6 Tips That Will Make Carpet Cleaning a Lot Easier

    carpet cleaning hacks

    When you spend a fortune on a home fixture, like a carpet, it is in your best interest to keep it clean and pristine shape. This will not only keep it in a pristine condition but also keep the family members safe from a number of diseases. But cleaning your carpet on a budget is both an art and a science.

    Many households struggle between prevention and active cleaning to make sure their living areas are spotless to give the best impression on the visitors. It is especially a concern during holidays when kids are around the house and drag in their muddy feet too often.

    In this post, we will discuss tips that will make sure your carpet looks spotless and stain-free throughout the year. These easy to follow, and on-the-budget carpet cleaning tips can save you from spending big bucks for replacements.

    1- Vacuum Often

    If you go to the market and buy the most expensive carpet from the shop, it will look gorgeous on the floor, but that is not a very long-lasting thing. Soon, you will find countless stains and spots on your top-of-the-line carpet.

    You can’t buy a new one after every few months. Now, a vacuum cleaner could be your best friend. Vacuuming often can keep its pristine look for a long time.

    Just like any other appliance, vacuums differ from each other, in both structure and features domain. Some come with built-in brushes that can comb through the fibers of the carpet for deeper cleaning.

    As a general rule of thumb, vacuuming your carpets once a week can keep all things together. Still, there are certain households with pets and children that can use this regimen twice.

    2- Area Rugs to the Rescue 

    To save your carpet from strenuous wear and tear, a decorative rug can offer a protective layer that you will always appreciate, especially if you have little kids or you like to host parties often.

    For many people, rugs seem like an outdated fixture but you cannot turn down the convenience rugs offer when you need to clean them. Imagine cleaning a wall-to-wall carpet against a small rug that can be washed in a washing machine!

    In case of a spill, you can flip it over and clean it with ease. For pieces that are beyond salvation, buying a new rug would not break your bank.

    If you are not up for getting a half dozen pieces of rugs, runners can come to your rescue. They can save you from accidental spills, stains, spots, etc. So, think about any extra layer of protection on top of your carpet to prolong its lifespan.

    3- Ban Shoes Indoors

    As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Banishing shoes from indoors can save you from the hard labor of cleaning your carpet.

    Introducing this rule also allows you to organize the shoes in a unique way. You can use a basket or a shoe organizer to initiate some organization. The key is to make it easy for everyone to follow the rule.

    It may take a while to follow the rule in its true spirit, but once it is established, you will not have to deal with untimely stains and spots.

    4- Expect the Unexpected

    When you are living in a house with a clean carpet and a bunch of kids running around, you should be on high alert to get to the action at the first sight of trouble.

    The best thing about expecting trouble and dirty messes is that you can resolve the issue with the things you already have in your house.

    For effectively removing stains, you can employ baking soda, mild vinegar, and lukewarm water, etc. When you are dealing with stubborn marks, like set-in stains and wax, you can use a hot iron to get rid of them. Club soda can also be used for removing stains.

    Remember to blot a spill before going in with rubbing and scrubbing. As long as you are ever-ready to deal with spills, you are alright with all of it.

    5- Baking Soda Does the Trick

    An average house is always stocked up on baking soda. Other than baking and cooking purposes, you can use baking soda to clean stains on your carpets.

    To do this, you can mix it with an oil of your choice, sprinkle it on the affected area, and then let it settle for fifteen minutes. After that, vacuuming the carpet will get you a spotless carpet. This hack is very easy to follow and budget-friendly too. It can beat many high spending solutions, and very lucrative in the time of pandemic when you are hesitant to call experts

    6- Deep Cleaning Schedule

    Once a year, you need a deep carpet cleaning. Calling the professionals will ensure your carpet gets the treatment. They have modern tools, regulated supplies, and modern cleaning methods to remove dirt and debris from the inner seams of your carpets. This way, your environment will be clean from pathogens and harmful bacteria.