How to Make Money as a Real Estate Agent?


    If you love meeting new people, assisting others in creating successful lives by discovering properties that are suitable for them, and participating in others' major milestones like buying their first home, you could be interested in working as a real estate agent.

    There are many benefits to working as a real estate agent in addition to the financial rewards. As a real estate agent you'll forge connections. You will undoubtedly stick in people's minds as the individual who steered them toward their dream house. You can also find other agents just as passionate about property selling as you. You get to work through commission rather than a fixed wage and be your own boss in a way.

    However, becoming a real estate agent is not an easy job. You must be able to advertise oneself, follow up on leads, adhere to state standards, and manage extensive documentation. Still, the career prospects for a real estate agent are excellent, despite the difficulty and volume of labor involved, and you can become one in less than a year.

    Discover how to successfully earn money as a real estate agent by reading on!

    What’s a real estate agent 

    An individual who represents buyers or sellers of real estate or other real property is known as a real estate agent. While a broker operates independently, an agent often works for clients or is employed by a registered broker. Both, nevertheless, are authorized by the state to negotiate sales contracts and handle related paperwork for property sales. Real estate brokers come in four categories. The first group consists of listing agents, who are employed by owners to help promote homes for sale or rental. Buyer agents, on the other hand, support purchasers in their efforts to buy real estate. A dual agent will handle both the transaction and the sale. Being fair to all sides makes this work crucial. Transaction agents offer a limited amount of consultation to the buyer and seller while negotiating the details of a specific transfer for real estate transactions. 

    Creating legal documentation for transactions is one of a real estate agent's most crucial tasks. The real estate laws and rules in your particular state will be the basis for these legal documents. A broker in charge of the agency will make sure that an agent abides by these guidelines. Realtor-designated agents are also involved National Association of Realtors members. Realtors abide by the stringent code of ethics established by the National Association of Realtors.

    If you have ever hired a real estate agent near you, you might have noticed that they are also active on social media and in responding to texts and emails. Client contact is an important part of their day-to-day tasks. 

    Are you interested yet? We have yet to tell you about how to become a real estate agent!

    How to become a real estate agent 

    If you are passionate about becoming a real estate agent, you might be pleased to know that you can become a real estate agent in about 4 to 6 months depending on the state you live in. In order to become a real estate agent in the United States, you must first complete a pre-licensing course and pass a licensing test. After that, you must activate your license and join a brokerage. You will need more experience and to fulfill additional requirements if you want to advance to the level of broker. Additionally, you must join the National Association of Realtors and abide by its code of ethics anytime you close a sale if you want to be recognized as a realtor.

    1) Examine the licensing requirements in your state 

    Visit the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials Directory to learn what is required to become a real estate agent in your area.

    Research elements present in the following list: 

    • Age and education prerequisites (such as a high school diploma or GED)
    • Post-licensing requirements and pre-licensing courses
    • Exams and eligibility for exams
    • Application requirements and costs
    • Identification and background investigation
    • Declaring a criminal record

    2) Pre-licensing course 

    Real estate agents must complete a pre-licensing course. Before taking the exam, you must enroll in this course in a real estate license school that is accredited. It resembles acquiring a driver's license in certain ways. There are a mandatory number of hours before you can take the exam and obtain a license. The number of hours varies by state, despite the fact that you must take this course in whichever state you reside in.

    3) Taking the exam

    If you have done your homework, passing the licensure exam should be simple. The licensure test must be scheduled, registered for, and paid for before you may take it. The test consists of two sections, one of which is a national segment on basic real estate concepts and practices and the other of which is state-specific. It is multiple choice.

    4) Activate your license

    You must pay the state's real estate regulating agency to activate your real estate agent license after passing your licensing exam. For this stage, you should fill out an application; after it is accepted, your license will be certified to you.

    5) Real estate agents assemble!: Join a real estate brokerage

    You must work as a real estate agent under the direction of a broker who will monitor real estate transactions and ensure you adhere to legal requirements. A portion of the commission you earn from your transactions will be remitted to you. You'll be paid more the more sales you generate.

    How to successfully earn money as a real estate agent 

    Become a referral agent 

    You can work as a referral agent in addition to becoming a real estate agent. Being a referral agent relieves you of workload and earns you a nice commission that comes to around 25%. Sending customers to another agent whom they know and trust is part of the job while the other agent takes care of all the crucial paperwork and business transactions. You will be paid a commission fee if the sale has been made.

    Consider becoming an investor

    Real estate agents also become investors since they are experienced at managing properties and predicting market peaks and troughs. You can acquire income property and benefit from it, or you can flip properties and sell them for more money. The best part is that you get to choose first from all of the properties and that you'll be the first to know when a house is taken off the market. Therefore, you have the upper hand.

    Consult and coach prospective agents 

    If you know that you’re good at what you do, why not teach it to others? You can train and guide aspiring real estate agents to succeed in their careers by working as a consultant for real estate agents. Moreover, you can consult homeowners who are looking to invest in property. Why not start your own blog or website and start writing about your expert knowledge in the real estate industry? You'll win the trust of clients and earn some extra cash consulting!

    Become a Broker 

    Real estate brokers earn more than real estate agents since it is a more necessary job in the real estate business. If you continue your training and work toward becoming a broker, you could earn six figures annually.


    1. How to make money as a real estate agent?
      Becoming a referral agent is the simplest method to start earning money as a real estate agent. Here, all you have to do to earn money is suggest clients to another agent that they know and trust. When the contract closes, the other agent will handle the transaction and sale, and you will be paid a referral fee. It resembles receiving a commission in certain ways. Usually, you receive 20–25% of the commission earned by the other agents. Recruiting new employees for the real estate firm you work for is another option. When the agent you hired closes a deal, certain brokerages will often provide you a tiny part of the earnings.
    2. How much do real estate agents make?
      According to Indeed, a real estate agent in the United States earns an average yearly pay of $94,031. They make an average of $6,658 each month. Upon the satisfactory completion of house contracts, commissions are paid directly to brokers, providing revenue to real estate agents. The standard commission is 5% to 6% of the home's listing price, however this percentage might occasionally change based on the particular contract and range from 1% to 10%. Success for a real estate agent mostly rests on their efforts, but they must also take certain factors into consideration when estimating their prospective annual revenue.
    3. What does a real estate agent do?
      Real estate agents assist clients in the purchase, sale, and rental of real estate. Additionally, they conduct market research, promote their brokerage, create leads, and accompany clients to real estate closings. The typical day for a real estate agent includes time in the office, client meetings, and setting up property open houses. When it comes to putting out work, they are active contributors. Producing brochures, mailings, listings, and other promotional materials is part of their responsibility, and they are also in charge of processing real estate papers in accordance with local and state laws.
    4. Do real estate agents make good money?
      Based on the commission they receive as well as other criteria like activities outside of sales like introducing agents and creating leads, real estate brokers make good money.
    5. How to become a real estate agent?
      Depending on the state you reside in, you must be at least 18 or 19 years old to become a real estate agent in the United States. You must also complete the prerequisite coursework for your state's real estate license test. You may oversee a group of real estate agents, determine the worth of real estate property, maintain properties, acquire and sell, and do a lot more with a real estate license. The real estate agent exam can be passed in four to six months.