How to remove hair from the carpet without a vacuum?

    remove hair from the carpet

    If you love pets and own a small army of pets then getting their hair stuck in the carpet is trouble. Finding their long hair stuck in the carpets is quite intimidating. Even the long-haired people get the trouble of getting their hair stuck in the carpets.

    These stranded hair needs to be removed thoroughly but if you don’t have the vacuums then you can remove them without it. No longer need to buy or rent a vacuum machine. You know these ways and easy steps to follow.  Don’t daunt because of the hair stuck in the rugs or carpets but get the expedient results by following these methods.

    Using Rubber Gloves

    You can manually utilize the rubber gloves to purge the paint hairs instantly. You can reach out to the nook and corners. You should always select stringent and sturdy gloves so that with a thick glove you have the best cleaning solution. It helps you to pick the pet hair from the carpet surface cleaning. With this technique, you can uproot the thick to thin hair.


    You might think that squeegee might be only used for cleaning and refining the mirror. The squeegee can help you with the most outstanding results.  Removing the pile of pet hair is a very expedient option.  It solely requires the repeated cleaning sessions, and it is also one of the easiest methods to get the cleaning of the hairs stuck in the carpets.

    Rubber Broom

    When you start to struggle to find ways that are efficient in removing the hair from the carpets then a rubber broom can work better. Pulling it towards yourself in the sweeping movement can be proven effective. This will make a magnetic effect and allow you to reach the side areas and corners of the carpet where the hair got stuck. Keeping a single sweeping direction makes the broom effective to make. Moreover, you can now pick up the dustpan and collect the fur and hair and dispose of it in the garbage.

    Packaging Tape

    You can begin with the packaging tape if you realize that there is a great accumulation of the pet hairs, your hairs wasted in the carpets then with the help of a packaging tape you can get rid of them. If you face that hair is in the depth of the carpets then with the right use of packaging tape you can get the hair removed. 

    First Step: Take the tape and place it firmly on the fibers of the carpet.

    Second Step: Remove it with a little force to get the removal of the adhesive fur and hair accumulated in the spots of the carpet.

    Albeit, this has not been listed as the reliable way of cleaning the whole carpet but it works quickly and better when you use it on the different spots of the carpet.

    Lint Rollers

    Lint rollers are useful for cleaning up cat and dog hair, however, the replacement sheets for these devices may be quite costly! Instead, just wrap a piece of packing tape in a circle with the sticky side facing out. You'll get just as much pick-up power for a fraction of the cost of a conventional pickup. 

    Utilize A Sponge

    When you have tried several methods for cleaning the pet hair or any type of hair from the carpets then you must try getting it cleaned with a sponge. From gentle to rubbing the hair will start to cling with it. You can move it across the fur to get the hair removed from the upholstery or the carpets.

    A Carpet Rake

    A carpet rake can also be used to remove stubborn carpet hair if the problem is really bad. Even though this approach may seem a little harsh on your precious carpet, you will not be utilizing a garden rake in this situation anyhow. Instead, you can go to purchase a product that has been designed particularly for use on carpets. This will prove to be efficient while also being gentle on the skin.

    Baking Soda Trick

    Baking Soda has several other benefits along with them; these can help to purge out the hair you’re your rags and carpets. Albeit, it is commonly used on carpets for deodorizing and neutralizing odors, it may also be used to remove hair and debris that has become lodged in the fibers of your carpet. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and try your best to massage it with your foot or a broom to get as much as possible. The use of baking soda softens your carpet and gives them a cleaner and tidy look. 


    No need to worry about the costs of removing the long hair from the carpet. Neither you need to rent or buy a vacuum as these proven methods are successful.