Resume Appearance & Characteristics That Businesses Love

    Resume Appearance & Characteristics That Businesses Love

    If you know and keep in touch with as many recruiters and hiring managers as we do at Citylocal 101, ask them about the strong appearances of a good resume that drive businesses to hire. You'll hear a lot of different answers. Patterns emerge. What resume features should you avoid? What are the resume traits one should avoid? The vast majority of individuals block and can not reply.

    Every applicant must build-up or at least build a basic understanding of what makes up a resume that does not jeopardize one's prospects of landing a job.

    What are the Important Character Qualities?

    This is a challenge we wish to overcome! 

    As a result, we've compiled a list of strong attributes, qualities, and traits that the ordinary candidate should be aware of while producing a resume or CV:

    Looks Professional

    Appearances might be deceiving, but they do make a difference. We're talking about looking beyond the interview itself.

    Considering the gravity of the situation, most candidates send out sloppy applications attached to emails that lack a professional signature, resulting in a disastrous first impression. Looks may damage your chances in favor of another candidate, especially if the job wanted is one to grab the eye. Another candidate who takes advantage of the situation and ensures that one resume stands out from the others.

    A resume's appearance makes it more appealing to read. When it comes to gauging employee engagement, the effort put in on appearances aids recruiters in anticipating motivation as a key KPI. 

    Want to leave a lasting impression on employers? Create a professional video resume to include with your application. 

    This will be sure to set you apart from the stacks of ordinary resumes. Pictures are worth a thousand words--and videos are certain to stick! Recruiters are sure to remember you.

    To be sure you have the best looking resume possible, ask yourself the following questions:

    Do you think your CV has the professional appearance it deserves?

    Are the margins on the sides, top, and bottom balanced? Setting them to half an inch, but no more than one inch is a good starting point.

    Do you think it's stuffy? 

    If this is the case, use formatting to lighten the cognitive strain. 

    Can you employ fundamental formatting like as bold, italic, headers, bullets, and solo paragraphs to balance informative structure and meaning? 

    You can bet on it! Just make sure you right format, be it PDF, Word, etc,

    Informational Management

    A well-read resume is one that is tidy and simple. When there is too much clutter or needless color, the cognitive load skyrockets. When you find it difficult to digest knowledge, you run the danger of just skimming the surface. That is definitely not what candidates want to happen.

    • Make sure there's adequate space between parts.
    • Each component should be single-spaced.

    Communication Abilities

    Recruiters are turned off by stiff and awkward speaking and conversation skills. Unfortunately, it may have nothing to do with your field, but it is what it is. It's just a part of life.

    If expressing yourself in letters and words isn't one of your strong suits, get assistance. You may get all the help you need from a professional resume writing service to cut corners on trial and error.

    Content to Pique Interest

    People with great integrity, stamina, and adaptable intellect are needed in business. But what exactly does it imply?

    It implies you should avoid your failure from being brought up during a job interview. Do your best and only include outcomes that deserve to be remembered. At the end of the day, business is all about getting results.

    Is the information supplied relevant to the job opening niche and industry? If the answer is "no," keep it brief and sweet. Recruiters are solely concerned with one thing: finding the best candidate for the job.

    • Do you prefer short, simple statements over lengthy, complex sentences?
    • Is your CV mostly focused on accomplishments and tasks completed?
    • Does it demonstrate that you’ll be an easy employee to onboard and train?
    • Will the titles you put to each component of your history give recruiters a fair impression of who you are?
    • Do you utilize a sufficient number of symbols? This is how you lower your cognitive burden.
    • Have you included all the right keywords and phrases on your list?

    At the end part, you can also include information about your hobbies and interests to show what you occupy yourself within your free time. Is it some kind of sport such as airsoft, or maybe listening to podcasts as a form of self-development? 


    Most of the time, it's foul language and style that causes journalists to... dismiss an application because of a lack of culture and competence. Never submit a job application until you've reread it yourself a dozen times!

    • Send this to your relatives and friends.
    • Carry just recruitment video talks to structure and write the math.
    • Make sure your grammar, spelling, and style are all correct.
    • Remove any punctuation errors.
    • Make sure the capitalization and visual balance are correct.


    People often forget to add their contacts, as absurd as it may seem. Yes, vital information such as phone numbers, emails, and social media accounts is still missing.

    • Make certain to include your name.
    • Please provide your phone number.
    • Other information.

    Summary of a Good Resume

    Do your schoolwork correctly and be proud of the results! It's always worthwhile to take the time to go over all of your strong character attributes in order to create a nice CV look that gets you employed.