How to Make Money as a Real Estate Agent?


Real estate is the topmost rewarding business. If you’re someone who loves networking or helping people, it can create a good career for you. It depends on individual ability on how much money they make. There are two common ways to generate cash. Such as a passive income by buying and holding property. You can also generate an active income which is by making contracts in the industry. Other ways include doing renovations or making property development deals. However, it may seem stressful and intimidating at first but will become easier and profitable once you gain experience.

Moreover, the more property you sell the more money you will make. This is one of the common ways to earn. As a real estate agent, you need to have the skills to generate new connections. Besides, you need to explore different ways to sell properties. Nowadays, the rapid expansion of the commercial and residential market can be beneficial for you. Here are a few ways how you can make the most of it.

Sell Properties

The best way to make money as a real estate agent is to become a buyer’s agent. This means they’ll work for someone who wants to buy a property. Their job will be to take care of everything from the start to the end. For example, showing properties, visiting sites with the client, and making transactions. Moreover, a real estate agent also makes offers on houses for the buyers.


The client is dependent on the real estate agent to take care of everything. Inspection of the house is another duty of the agent. An agent can earn a huge amount of money from this job. Besides, they need active contacts with the market to make sure they are aware of every new property that’s on sale.

List Homes for Sellers

Other ways to make money with a real estate license include listing homes for sellers. Those who want to sell their property but don’t have enough time to find potential buyers can take the help of agents. A real estate agent can work with both residential or commercial property. An agent’s job is to find the right profitable price for the property to be sold.


The agent will show the property to buyers and negotiate the price. Besides, the agent is responsible to make a deal only at a profitable price. This way both the seller as well as the agent can have maximum benefit. However, this job is a lot easier than selling properties and depends more on the ability of an agent.

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Become a Property Manager

Another good way to earn money as a real estate agent is by managing properties for investors and sellers. They have to manage, maintain, repair, and keep the property in top position. Moreover, they are also responsible for finding renters, collecting rents every month, as well as keep a close eye on accounting. An efficient way to manage all your contacts as an agent is to use a real estate crm software as it allows you to keep track of all your prospects and close deals.


Agents get a percentage of the rent collected each month. Most real estate agents get 15% of the overall rent. Moreover, property managers also earn through leasing fees. Other than that, it depends on how well an agent handles the job. They can also advertise the property for maximum clients.

Become a rental agent

There’s high competition in bigger cities of the USA when it comes to real estate. To step into as a real estate agent in the listing market is like the last dime of your life if you don’t know what you’re doing. Though, you can work as a rental agent as there’s no shortage of people looking for rental homes. A huge number of customers make it less competitive even though there are a lot of rental agents as well in bigger cities but it’s worth trying.


As a rental agent, you have to interact with a client many times so there’s a higher chance of getting your name in the market early as you’ll be meeting daily with lots of new clients.

Selling Short Sales

Many ways can help with side hustles for real estate agents. Such as making money by selling short sales. Many homeowners cannot sell their home for sufficient money to pay the home loan. In such situations, an agent convinces the bank and negotiates to take less money. If the bank agrees, they can list the home for sale. It is known as a short sale.


Making Money as a BPO

Only a licensed appraiser has the authority to add value to your home. Broker Price Opinion (BPO) report maker is the one with the title of a licensed agent. A BPO agent will have to compare a house with other houses of the same measurements and luxuries to make its price value and value the seller.

A BPO Agent can earn up to $100 with a few simple steps. BPO agent only has to prepare some reports and include the images of interiors and exteriors to compare the value of one home with the other ones and make a price assumption out of it.


Commercial vs Residential Real Estate Agent

A commercial real estate agent earns much more than a residential real estate agent only because he’s paid monthly. Whereas a residential real estate agent lives on commissions.

Commercial agents have much more knowledge than the residential ones that’s why they’re paid much more than the residential ones. A commercial real estate agent might value your commercial building way better than the residential one. Commercial one analyzes the surrounding areas and future of the commercial market and then values a property.


Becoming a commercial real estate agent is another way of making more money as a real estate agent. You can increase your income and value by just changing the department of your niche.

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Choose the life of a Broker

A broker is the one who leads the team of real estate agents who’re qualified and use their expertise for the broker. A broker takes care of the legal side and makes sure that his/her team of real estate agents are working legally. As long as you have a legal degree, you can take a head start just by hiring some local realtors and make a team of professionals and represent yourself in the market with proper PR and advertisement.


You can earn a lot if you have a team of real estate agents who’re good at their dealing with clients and getting a high commission. A broker takes money from the commissions of the real estate agents just by managing the legal side of the agency, so you have an excellent chance of making it a better way of earning.


How Real Estate Agents Get Paid?

Generally, there’s an agreement signed by the buyer and broker under which the real estate agent is paid by the buyer and seller. Payment is made according to the agreement and the commission will be declared in that agreement as well.

How Do I Become A Real Estate Agent?

To become a real estate agent, you must be above 18 and have a proper education of 135 hours. Apply for the salesperson exam right after your course is completed. Congratulations, you’ll become a real estate agent right after these simple steps.

How Long Before You Start Making Money as a Realtor?

It might take around 6 months before you start making money as a realtor. Until then, you’re supposed to have a proper website, branding, brand mentions, and proper PR to get things done. All these things take around 6 months.

Is it hard to make money as a realtor?

You don’t need a huge investment before you make your first dollar as a real estate agent. You just need proper how-know and legal procedures to make your first sale. Though it takes time for some people and some may earn their first dollar in no time but it is not a huge deal.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways through which a real estate agent can make money. They just need to be tricky and have the skills to convince potential buyers. Moreover, they must have huge contacts in the market. They can also try different options for promoting their business. Such as through online websites or advertisements.