9 Important Things To Consider Before Buying Garage Doors

9 Important Things To Consider Before Buying Garage Doors

Buying a garage door is once in a lifetime experience for most homeowners. It is highly recommended to do all the possible research before choosing a garage door for your home. Your efforts will be worth the investment in the end!

Think of this as an opportunity to crank up the curb appeal of your home. The investment is going to stay with you for the coming years so it should be durable enough to withstand time.

Most of us rarely pay attention to the garage doors so it is easy to overlook the functionality of the simple door. Other than the aesthetics, it keeps your vehicles and home safe. If your garage is connected to the house safety of your house depends on the garage doors.

Following is a list of 9 important things to consider before you buy a garage door for your home.

1. Budget Limits

If you venture into the market without setting your budget limits, you may spend more than you can afford. It is best to sit down and calculate the budget you can afford.

Consider the installation costs when you are buying a door. Hire the best installation professionals in your area as poor installation can damage even the best of the doors. Check online resources to get an idea of market prices. You can visit the stores to look at the available options.

2. House Design

Think about your house façade. Is it a traditional building, contemporary or modern? Whatever may be the house design, there is a garage door style that fits perfectly well.

Modern software tools allow you to check the possible garage doors online. All you have to do is take a picture of your house front, pick the door type you are considering and it will be edited in. It gives you a real-time picture and making a decision becomes a lot easier.

3. Door Size

The next big question is the door size. You need to take an accurate measurement of your existing garage door. Single car garages generally require a door about 8-9 feet wide and 7-8 feet high. The dimensions can vary according to your garage. Measure the framed opening and minus the stop molding, to get accurate measurements on your own.  

You can always request reliable garage door professionals to provide you on-site estimates and measurements. Most of the garage selling companies request on-site evaluation before providing the cost estimates.

4. Door Design

When you search for the garage door types, the number of options is overwhelming. One of the most popular garage door designs includes a side-hinged and swing-out door. It is very much similar to standard doors in our houses.

The most popular garage door design is the sectional garage door. It is made up of four to five panels that are connected with hinges. The door is raised and opened vertically. When the sectional door is fully retracted, the panels are adjusted in space above the door. 

5. Garage Door Style

The information about garage door styles comes in handy when you are looking for a particular house design. The doors are generally categorized as carriage style, modern, contemporary, and raised panel garage doors. Raised panel garage doors feature floating panels of door material that are encased in rail and stile frame.

Carriage-style doors are generally made up of wood and have the design of swing-out and side-hinged doors. The door generally features intricate woodwork on the façade.

If you have modern homes, look for sleek, striking, and seamless designs. Modern garaged doors are minimalistic in design but are equipped with the latest technology.

6. Garage Door Material

When it comes to garage door materials, there is a wide variety of options. The most popular being wood, metal, and composite wood. Each of these materials offers certain benefits but not without challenges.

Traditional homes feature wood doors. Homeowners looking for luxurious house exteriors buy wood doors. The pristine warm look of wood is great for aesthetic appeals. Challenges are the upfront costs and maintenance.

If you are looking for durable yet lightweight garage doors aluminum is the best option. Discuss your requirements with door professionals to choose the best option. 

7. Insulation Or Energy Efficiency

Don’t forget to ask about the insulation provided by the garage door. Choose the doors with high R values so you can enjoy energy-efficient homes.

8. Door Hardware

The door hardware plays a huge role in its final look and functionality. Check all the available options before choosing one.

9. Garage Door Technology

Whenever possible, look for the latest garage door technology. Modern doors are much more safe and easy to operate than older versions. The more efficient your garage door opener is, the safer is your vehicle and you.