Know Your Property’s Value Through Our Affordable Home Inspection Long Beach, CA

Know Your Property’s Value Through Our Affordable Home Inspection

Dealing with real estate transactions, whether buying or selling, is serious business because of the sums of money involved. An expert and affordable home inspection is the best way to determine a home's true value before purchasing or selling. Universal Inspect offers affordable home inspections in the Long Beach, CA. Our inspectors are seasoned pros who always go the extra mile to guarantee excellence. We inspect the exterior and inside of the house in great detail. Get in touch with our team of professional auditors straight immediately.

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Professional  Radon Gas Inspections Long Beach, CA

Professional Radon Gas Inspections

In the United States, radon gas is responsible for more cases of lung cancer than any other single factor. As radon gas has been linked to lung cancer, it is important to have your home tested for its presence. You can have your home tested by radon gas inspection services at Universal Inspect. You can rely on us to help you locate sources of radon gas leakage or exposure promptly. Our use of commercial test kits ensures that you get your results as quickly as possible. You can easily protect yourself from hazards that could harm your health. Feel free to call us whenever you need assistance.

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Home Inspections-Your Protection Against the Unknown Long Beach, CA

Home Inspections-Your Protection Against the Unknown

An exciting new chapter in the life of a homeowner begins the moment they receive the keys to their new house and move in. However, in the midst of the elation, new homeowners frequently overlook defects in the property. This is the single most crucial factor to think about before making a property purchase. It is possible to hire an inspector. As a trusted home inspections company in Long Beach, CA, we at Universal Inspect take pride in our reputation for excellence. Your experience as a Universal Inspect would be a great asset to the team.

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