7 Things To Do Before You Call A Real Estate Agent

    Things To Do Before You Call A Real Estate Agent

    It is imperative to hire a real estate agent after you decide to buy or sell a house. There are so many benefits of hiring a professional that it's best to start finding one as soon as you think of making a real estate transaction.

    Typically, you have to search through the local listings, conduct interviews with the well-reputed agents of your area, and read online reviews about each of the potential candidates.

    Stop! Take a step backward please. Before you call a real estate agent, there are a few things you need to take care of. From letting go of your emotional attachments to preparing your house, here are a few things you need to do before you call a local realtor for assistance.

    1- Learn Your Mortgage Options And Get Pre Approved

    Your first step should be to learn your mortgage options. Getting your hands full of ample knowledge at this step will make a huge difference. A lot of factors affect the mortgage but some of the most important ones are term, price, and interest rate. More often that homeowners consider prequalifying for mortgage enough. You should get your application pre-approved before contacting a real estate broker. This helps you find the properties you can afford.

    2- Study Your Local Market

    Once you get your mortgage preapproved, you know the price range of houses you should search for. Now you are fully equipped to dive into the local market and scout for the properties that suit your budget.

    If you are selling a property, studying the market is equally important. You should know the current market trends, typical closing prices for properties like yours, and any price reductions. While you can search for these things on your own, working without a professional will take much longer.

    3- De-Clutter Your Space

    It is essential to know how to stage your home for sale. You can’t expect to get a good price for your property if you are letting in potential customers without decluttering your space.

    Preparing your house before you hire a real estate agent is equally important. Remove the excessive furniture and décor items to let the professionals see the full potential of your property. Some simple tips are to pack away excess items because a lot of them in open may suggest a lack of storage space. It is important to remove your personal effects to make it an open space for the on-lookers. The more space your home has, the larger it appears.

    4- Determine Where You Are Going To Live

    Most homeowners miss this crucial point. Whether you are going to host open houses or not, there will be people coming over to your property to have a look. It is best to determine where you are going to live for the time you are expecting visitors. You can also attract customers by advertising your property using traditional methods, like billboards, flyers, posters, local newspapers, and brochures. However, there are many online tools such as online flyer maker or poster maker that can simplify the process and reduce costs.

    It is important to arrange a temporary residence while your property is being sold. But it is essential to know what kind of neighborhoods you prefer while you are hunting for a new house. Consider the proximity to your workplace, kids' schools, hospitals, and main markets. Although your budget limits you to certain neighborhoods, setting up your priorities is a great idea. 

    5- Repair, Refinish, And Restore

    There are no second chances with first impressions. You may have become accustomed to the deteriorating drywall in your living room and the discoloration patches on your roof but buyers will not ignore it. A real estate agent may also not approve it for your expected asking price. If you don’t want to walk away with less than what you deserve, stand back and take a look at your house as a potential buyer.

    6- Tidy Up The Home

    Deep cleaning your home goes a long way. Not only it improves the outlook of your property but helps you identify the minor issues you can fix before the home inspector points them out. Tidy up your home to make it a welcoming space.

    7- Search For The Best Real Estate Agent

    Don’t take your quest for the best local realtor lightly. You are going to work with this real estate professional for weeks, if not months. Make sure they are trustworthy.