5 Secret Tips to Repair Any Garage Door

    Tips to Repair Any Garage Door

    Smart garage doors are one of the smartest inventions to satisfy safety needs. As compared to the manual door the maintenance of an automatic garage door is not that simple. Because such doors function through electricity and it requires experts to tackle the issue. Besides, a lot of microchips are involved that can’t be replaced or checked by ordinary methods.

    This is why it is extremely important to have the contact number of the installation company to get a garage door repair or claim warranty if needed. Still, there are things that you can do with all garage door types to ensure a better performance. The following are the tips that can be used to do the basic maintenance yourself.

    Consult the user-manual

    When you encounter a garage door problem the priority is to understand what’s causing this problem. Thanks to the user manual the simple expected problems are listed in it with details and can be solved without the involvement of a professional. Read it thoroughly before you approach the door, it is better to keep it with you while you try to understand the problem. Start with the remote specs, go through the different blocks of functions used at the garage door installation time.

    Detach the power supply

    Electricity is the source of energy for electronic systems. When a garage door starts malfunctioning the initial thoughts are related to the power supply. To run a full-scale diagnostic, it is important to detach the power supply and shift your door to the manual. Detaching the power is important because a great deal of metals has been utilized to construct the door that can cause an electric shock. Your safety takes precedence because you have to climb up to inspect the door. 

    Diagnose the problem

    Now that you have prepared with manual it is time to diagnose the problem. First, you identify what’s not working. There’s a block of the electric system and the manual system that works together. The type of problems you are experiencing should be listed in the manual, or at least something related. This will help you understand which system has the problem of the electric or the other garage functions. If it is your electric block that has issues, then probably you should call in for warranties. For others, identify which mechanical part is broken or not working well.

    Replace the damaged parts

    Every garage door consists of a few basic parts that help any garage door move smoothly. The pulleys, door track, springs, the door. Once you have identified the broken part of the garage door that can be replaced you should move it out if you can without any professional help. If you can’t, then probably you should contact the manufacturer or the garage door. The basic method to remove that part would be given in the manual. It is highly recommended to avoid repairs if your garage door is still in warranty. Because doing it yourself might cost you the warranty.  

    Try a test run to confirm

    Once you have replaced the bad part, it is time to try a dry run to see the function of the garage door. Don’t connect to the power yet and confirm the basic garage functions before doing it. Once you are satisfied the power can be attached and try opening it smoothly. If it opens up smoothly, then your problem is solved, otherwise, it is time you contact a pro.

    A malfunctioning garage door can make you lose a considerable amount of time if you don’t maintain it properly. By maintain doesn’t mean you have to open it up to do repairs, it means lubricating and keeping it rust-free. You can use general-purpose garage maintenance products available in the market.