Top 10 Valued Lead Generation Websites For Contractors

    Lead generation website list

    A clear lead generation strategy helps the contractors and companies locate their targeted audience online. Without a properly defined strategy, they keep struggling to convert the web traffic into quote requests or appointments. If you look at the situation at hand you’d notice the correlation between the lead generation and contractors. Leveling up the word quality is an excellent strategy that can help contractors in the lead generation and have positive long-term impacts. When you are devising a strategy, state the goals of the strategy very clearly. Below you can find a good list of lead generation websites for contractors, but before that, it is essential that you work on the priorities of your strategy.

    1- Google my business

    Google My Business is a pioneer and one of the best platforms where you can claim, customize and control your business listings on Google Maps and track down search results. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it one of the top tools for generating free leads and reaching out to the customers that are presently looking for local contractors. According to a survey, about 64% of people depend on Google My Business to find contact details of businesses every day. The mode of use is pretty simple where you can start by registering your business and utilize advanced tools to your advantage. Google Ad Network, Google Search Console, customer reviews, and platform analytics are some of the best available tools for you.  

    2- Houzz

    It is another dedicated platform for contractors that offers residential services locally. Like any other platform, it offers plenty of options to customize business profiles and grab user attention online. Companies can sign up for free and use the free features to generate leads. This platform also offers Houzz Pro+, a premium service that can help your business stand out. Such services can be availed when your business is new or have tough competition in the market. Here premium features include full profile customization, optimizes your page’s visibility, targeted local advertising, and efficient analytical tools to help you boost positive lead generation. 

    3- Bing places

    Bing Places is an excellent search engine and a direct competitor to Google My Places. It is a Microsoft-owned website and works the same way as GMP. If your business is new, then it can help you for sure to create positive lead generation. You can sign up with your business for free and claim your listing. Once you are done with company credentials, you can add images and other business details to lure the web traffic in. When you are done with the details your name would start popping up in searches when a user is looking for contractors. This is where the quality of search terms matters. Better quality content always attracts positive leads and if you can’t do that, hire an expert to do it for you. If you already have a Google profile, you can export your business data to set up a quick account at Bing Places, which offers cheaper ads. 


    4- HomeAdvisor

    HomeAdvisor is a dedicated medium to help local companies and contractors to reach new customers. It is a unique platform that uses a combination of TV ads and digital marketing channels to connect with homeowners actively looking for home improvement and remodeling services and bring them in contact with local contractors. The best thing about using this medium is that it allows you to tap into a network of more than 30M users. That quality alone makes it an extremely potential medium to get in touch with new customers. However, that service isn’t for free and you’d need a subscription to work with HomeAdvisor. The average cost per lead varies between $15 to $60 per lead based on the region and the type of service.

    5- Yelp 

    Yelp is another rapidly growing website that can help you generate leads. Although this particular medium is leaned toward restaurants, it can still help you generate leads and connect with potential customers. About 45% of customers consult reviews on Yelp before making a purchase online and if you compared it with Google it seems like a platform worth your time. Businesses can create an account and use free features such as Yelp Connect which shares updates about your business, and Yelp ads, which is a paid feature with the ability to add CTAs, business highlights, and a verified trade license to your profile. 

    6- Bark

    It is another interesting medium that matches professionals with project requests that match details listed in profiles and sends a list of potential leads to your inbox. It targets service providers of all shapes and sizes. Here you can practically find coaches, magicians, dog walkers, and even residential contractors. Its versatility is the biggest advantage and helps generate positive leads. It is free to join as a Bark “Professional” but you are going to need credit to connect with leads.  

    7- Construct connect

    It is a very specific medium that is designed to help contractors and subcontractors to simplify the bid management process, identify public and private bidding opportunities, and review project plans to ensure profitability before contract. It also makes personalized lead recommendations that match your preferences. In addition, it offers a searchable database that can be used to increase the outreach. 

    8- Porch

    It is a dedicated medium for lead generation that is designed to help out home service contractors. It is a non-conventional platform that allows more control over the lead targeting process. It allows you to refine your strategy over time and avoid irrelevant leads as well. If you are a contractor that offers home-based services, then it might be your key to success since it offers more control over the lead generation process. 

    9- BuildZoom

    BuildZoom is one of the best contractor listing platforms that is designed to connect homeowners with the local contractors that search the database with keywords and filters. It is one of the more “niche” websites, which means even though fewer but potential clients with high intent use the website. The mode of work is quite simple, customers share projects on the platform and BuildZoom passes the projects to the closely matched contractors. 

    10- Citylocal101

    Citylocal101 is another one of the latest but fastest-growing listing portals that can easily help experienced and new contractors in generating positive leads. They offer high-quality SEO services and help you produce the best quality content to create a long-lasting impact on your business. Don’t worry about user-friendliness because it is a perfectly designed portal and extremely user-friendly. If your business is not showing promising results, then Citylocal 101 professionals can help you and you’ll start getting leads in no time. 

    Every era has its specific needs and if you are a contractor, then it is about time you started moving at the modern era’s pace. That’s why to get in touch with the best SEO specialist or business listing websites and start generating leads. The websites listed above are quite useful and target almost every kind of business including construction contractors. Experienced and new businesses can benefit from such opportunities equally. So, stop wasting time and get in line to collect your leads right now.