Manual Garage Doors VS Automatic Garage Doors: Pros and Cons

    Manual VS Automatic Garage Door

    Article Key Points

    While opting for the manual garage doors vs automatic garage doors,  we can not only describe their appearance but its relate to their benefits and drawbacks from every aspect.

    Following are some cover points:

    • A brief introduction on when one needs to select a garage door and what two types are available
    • A brief description of what a manual garage door is,
    • A brief description of what an automatic garage door is,
    • Five aspects of the garage door are discussed; safety, maintenance, security, cost, and comfort.
    • For each of the aspects, the respective pros and cons are discussed for both manual and automatic garage door types

    Manual Garage Doors vs Automatic Garage Doors

    While planning any house construction or renovation, one of the most essential tasks is to make an appropriate selection for your garage door. To get through this process seamlessly, it is prudent to hire a reputable garage door company that would ensure the optimum functioning of your door for decades to come. Today we have so many options in the market depending on the need and budget as well. But, sometimes it's great to have various options, and sometimes ample options can be overwhelming.

    However, the most important selection that you will have to make during this process is selecting the door type; manual garage door vs automatic garage door. After all, the overall appearance of the outside of your house depends on this. Hence, it is important to know all the benefits and drawbacks of each of these doors only then you will be able to make a correct choice.

    What are manual garage doors?

    These types of garage doors are frequently seen in old-style houses and they are attached to huge-sized hinges that can be manually operated by hand. Besides the fact, manual garage doors are comparatively much easier to install if compared with automated ones. Because the manual ones are pretty lighter in weight and don't need cables or motor. All you need is to install a manual door is a torsion spring system.

    What are the automatic garage doors?

    Do you know how long have automatic garage doors been available on the market? Is there any change with the passage of time? Well, the answer to these is pretty simple. The automatic garage doors are not new in the market, in fact, they have been there ever since 1920. They comprise various sections which are attached on rollers to a metal hinge. It is then attached to a special opener which allows the door to be automatically pulled along the set track of the garage. But today's automated garage doors are comparatively quiet, safe, more reliable, and affordable than ever.

    The Benefits and Drawbacks

    Both the manual and electric garage door types have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. We have decided to pick the top five aspects and then analyze their respective pros and cons for each of the door types accordingly. Going thoroughly through each of these aspects will allow you to make the right decision for your home during construction or renovation. Let’s get started.

    1- Which one offers more safety?

    Definitely, the automatic garage doors are more secure and safe. They eliminate all human errors that may be caused due to carelessness and recklessness resulting in accidents. On the other hand, a manual garage door can cause unforeseen accidents, especially with children; you may end up barging the manual door over something or your hand. These accidents can easily be prevented if you choose an automatic garage door instead.

    2- Which one requires more maintenance?

    Any type of garage door whether manual or automatic would require maintenance and in fact, this is very important too. Timely maintenance makes sure that the door continues to operate smoothly and efficiently at its maximum working capacity. Regular maintenance also eliminates any potential issues that may occur later on.

    However, manual garage doors are relatively easier to maintain because they are simple in structure and making. While the automatic garage doors are complicated, constructed with various counterparts hence their maintenance is not only difficult but can also be expensive.

    3- Which one provides more security?

    Homeowners store a lot of precious and valuable belongings and items in their garages which makes thieves and intruders most likely to break into such areas. Hence it is important that your garage is completely secure. To ensure full airtight security measures, you must consider investing in automatic garage doors.

    Manual garage doors are comparatively less secure because they are easy for intruders to break. On the other hand, automatic garage doors are equipped with multiple security measures such as key codes, remote control, and alarms that can be set off if anyone tries to break in. They ensure that only allowed individuals can get access inside.

    4- Which one provides more comfort?

    While opting for a garage door if you are seeking complete comfort then the automatic garage doors will definitely serve you the best. They can easily be operated, opened, or closed by pressing a single button on the connected remote control.

    You do not need to waste your physical energy in uplifting the heavy door to access your garage nor do you need to physically go to the garage to open it. With a click of a button, you can comfortably operate the door no matter where you are sitting.

    5- Which one is more affordable?

    If you are on a tight budget for your home renovation, then manual garage doors are definitely more affordable. While on the other side, automatic garage doors are relatively expensive since they comprise complicated equipment that needs expert installation by a proper company.

    The manual garage doors are cheaper because they can easily be installed. Also, their maintenance is affordable as well in the long run. If something malfunctions in an automatic garage door, the counterparts are expensive to buy, and also the repair costs can be heavy on your pocket.

    In the End

    As already discussed above, both the automatic and manual garage doors have their respective setbacks and benefits. You must keep every perspective in your mind before you plan to select and invest in a garage door. Make sure the type of garage door you opt for, fits your needs and requirements and also falls within your budget.

    In fact, it is wise to get in touch with professional companies that can guide you on all the best options available in the market according to your requirement.

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