10 Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations You'll Actually Want To Commit To

    Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations

    With multiple kitchen cabinet trends circulating in 2021, it can be hard to choose a design that is modern and functional.

    Deciding a single color is hard, so when it comes to selecting a combination the decision can provoke serious anxiety. Ask yourself what you want to see at the end of the day? Something bright and bold? Or natural and light? This is where kitchen remodeling experts play a vital role. 

    The options for kitchen cabinet color theme palettes are never-ending. Hence we have compiled the list of the top kitchen color cabinet combinations of this year that you can choose from. Stay tuned till the end to find out.

    Use The Themes & Color Palettes Involving Two-Tones

    The two-tone theme can transform the overall atmosphere of any living space. Even if you have to brighten up a single room of your house, you can opt for the natural hues to instantly uplift the environment of the place. The best way forward is to mix and match two colors on your cabinets. 

    Get out of the old boring white woodwork and bring some change by using elegant yet functional color combinations.

    1.  Wood Brown & Sky Blue

    One can never go wrong with two shades of the same color palette. The woodwork in the kitchen can be combined with sky blue cabinets and deep blue countertops to outline the perimeters.

    You can opt for custom blue shades for the high ceilings to blend in the installed steel appliances and dark-colored woodwork.

    2.  Green & White

    The vibrant leafy shades of green blend well with the off-white kitchen cabinets. However, you can pull this off by layering the ceiling with custom wallpapers inspired by nature following the same green and white theme.

    You can hand plates over the cooking stove to add functionality to your kitchen as well.

    3.  Sage Green & Crimson

    For those who wish to opt for a contemporary color scheme for their kitchen then shades of red particularly crimson combined with sage green is an ideal combination. Even the muted tones of red and green can go well on the cabinets along with a warm wooden floor and windows.

    4.  Muted Blue & Bold Blue

    Brighten up your Shaker style kitchen cabinets by using the combinations of light muted blues on the cabinet front and painting the drawers and doors with shades of dark blue. You will end up with a cottage-like appearance at the end of the day.

    5.  Black & Bright Red

    Bright red and black can bring forth a dramatic look to your kitchen. Both the shades are of high intensity hence, use them smartly around your kitchen. Use black cabinets that can fit well with the red background walls and center countertops. You can even add a few splashes of white to color break the dark palette in case you feel it’s too heavy.

    6.  Grey & Burnt Orange

    The neutral interchangeable palette of burnt orange and grey is something you would want if you wish for your kitchen to stand out.

    The entire theme would come to life by adding the right shade of orange to the kitchen cabinets. You can use a lighter shade on the backs of the shelves to add depth. Further, enhance the room with bright furnishings and accessories.

    7.  White & Aqua Blue

    Sticking only to the white theme can bring a dull and boring atmosphere forward. To brighten up your kitchen, go for aqua blue painted cabinets. Use shades of mid blues on the ground and the ceiling to blend in the theme with the white countertops and woodwork. You can use a different shade of blue to enhance the edges.

    8.  Lime & Lemon Mix

    If you do want to go overboard with your kitchen theme then take the bold step of painting the edges of your kitchen cabinets with bright lemon yellow. You can use lime-colored tiles for a unique combination. To tone done the palette, install granite tiles with light-colored countertops and furnishings.

    9.  Green, Blue & Grey

    If you are one of those color-shy homeowners but wish to go for something unique and different then you can never go wrong with a greenish-blue color palette for your kitchen walls. Paint the kitchen cabinets in a light shade of grey or you can use the grey marble for the kitchen countertops to complete the overall theme.

    10. Bright Red & Muted Yellow

    Are you bored of your dull kitchen? Then go out-of-the-box with punchy color palettes involving shades of bright red and muted yellow. Paint the cabinets in bright barn red with muted yellow on the edges of the cabinets.

    You can color break the theme with green wallpapers inspired by nature to make the room further look bright, airy, and spacious. If you go with mahogany countertops, the look would be a classic one of a kind!

    11. Gold & Off-White

    Paint your small kitchen cabinets in golden hues against a bright white background for a modern kitchen outlook. You can even add touches of blue on the backside of the shelves to further brighten up the place.

    The other way to pull off this theme is to paint the cabinets in shades of muted yellow with silver edges. Add glass countertops and cabinet fronts to add a modern and airy touch.

    12. Pastel Green & Pastel Yellow

    If you wish to go for a countryside kitchen look with contemporary wooden furnishings inspired by the farm, then paint your kitchen cabinets in pastel shades of yellow and green. This would follow with the natural theme you are aiming for

    You can color the cooking area with pale yellow along with panels of pastel green to place your vegetables and fruits on. Alternate tiling would best marry this theme together.

    In The End

    Above are the top 12 kitchen color combination recommendations suggested by the world’s top home and kitchen designers. A kitchen should be modern and functional at the same time. Choose a color theme that fits your taste and increases the worth of your home at the same time.