20 Advanced Link Building Techniques - Ultimate Guide [2021]

    Advanced Link Building

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is incomplete without link building. In other words, we could say that the whole SEO process depends on Link building. Backlinking refers to the process of generating hyperlinks to divert traffic to your website Google's core algorithm is based on the mechanism of links. Therefore, we can’t overlook the relation of backlinks with SEO. Even Google has highlighted the importance of backlinks. Now, how one can build sufficient backlinks for a particular website

    What is Link building?

    Your website needs references from solid web pages. These references determine the credibility of your website or blog. Link building or backlinking is all about referring to your website from credible internet sources. You post content at a webpage to let Google know what your content has worth. Backlinks and SEO are directly proportional to each other. You can’t rank your website without a sufficient number of backlinks.

    Is ranking without backlinking possible?

    Well, it is difficult to yes as the internet is full of various links.

    • Internet is all about weblinks
    • Google values sites with backlinks
    • It’s the need for an hour
    • Without backlinks, it's very hard to rank a content
    • Backlinks help you build trust

    Advanced Link Building Techniques

    Below, 20 Advanced link building techniques that worked for you:

    1: Broken Pages

    The internet is full of pages with links that don’t work anymore. It’s all about how well you find them. Find out what’s wrong with those broken links. You should investigate what could be the cause of their blockage. Once you are done with your research, its time to mail their respective owners. Reach them and tell them about your content. Show them how your content could be useful for their website or blog. In most cases, you get permission from the owner. Just post your content and use that backlink to rank your webpage or blog.

    2: Request for a Backlink

    If you are new to SEO, this step is one of the easiest ones. Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues who run a website or a blog to allow you to submit a guest post. If they allow, you could post your content. Generate a maximum number of backlinks to boost the traffic for your website.

    3: Approach Testimonial websites 

    Several businesses, tech, and health websites allow you to publish your content on their respective website. If you are an internet-savvy person, finding testimonial websites and blogs shouldn’t be an issue for you. Request them to allow you to publish your content. Once you get approval, you will be able to divert huge internet traffic. The amount of traffic you get usually depends on the popularity of those websites and blogs.

    4: Starting your own Blog

    An easy and convenient method to build links for your website is to start a blog. It should be related to the area of your business interest. You have to post regularly to generate a healthy number of backlinks. Don't create a blog for just one or two backlinks. It would waste your time and money as such blogs have no future.

    5: Find a Reputable Online Directory 

    Finding reputable and trustworthy online directories could be a challenge for some users. But for building quality links, you should have the right research skills to find a reputable online directory. List your business with an authentic local citations directory.

    6: Write a Guest Post 

    If you know what to write and where to write, you could generate some healthy backlinks. Publish a few guest posts on popular blogs that are related to your niche. Your article should be engaging and full of quality information. Don’t promote your brand or services in a guest post.

    7: Infographics are a key 

    The infographics to generate backlinks for your content. Even today infographics have their own importance. Though, it could be an expensive technique for some users. But its results would surprise you.

    8: Social Media Engagement 

    Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo are excellent to engage with your target audience. These platforms promise great public reach and engagement. All it requires is an active presence on all major social media platforms.

    9: Keep an eye on your competitor's backlinks

    All your SEO efforts are to rank better than your rival competitors. It is, therefore, important to keep an eye on their backlinking strategies. Find out their main resources for generating backlinks. Being your competitor, they would target almost the same audience. Once you find out their strategies, try to note down the key aspects.

     10: Links from Forums 

    A ton of internet forums exist where you could find an audience of your interest. It is an excellent idea to generate backlinks through forums. Join these forums and divert your desired traffic from there. You will find several types of categories on these forums.

    11: Email Signatures 

    Email signatures are an easy but not-so-convenient way to divert traffic to your website or blog. All it requires is a bit of time. Send at least 100 emails daily. You would get almost 30-40 visits daily.

    12: Search for quality Q&A sites 

    Q&A sites such as Quora could help build a strong relationship with your audience. Join the Quora platform related to your niche. Try to be active over there. Respond to newbie queries and generate backlinks.

    13: Paid Guest Posts

    If you have a defined, you could pay an active website to publish your content. They would charge a nominal amount but would post your content. Now based on the popularity of your websites, you could divert handsome traffic from there.

    14: Paid Blog Reviews

    If you run an e-commerce website, you can pay a few popular bloggers to review your product or service. Once they post that particular review, you will be able to generate a backlink.

    15: Write catchy titles

    If you write content on your own, try to make catchy headlines. A boring, simple, and straightforward headline won’t grab the attention of many. The majority would prefer to click on a catchy title.

    16: Inclusion of video content

    Post a relevant video on your blog along with its relevant information for off-page link-building purposes. Things in motion attract people, they find videos and images an easy way to learn something.

    17: Keep A Record of Backlinks

    Many blog owners have no idea how many backlinks are active. They don’t know if the sudden rise or fall in their ratings was due to their generated backlinks. You should keep a record of the backlinks that you have generated. It would help you plan your future strategies.

    18: Start a Campaign

    Believe it or not, a paid campaign could double the traffic on your website or blog. Try to engage that traffic and generate backlinks to rank better in search results.  

    19: Quizzes, surveys, tests

    Quizzes, surveys, and tests are also good ways to engage your audience. Make interesting questionnaires and tests that excite your target audience. They would share those tests and quizzes and you would get more traffic for your blog.

    20: Offer Employment opportunities

    If your business has a new job offering, it's an excellent opportunity to generate better traffic. A job adds would double the traffic on your website. Also, people would share that advertisement.