Junk Car Removal Service Brick Township NJ

Junk Car Removal Service

Removing a junk car is easy and efficient with Alba Towing. We deal in all types of junk cars whether big or small. We make sure that you get the best car removal service at your disposal no matter what. We give you a good value for your car. You don’t have to throw away your car for good. When you junk your car, you are actually contributing to a clean and green environment as we recycle junk cars so they won’t become a part of the trash. Give us a call now!

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Flatbed Towing Service Brick Township NJ

Flatbed Towing Service

When you need a towing service that does not cause more damage to your car, you can always hire a flatbed towing service from Alba Towing. As the vehicle will be placed on the flatbed of the tow truck, it will not be dragged across the road. When a car or motorcycle is towed with hooks the bumper of the car is damaged permanently. In order to avoid such damage, you can hire our flatbed towing service in Brick Township NJ asap.

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SUV Junk Car Removal Service Brick Township NJ

SUV Junk Car Removal Service

Turing an SUV junk car is not a problem for Alba Towing. We will make sure that you get the best price for your SUV as you send it in the junkyard. Our services include a complete junk car removal to allow you to clear your house without getting your hands dirty. Don’t waste your time and money on repairing your old SUV as it will not last long even if you spend a truck load of money on its repairs. Call us!

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