10 Tips to Prepare You To Rent in A Salon Suite

    hair salon suite

    Expanding a business requires careful thought and planning. If you are a trainee in a salon or working from your place, you need to prepare yourself for a change. There are a few considerations that you must keep in mind before renting out a new space. If you want to rent a salon suite asap, you need to keep the following tips in mind.

    Track Your Business

    Before moving into a salon suite you need to review that feasibility research on local businesses in your area. Calculate the number of customers you receive each month and how much revenue you generate. With this valuable information in mind, you can plan on renting a salon suite. If your total revenues add up to the rent, living expenses, bills, grocery, and commute charges with a 10 percent profit margin, you are ready to rent in a booth. If not, then keep running your business from your place. 

    Get A Lawyer

    Moving into a suite has many legal repercussions. You need to consult with a lawyer to help you understand the lease terms. After getting consultations from your lawyer, you can add some points in the lease agreement which will help you in the long run. Lawyering up doesn't mean that you will be hostile towards your renter. It is a step to ensure a safety net in case things go wrong. A clear-cut lease agreement will save you and your renter from any legal implications and create a positive professional work environment.

    Liability Insurance

    Liability insurance of rent in-suite is a must-have. When you are searching for a salon suite ask the renters if they have liability insurance. If not, find a place that has liability insurance or convince your landlord to get liability insurance in time. In this way, you won't have to worry about any accident and you can get paid in full in case of property damage caused by natural causes. 

    Go Social

    Marketing your brand on social media is the easiest thing you can do. Make shorts on YouTube, post images on Instagram, and keep constant tabs on your Facebook page. You need to help your customers identify your particular salon services from the rest of the world. If you have the time and energy to create your own YouTube channel, go for it. Keep posting updates and integrate them with your actual contact lists. Let your social media followers know that you will be moving to a new location. Create a sense of mystique around your actual move to make sure your customers follow you to your new location. 

    IRL Marketing

    Social media can boost your business but you still need IRL marketing. You can set up your website or buy a domain name. If you don't have time to build a website of your own, you can buy a domain name for a mere $12.99 per year. It will help you expand your business and provide direct access to your customers. You can add a snappy edge to your salon's name when you rent into a salon suite or stick with the one you already have. Make sure your name is easy to say and remember. It is easier to find a website or a salon that has a simple and catchy name. It leads customers right to your doorstep. 


    Choosing the right location for rent in a suite is necessary. Don't let the decor of a fancy suite fool you. If you have to commute halfway across town just to reach your place of business, you shouldn't rent out a suite in the first place. Try to find a location that will be closest to your home and supports your business as well. Take your time in visiting various suites. Don't make a hasty decision. Once you choose the right salon suite, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a booming business for a long time.

    Prioritize Your Clients

    When you rent a suite, you need your loyal customers to support you through the process. Make pre-bookings for your frequent customers. Space out these pre-bookings over three weeks. Let your customers know that you always prefer them over a one-time walk-in customer. Even if they can't make it to their pre-booking once a month, make room for them in the days following the appointment. A customer who keeps coming back will always provide more revenue than a person who comes in once in a blue moon. 

    Coordinate Your Customer Base

    You need to find a location where your customers will be easily able to access you. It doesn't matter how many customers you already have. If you move into a salon suite that is a long distance from your previous location, you might lose half of your customer base. Engage the people around your locality with printed pamphlets and create a buzz around your business. It will help you cash in your old and new customers in a matter of months. 

    Start Small

    When you are looking for a salon suite, don't look for a fancy suit. Start by hiring an average-sized suite to give yourself some financial breathing space. When you set up shop at an affordable suite, you can work your way towards a more glamorous setup. Don't be disappointed by the decor. You can make changes in your salon suite as you start running your business. Just keep in mind that your priority is to expand your business, not your suite.

    Set Up An Enticing  Retail Shelf

    When you have set up shop in a salon suite the next thing to do is set up an impressive shelf. Don't hide away your products in a cabinet at the back of the salon. Display them in the front and place the most popular brands on the front row. Your customers need to know what products you use and how you use them. You can also set up a contract with a retail brand and use their products long-term. Be careful while managing the terms of the agreement. Consult your lawyer before you finalize any deal with the retails brand.