6 Outdoor Swimming Pool Design & Ideas on a Budget

Outdoor Swimming Pool Design for Homes

Outdoor Pool Designs and Plans

A swimming pool is an amazingly designed feature that can boost the worth of your home. More importantly, it’s a medium for participating in pleasing family bonding sessions. Nowadays, you have so many fascinating outdoor swimming pool designs and Ideas that not only enhance the image of your pool but also modify the whole landscape.

What’s more tranquilizing than loafing by the swimming pool on a hectic summer day and sometimes taking a dive in the blue, sparkling waters? Nothing can relate to this experience, honestly! Those were the old days when we used to get only bare, rectangular pools in the backyards of homes.

Who told you that you have to book quick flight tickets for spending a holiday in Hawaii or the Bahamas? Why not build your real oasis in your home? Lots of green plantations bring in the tropical vibe and also save you from a lot of sunlight.

You can walk further and blend a rocky pattern into the setup. A simple combination of gray pebbles at one of the ends can strengthen the realistic feeling. Add items such as little sculptures and lovely blooming flowers to establish a cohesive atmosphere.

So, here we go! We have summarized some unique outdoor pool design concepts that are so simple to copy. Check them out and have some motivation for your  outdoor pool renovation plan. The following are the beautiful layouts for your outdoor swimming pools.

1- Modern And Gorgeous In-ground Pool

The modern outdoor pool has a rectangular shape with clean, cutting edges. The designer brought together two cozy shadowed seating areas at the corners, with wide umbrellas to make your outdoor swimming pool more enjoyable. When you finish swimming, you can have a drink or read a book here.

Water characteristics such as a segmented waterfall at the distant end, reinforced with thick trees, finished the set-up. Neatly trimmed grass gardens enclose the pool, putting in the much-required natural touch.

2- The all-inclusive Spa

This is one of our most loved swimming pool design ideas. Why? Because it’s all-inclusive. The pool is divided into two portions — a jacuzzi where you can fascinate yourself in a rejuvenating hot bath and a bigger pool with steps directing into the water. A shaded spa area with pool loungers gives rise to the perfect look. What else? There is also an outdoor kitchen area with a lounging arrangement surrounded by a fire pit. A relaxed patio completes the entire set-up, making it an ideal retreat spot to host small get-togethers or cocktail parties

When you divide your backyard into sections, you get a neat, orderly, and geometric landscape. This design has segregated the swimming pool from the remaining garden with a detailed white gate, leaving only one entrance to the pool area. The whole area is covered with separations for plantations or design components. To break the monotony, he has selected thick greenery as the background, which strengthens the needed nature-inspired touch.

3- Colorful And Lively Themed Pool

Have you ever imagined a landscape built with colorful elements? The pool makers here have gone for stunning colors by dumping the traditional indifferent theme and integrating vibrant orange brick pavers. You can also ponder on bold hues for the furniture or furniture mats in the loungers, seats, and charts by the poolside. What about blue, purple, or even deviating black?

4- A Neutral Color Scheme

Pool surroundings designed with a neutral scheme emit a sophisticated, fashionable appeal. White and grey are the noticeable shades that oversee this outdoor pool. Grey sitting arrangements with white pillows outline sharp, cut horizons and square or rectangular designs. The circle-shaped jacuzzi and an ovalish, more significant portion flawlessly go with the architecture.

Dividing this set-up from the exterior is a high stone wall that assures your privacy while you relax and rest in your private oasis.

5- Playing With Fascinating Shapes 

Who said that outdoor swimming pools only need to come in the conventional rectangular or kidney shapes. Explore your creativity. Consider designing something that is meaningful to you and appeals to your heart. The irregular boundary of this swimming pool goes so perfectly with the brick-clad exterior of the house. Large format flagstone pavements are perfect for integrating the pool's rim with the rest of the area.

6- Clad In Concrete

Marked concrete or any other kind of concrete is the traditional means to add style to your pool's surroundings. Use it to get an extraordinary design and feel to the collection itself or to embellish the decoration around the pool. You can improve this easy and neat set-up with a high protecting wall and grey and white pool loungers.

Add up some contrast with radiantly colored furniture and a vast multicolored umbrella. Concrete is a traditional material for pools, which is famous because of its low maintenance needs.

How Much Does An outdoor Pool Package Cost, And What Does It Include?

Rates of outdoor swimming pools differ from one another. Rates for a residential turnkey package approximately begin from £124,950 inc VAT and rise from there as per the extent and specification of the scheme.

Still, as a guide, if you were to assess the overall footprint of the construction, estimate building price can go from £2,400 + VAT/sq.m for a small 125sq.m hydrotherapy pool down to £1,850 + VAT/sq.m for a 1,000sq.m relaxation center. 

The kind of facilities in the building and the size of internal rooms impact the total build cost. Swimming pool installers also have some basic designs with rates against them to understand what to budget.

The cost of an outdoor pool and building is entirely inclusive of foundations. It also comprises all essential professional services, i.e., designers and architects. A reliable professional takes full accountability for the installation, from the introductory site survey through to the last delegating on completion.

Wrapping Up

You don't need to always go for conventional components when you gather motivation from the myriad of convenient outdoor swimming pool designs and plans. They are not suitable only for swimming in the modern world. Swimming pools with fascinating water details can make your backyard a lot more inviting.

A skilled installer should understand your vision of fashion and art while giving you a place to relax and enjoy. Puck any one of our beautiful outdoor swimming pool ideas above while you can also use your creativity to develop a picture of your own. Allow your imagination to flow, and you can also hire a pool builder who can guide you with all the creative and modern pool designs. You will yourself be surprised with the final results!