Which Area Is Not Protected by Most Homeowners Insurance - An Overview

    which area is not protected by most homeowners insurance

    When you get home, you are surely concerned about its insurance. There are some important things that you should know about home insurance. It is needed to know about all the related things and the areas which are included in this insurance. You must know which area is not protected by most homeowners insurance and which areas are excluded.

    This guide provides you with detailed information about what is included in homeowners insurance. There are different areas included in your house such as shed, driveway, fence, garage, etc. which might be included in your home insurance. But you should know that your personal assets like furniture, decoration pieces, automobiles, etc. are not protected by this insurance.

    Maintenance Problems

    It is important for you to take great care of your house because it can save you money to pay for the repair of the areas that are not covered by homeowners insurance. There are a lot of things that are not included in the insurance policy of your house and can result from the failure to properly maintain the property.

    When your building gets damaged due to general wear and tear, mold, rot, rust, or bird damage, its repair cost is not included in the homeowners' insurance. You yourself have to pay for the maintenance of your building in such conditions. Moreover, the damage caused by the smoke or smog from agricultural or industrial operations is also not covered in such policy.

    Water Damage

    If your house gets damaged due to a water issue such as water leakage, it is also not included in most homeowners insurance. If there are backups or overflows from your sump pump, drains or sewer system, the homeowners' insurance policy does not cover this damage. You can be provided with the coverage of this damage but a separate endorsement will also be added.


    Most homeowners insurance does not cover the damage done by sinkholes, earthquakes, or other similar disasters to your house. You need to get the earthquake insurance separately if you want it but you will have to pay extra money to get this insurance. Moreover, you also need to buy the flood insurance separately if you want.

    Expensive Artwork

    If you are fond of expensive artwork or jewelry and want it to place in your house, the damage made from such items is not covered in most homeowners insurance. It is because the home insurance takes care of your house, not the items present in it like decoration items, jewelry, artwork, etc.

    If you have costly jewelry or artwork present in your house and you want to protect them, you can get a separate insurance policy for them. We know that the homeowners are too much concerned about taking great care of their luxurious items and the replacement cost of such items is too much which can be the target for the thieves.

    Business Items

    If you own a business and keep some of your business items in your house, the coverage for these items is also not included in most homeowners' insurance policies. You yourself are responsible for the coverage of such items. The assets related to your company might include laptops, chairs, flash drives, etc.

    If you are working from home and are a consultant, you might need to make a setup in your house where you can do your office work. For your information, the protection of the business-related items is not covered in homeowners insurance, you need to get a business insurance plan for this purpose.


    The protection of your electronics is not included in your home insurance. It is because these are your personal assets that are not included in this policy. The electronics of your house may include a TV, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, mixer grinder, camera, and many more items.

    If you want the insurance company to cover your electronics, you need to pay extra money for it. You need to get separate insurance for these items to protect them. For your information, the electronics are only included in the covered perils and the homeowners' insurance is either an open policy or a named peril.


    The furniture present in your house includes a bed, cupboards, chairs, tables, etc. that are not covered or protected by most homeowners insurance. It may also include musical instruments such as guitar, piano, etc. If any damage is done to these items when you take them outside your house, it is not covered by the homeowners' policy.

    Automobile Items

    You may have seen many homeowners insurance policies that include the coverage and protection of your automobile items such as a car. If your car is damaged or gets broken when it is in the garage or driveway, its coverage is not included in this policy. You should know about the difference the auto insurance and home insurance for this concern.

    For your information, the damage done to auto is not covered by homeowners insurance but there are many policies that will provide some coverage for personal items that are stolen from your car. You can get an auto insurance policy that can cover the loss of being theft too.


    If you are buying a new house or you are new in town, you should get detailed information about the home insurance policy. It is important for you to know what areas are protected by this policy and what is not so you could take great care of such areas or things. For example, if your house is covered with fire, the damage done to your property is covered with the home insurance policy. But the damage done to your personal assets like business equipment, decoration items, furniture, electronics, etc. is not covered in this policy. You need to get separate insurance for such things.