10 Striking Indoor Pool Ideas on a Budget

Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

If indoor swimming pools in the house appear to conjure up visions of wet carpets, chlorine-induced nausea, and workout nightmares, think again. These impressive models of designs for residential indoor pool structures will make you overlook everything you assumed you knew about them. The greatest benefit of having an in-house pool is that you can use it throughout the year at any hour: you can turn on the lights and access an early morning workout if by swimming at 2 a.m. in your indoor swimming pool.

When it comes to in-ground pools, there's no scarcity of design options. So, here are the top ten striking modern indoor pool ideas that will capture your imagination while staying on a budget.

1- Slim and Long Design

To have an indoor pool in your house, you do not have to have an extensive basement or an extended empty floor. To fit your small floor plan, opt for a slim and long pool that extends from wall to window. It is better to keep things simple. Still, if you like to build a more grand and lavish swimming pool, then the next indoor basement swimming pool is for you.


2- A Pool with the Royal Feat

With dramatically soaring ceilings, exaggerated drapery, and crimson red pillars with gold embellishment, you can build a royal indoor pool at your home that will offer you renaissance royalty. Follow this large-scale indoor pool design, and don't be afraid of a little nobility and luxury.


3- A Converted Barn Design

If you can't build the swimming pool outside, but want an outside environment around your indoor pool, bring the outside into the indoor capacity. With this indoor pool design, the elegant wall decor and rustic bared beams will make your space a serene oasis. You can also design a retractable glass door that looks out onto your lavish front yard, making this swimming pool more elegant and classic.


4- Indoor Pool Décor

If you want to up the design game in your indoor pool setting, design wide wall art that can endure splashing and high-moisture environments. It will also open up available floor space for seating or a broader indoor pool plan. Designing the walls with statement-making decor will enhance the elegance of your indoor pool room.

5- An Angular Aquarium

Have you ever imagined what could be the sensation of floating in an aquarium? A swimming pool design based on an aquarium will provide you with an opportunity to find out. In a modern space, an angular-shaped and glass wall-designed swimming pool is the ideal pool design. It is both amazingly unique and cheap, giving you an incredible experience of the aquatic realm.


6- A Transition Design

Without being too over-the-top, an indoor-to-outdoor swimming pool is unique as well as explicit. As much as you love the design elements of this swimming pool, there are also some functional advantages. Now, depending on your mood or the weather, you can swim from inside or outside with this multi-functional swimming pool design. You can also build a glass wall that will make the transition smooth and convenient.

7- Light-Filled Indoor Pool

With stunning soaring ceilings, ample natural light, and a symphony of columns, you can design a grand indoor swimming pool to enjoy a royal experience. It will also give a medieval touch to your swimming pool space, where you would love to do the laps all day. This design is perfect for a party with your friends and family to give a luxurious experience on a budget while staying in your home.


8- Paint A Ceiling Mural

Just because it is not possible to swim outside throughout the year doesn't mean that when floating on your back, you can't look up at the sky. You can create your own sky with dark clouds on the ceilings of your in-house pool room. Painting a mural on the ceiling not only offers you an amazing view but also adds dimension and opens up the room. If you are going to build one, opt for a Roman-inspired classic motif, to enhance the grandeur of your space. This residential indoor pool structure will give you the vibes of bathing outside. 

9- Pool with View of the Woods

To get the natural and aesthetic feel around your indoor pool, design it with a view of the woods. Building such a small pool will be amusing and make you feel like you are floating in a pond near the woods while staying inside your house. It will also let you experience the fun of swimming throughout the year. Moreover, working out in such a place will be a great experience that you will cherish like never before. You can hire a professional pool builder to design such an amazing pool for you.


10- Indoor Pool and Patio

An indoor pool and patio will give you a look and feel of swimming in the outdoors. You can cherish the beautiful customized landscape while floating around. Place the lounge chairs and classic umbrellas there to get a feel of an exotic resort. The best thing is that you don't have to deal with the severity of the weather with this pool structure. To make things grander, place a custom spa around the pool.



Swimming in indoor pools is indeed a unique and fantastic experience. If you are planning to build your own residential indoor pool on a budget, these ten striking in-house pool structures and ideas are devised for you. With these fantastic designs, you will forget the fun you had in the outdoor pools. From some traditional designs to advanced layouts, you have a lot of options to build your new small indoor pool.

How Much Does An Indoor Pool Cost To Build?

The cost of building an indoor pool depends on several factors, including the size and the square foot. Besides, different swimming pool designs can cost differently. There is a possibility that it might be cheaper to install a larger in-house pool that is common, while you may pay more for a uniquely shaped or odd-sized indoor pool. However, the average cost of building an indoor pool is from $40,000 to $200,000. Most homeowners pay around $80,000 to get a residential indoor pool built. The average cost per square foot is between $125 and $200.

How Much Does It Cost To Heat An Indoor Swimming Pool?

Determining the cost of heating an indoor pool can be quite tricky as the cost can be affected by several factors, including the size of the pool, amount of water, type of solar water heater, and more. However, the average cost of heating a swimming pool ranges between $1500 and $3000 depending on the water temperature you set for your indoor pool. This cost is heating from May to September. Besides, your swimming pool installer can also let you know about the cost of heating an indoor pool.

How Safe Are Indoor Swimming Pools During Covid-19?

Indoor pools are quite safe during COVID-19 pandemic. The pool itself is a low-risk space as you will be able to maintain a considerable distance from other swimmers. It is known that chlorine in pools inactive viruses, including SARS-CoV, effectively. With proper maintenance and cleaning, including chlorine and bromine disinfection, it is believed that the virus transmission through water is impossible. Public or outdoor swimming pools are different as these pools are at great risk. Therefore, indoor pools are rather safe during COVID-19.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An Indoor Pool?

Maintaining an indoor swimming pool is rather easier than the outdoor pool as it is not exposed to outside dust etc. If your in-house pool is installed properly with dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, and other necessary elements, then you will not need to spend much on routine maintenance apart from occasional cleaning or chemical treatment. However, on average, the indoor pool will require between $3000 and $5000 per year to be properly maintained. But the cost can vary depending on your pool type and other such factors.

Is It Safe To Use Indoor Pools?

Indoor pools are safer than outdoor ones as they are not exposed to dust and dirt, etc. Besides, these indoor swimming pools are themselves a low-risk space because of the chlorine disinfection. Chlorin inactivates almost every virus that eliminates the risk of the spread of diseases. Proper maintenance and routine cleaning also make them safer to swim. Make sure to hire pool cleaning experts to get your indoor pool cleaned proficiently.