12 Living Room Paint Color Ideas for Every Taste

    living room paint color ideas

    Are you planning to sell your house? If yes, then all the credible home experts would tell you to paint the room in either of these shades: gray, tan, or white, gray.

    We will definitely take these shades into account for your living room paint colors, however, our aim is to explore and list down out-of-the-box ideas that will refresh your living space. Our list of living room paint colors will inspire the creative side in you, one that everyone will appreciate.

    How To Select The Paint Colors For My Living Room?

    It is indeed a challenge to decide the paint color for your living room. This space of the house is the one where everyone sits during the day. Even the guests, when arrive, use your living room for chit-chat.

    Hence, it only makes sense that your living room must be modern, impressive, and one that leaves a great first impression.

    When it comes to deciding the wall paint for your living room, select the shade that you are attracted to. It is the shade that your guests would like as well. Choose a color palette that will make the lounge space look bigger than it is. At the same time, should give off a comfortable vibe.

    The Go-To Shades Of The Top Home Designers

    To help you make a wise decision, we have compiled a list of inspiring ideas for your living room, recommended by the top home designers across the globe. We are sure you will find an idea that appeals to your taste from this list. Stay tuned till the end.

    1- Peacock Blue and Orange

    It may sound odd at first, but shades of orange and blue are one of the trending living room paint colors of this decade. This strong palette gives off energetic vibes bringing a sense of life to your living room’s theme.

    Come up with smart decorative ideas using shades of peacock blue and tangerine to brighten up a dull living space. To go towards a softer side, you can swap peacock blue with shades of mint light green keeping tangerine on the palette.

    2- The Tranquil Green


    Tranquil green is an ideal paint color palette for homeowners who wish to give a serene and calming vibe to their home. This is also perfect if your living room’s overall theme is based on nature.

    Mix and match the tranquil green with light pastel shades such as baby pink, pale purple, etc. All these shades are famous for providing a calming effect in the atmosphere along with the homely warmth everyone looks for.

    3- Grassy Green & Soft Blue

    Soft blues and grassy green are the go-to combinations for people who love a contemporary look in their living room. Mixing the palette of grass green with calming shades of soft blue is a great approach to add a warm touch to your living space.

    The furniture, accessories, and decor in the living room can also be of the same color theme. You can place a blue couch beside a grassy green plant decor.

    4- Blue, Black & Beige

    Dark shades of black color-blocked with navy blue is another impressive paint color palette for any living room. Both the colors are on the darker spectrum of the palette, so it is ideal to add hints of beige in the middle.

    These three shades can perfectly marry together to bring forth a modern living atmosphere in your home. The creative task here is to smartly add hints of white and beige in the middle to tone down the dark black and blue palette.

    5- Pink, Blue & Turquoise

    One can never go wrong with the shades of pink and turquoise mixed together. They are ideal for feminine decor. However, these colors are so versatile that they can fit well on all home designs.

    Turquoise mixed with light shades of pink and blue help brings a bright and open space. You can fit the theme to masculine style as well by adding leather furnishings. 

    6- Browns & Blues

    The shades of brown and blue can make the space appear dark hence is not one of the popular living room choices. However, for those looking for a warm cozy setting then these shades are ideal.

    In order to successfully execute this theme, it is best to get your walls covered with blue wallpaper. Then furnish the room with brown accessories and furniture to add warmth and bring a moody tone theme forward.

    7- Blue, Black & White

    How can we miss the forever go-to palette of monochrome? The mix of black and white has been one of the most elegant color palettes of any living room for decades. For a modern twist, you can color break the monochrome by bringing shades of powder blue in the middle.

    To pull this off, paint the walls with the powder blue shade and add black and white decor and furnishings. You can even add further shades of blue via rugs, pillows, and tasteful wall hangings.

    8- Muted Pink

    The shades of pink for home decor have always been a subject of debate. But no matter what you think, top home designers consider pink to be “The Color”.  A light, faded or muted pink is perfect to uplift your living room.

    You can further enhance the theme by throwing printed, patterned chairs, couches, rugs. Zebra prints and patterns can go well with muted pink walls.

    Muted pink is a versatile shade, so you can mix and match it up with any color. For an elegant touch, you can color break the theme with shades of beige and white.

    9- Cream, Crimson & Orange

    We have talked about dark shades above, but lighter color palettes are also the choice of many homeowners for their living rooms. Shades of white, cream and beige make the living space look brighter, lighter, and bigger than it actually is.

    You can further enhance this theme by adding crimson-colored furnishings and decor. Come up with innovative ideas for cushions, couches, pillows, and rugs. Add a few gold-colored finishings to complete the elegant look.

    10- Gold & Orange

    To bring a warm atmosphere to your living room, take the bold step of opting for rustic shades and themes. Gold and burnt shades of tangerine can give off a warm vibe.

    However, you need to be careful with this theme. You can easily go overboard with these shades. The best approach would be to add white furniture and decor to make sure the overall look does not appear too rustic.

    11- Gold, Grey & Blue

    Gold hues and shades can instantly uplift the mood of your living room. Mix and match the shades of gold with grey and bright blue for a modern look. These palettes will transform your space into something beautiful and bright.

    You can pull off this theme by designing a wall featuring all three shades: grey, blue, and gold. Also, consider layering a wallpaper that combines all the shades together.

    12- Green & Pink

    To create a serene, calm, and cool living space, you can opt for the shades of pink and green. No, it is not an odd combination. Pastels can never go wrong when it comes to providing a cozy, warm look to any space.