resemble a speck of dust. The television should be sent in for repair if there is a dead pixel. However, if it is a problem with the screen, you have a bigger problem at hand.

    2) Color Distortion:

    Color distortion is an obvious sign that your TV is malfunctioning. This issue is brought on by gradual neglect or simply color weakening over time. However, this can be fixed!

    3) Bars and Lines:

    If you see holographic bars on your screen, a connection may be damaged. When anything magnetic is close to the TV, the picture and screen may occasionally become demagnetized and display strange lines in place of your favorite program. Before calling a professional, look for any loose wires.

    4) Fuzzy Screen:

    The connection between the resolution and display is a common problem that happens with broken or old TVs.

    5) TV Won’t Turn On:

    A malfunctioning internal component may very well be indicated if your TV won't switch on. You can take your TV to a professional to find out what's going on, but if this is the case, you'll probably need to get a new TV.

    How much does repair cost for Broken TVs?

    Most professionals would advise replacing your flat-screen TV if it develops a malfunction after its warranty expires. An average TV repair bill is around $150 to $200. The normal price range for LCD, LED, plasma, and 4K TVs is $60 to $350. But it's definitely preferable to just get a new TV because costs for new TVs are dropping each year.

    What can you do with a broken TV? 

    1) Attempt to repair it

    Most of the time, the problem is an easy fix. That is why you should visit a professional handyman near you or a tech repair shop in your local area. You can find out exactly what is wrong and save more on repairing than replacing.

    2) Sell Your Broken TV For Cash

    You can sell your entire TV for cash on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and even Ebay. There are plenty of people willing to use the spare parts for other projects. You can even pawn it off or go to a tech repair shop where techies are always looking for extra screens or cables and wiring. And hey--you can use the extra cash towards a new TV.

    3) Recycle Your Old TV

    Recycling is another good option that not only helps you get rid of your TV but makes you feel good for doing the environment a favor! You could always just put it outside and write ‘FREE’ on a piece of paper as well.

    4) DIYs: Make an Interesting Fish Tank like in Seinfeld

     For the creative folks out there, turning your TV into a coffee table, light display box, and even a fish tank is totally doable! If you have a more older-looking tv, this will work best. You'll have to gut the TV out and replace the screen with aquarium-safe material but, it makes for a great conversation piece. 


    1. Are broken TVs worth anything?
      You might anticipate making minimal cash attempting to sell a broken TV, based on its manufacturer and quality. 
    2. Can you get money off a broken TV?
      Old equipment may be purchased in certain locations for scrap and pieces or with the goal of repairing and reselling them.
    3. What can you do with a broken LCD TV screen?
      You can take your LCD TV screen to the Samsung Recycling Program to make sure it is discarded properly. You may also donate it to a tech repair shop who may be in need of some parts. 
    4. Can I sell my broken TV to Best Buy?
      Although Best Buy does accept a variety of items for trade-in, TVs are not one of them. However, if a TV device you get is faulty, lost or damaged, or not what you purchased, return it to Best Buy within the allotted time for returns and exchanges, and they'll coordinate for a replacement.

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