Know Your Property’s Value Through Our Affordable Home Inspection Los Angeles, CA

Know Your Property’s Value Through Our Affordable Home Inspection

Purchasing or selling a home should not be taken lightly, as money is at stake. If you want to know how much a house is worth before you buy or sell it, you should have a professional inspector look it over. In Los Angeles, CA, Universal Inspect provides affordable home inspection services. Our inspectors have years of experience and go above and above the norm to ensure quality. We perform a thorough check of the home's exterior and inside. Contact our expert auditors right away.

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Professional  Radon Gas Inspections Los Angeles, CA

Professional Radon Gas Inspections

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the United States. Radon gas can cause lung cancer, so it's crucial to have your home inspected for the gas. The professionals at Universal Inspect radon gas inspections for your home. We have radon experts who will inspect your home for you. You may count on us to assist you in finding any radon gas leaks or exposure as soon as possible. To receive the results of the tests faster, we use professional test kits. Dangers to your health can be simply avoided.

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Home Inspections-Your Protection Against the Unknown Los Angeles, CA

Home Inspections-Your Protection Against the Unknown

The moment a new homeowner gets the keys to their new home and moves in marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their lives. However, amidst all of the euphoria, new homeowners often neglect to inspect the property for flaws. One has the option of either hiring an inspector or performing the inspections themselves. In Los Angeles, CA, we at Universal Inspector are known for our thorough house inspections. Having someone with your Universal Inspect background on the team would be a huge help.

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