Why High Rise Window Cleaning Insurance Is A Must?

    Why High Rise Window Cleaning Insurance Is A Must

    Insurance has been a subject of much controversy, not in general but in fields like health and automobiles. Conventionally, it is considered a thing that you always want to have but would never want to use in the future. Since you should have it, it is best to find the one that will act as a real cover in the event of an accident or a mishap.

    Window cleaning is a growing industry. With each new sky-scraper added to the skyline of a city, the need for a high-rise window cleaning services crew is not going to eclipse any sooner. Maybe in the future, there is scope for robots to take up that risky work, but today, humans need to do it and they are doing it really well.

    In this post, we are going to discuss some of the things that are directly related to high-rise window cleaning insurance. So, make sure you stick around till the end of the post.

    Insurance Services For Window Cleaning

    Window washing for domestic spaces like homes or cleaning from the inside of commercial spaces is not covered in liability insurance. This comes in general employee insurance and bonding services. Regardless of the risk involved, each business must have insurance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    For high-rise windows, cleaners go to immense lengths and heights to make them clean and clear. There is an underlying, a hanging sword in this line of work, not only for the cleaner but also for its belongings.

    This is where liability insurance comes into play. It is as important as health insurance

    Many companies have started operations in this area by offering easy onboarding for insurance clients. For instance, these days, you can secure liability insurance for your small window cleaning company, or even if you are a one-man show for the cleaning job through an online application.

    There are many custom options in liability insurance if you want to have an added layer of protection, such as tools and equipment insurance, and things like that.

    Why You Need Insurance For High Rise Window Cleaning Work

    There are countless scenarios when you need to be diligent to do the work efficiently, but you did not and caused damage to some person or the property that is not insured by a property insurance company. Human error is innate and there is no escape from it. It is best to clear the basics so that you are covered in case of an accident.

    Following are some core reasons why you need insurance for high rise window cleaning work;

    • Contractors often outsource surplus work. If you are a small-time company that is still rooting to capture ground for yourself, there is much scope in becoming a subcontractor. Liability insurance will help you in securing more work from general contractors as they will be at ease to give you the extra work, knowing you are capable of doing the work.
    • The pandemic has revolutionized the way we hire and fire people for work. There is a steady shift to digital media for doing so. In many cases, insurance and experience for any service sector are often put in filter search. This allows end-users to flush out irrelevant search results. To ensure you are getting exposure according to your potential. So, having insurance coverage is a big plus.
    • For ambitious companies who want to expand their operations and bid on municipal and federal contracts, it is often mandatory to have ample insurance coverage for that.
    • It is a confidence booster for clients and end-users to have a company on board that has active coverage against damages and injuries.

    The Coverage Of High Rise Window Cleaning Insurance

    The window cleaning business is a tough nut to crack. Having insurance coverage can get your business from being just good to being great.

    If you have done some research, you know it can pay a lot. Typical insurance coverage offers a wide range of accidents and cases including;

    • Commercial Auto Insurance
    • Tools & Equipment Insurance
    • Pollution Liability Insurance
    • Commercial General Liability Insurance

    How Much Does It Cost?

    There is a wide range of insurance costs for window cleaning businesses. For reference, it starts from $450 for a general liability insurance policy with $2 million coverage. 

    Following are the conditions that drive the overall pricing for an insurance policy;

    • Instruments & Equipment Owned and Operated
    • Location
    • Annual & Projected Revenue
    • Number Of Employees
    • Years Of Experience
    • Project Type (Commercial/Residence)

    Claim Scenarios

    Insurance covers a wide range of scenarios. There are many cases when you are up on the ledge for cleaning windows.

    Here are the scenarios that are most common in this line of business;

    • Think about working on a high-rise building. Suddenly, your squeegee or the water pail slips from its place and falls on a passing-by pedestrian. It can hurt for sure. When the person presses the matter, having the insurance will literally save your skin. In this case, over $35,000 will be covered by your General Liability Insurance.
    • While moving up or down the building through the harness, your equipment can fall off from the pedestal and get broken from the fall. When you are covered for equipment insurance, you can reclaim around $8,500 to cover those pieces. In the absence of such cover, you would need to pay for the equipment yourself.
    • Commercial Auto Policy is also another thing that can save your company from paying exuberant amounts in terms of damages and injuries. For instance, your employee is driving to a location and gets into an accident with another vehicle, causing damage to both vehicles. Commercial Auto Insurance covers over $40,000 to cover the damages.

    Window cleaning is a rewarding business in this scenario. The cities are expanding at an unprecedented pace. As long as there are sky-scrapers with high-rise windows, the business is booming. With effective insurance coverage, you can capitalize on your investment and cast a wide canvas for clientele in a wide range of fields.