How To Quickly Prevent and Fix a Burst Water Pipe

    Quickly Prevent and Fix a Burst Water Pipe

    Finding a leaky pipe somewhere in your house is problematic no matter what time of year it is. However, it’s particularly an annoyance during vacations when you are hosting family and friends. Because you can not stop your life for a while when these unfortunate events take place. Often, you require finding a way to make it stop until a bathroom or kitchen plumbing repair team can come and appropriately fix up the issue.

    Therefore, we are here to tell you what to do when these kinds of incidents happen. Following are some ways that can help you temporarily patch a leak. In this way, you can proceed to use your plumbing system after temporarily fixing up your water. But before doing anything, make sure to call a kitchen or bathroom plumbing repair professional.

    Sight a Busted Water Pipe

    First of all, you should know the signs and indications that tell you about a busted water pipe. Many times, a busted water pipe can indicate alarming signs before severe damage happens. The warning signs of a burst pipe can usually go unnoticed, or they can be all around the place. It depends on the magnitude and spot of the burst. However, these signs will often include water.

    Look out for common warnings of a pipe burst, which are:


    Flooding is the most noticeable sign. If you notice pools of water on your bathroom or kitchen floor, if your walls are extremely wet, and if you notice, the water meter is going crazy. Then, undoubtedly, you are having a flood.

    Bubbling Walls 

    When the water bust is not very obvious, you can see the formation of bubbles under the wallpaper or paint on your walls.


    Mould is another major hint of excessive moisture. Some people have this problem in their homes regardless. Though, if you’re going through a mold for the very first time, a broken pipe might be the reason for it.

    Patches Of Excessive Green Grass

    Suppose a pipe has leaked outside your house and around your lawn. Water will be spilling on your lawn also if you see any patches of extremely green grass. It is possibly a damaged pipe.

    Hence, if you see any of these signs of a burst pipe, you need to take immediate action as soon as possible to limit the destruction that is done.

    Ways To Temporarily Fix Up The Water Burst

    First Things First

    The very first thing you need to do is to turn off the main supply of water. After doing this, turn on the tap at the lowest pressure from the pipe to drip any leftover water and alleviate any pressure. Now, clean up the damaged spot of the pipe, wipe it, and let it dry.

    Be very cautious when dealing with the pipe and when doing your short-term repairs. The prime reason for this is the pipe might be more damaged than it seems. Therefore, it could break or collapse when handled.

    Locate The Burst Pipe

    The next step is to locate the pipe burst. If it seems to have been trickling for a while, be cautious entering rooms. After that, search for swelling ceilings and other alarming signs that water damage has already happened. If you notice the leak earlier enough, then place a tub underneath to collect trickling water.

    After locating pipe bursts, there are several things you can do

    • Apply pipe clamps
    • Utilize rubber pipe connectors
    • Epoxy compounds

    Apply Pipe Clamps

    A pipe clamp is a commercial clamp that will hold your leaking pipe together until a professional repair person comes. You will also require a rubber or plastic patch along with some pupe repair clamp and electrical tape. 

    After turning off the water supply, wrap the plastic or rubber patch around the defective pipe section. Now, protect the patch with electrical tape and tighten it with the pipe clamp for extreme durability. This procedure of how to repair leaky pipes is one of the most detailed.

    Use Rubber Pipe Connectors

    This treatment is best for leaks that take place in the middle of water piping or around joints. Because this solution will do the task of closing off a leak, consequently, you can utilize your house’s appliances like you commonly would. Though, its application is quite harder for the normal person. Therefore, you will need to do some study to ensure you hire the connectors correctly.

    Epoxy Compounds

    Epoxy compounds are adhesive, malleable putty that can go into minor crevices and harden. Before you start up this procedure of fixing up, remember to turn off your main water supply. It is important to make sure the material has enough time to get dried. To soften up the compound, you need to rub it in your hands before rubbing it into any breaks. After it gets dry, turn on the water supply. After turning on the water supply, look for any other leaks.

    Why Do Pipes Burst?

    I hope we have helped you with temporarily fixing up your burst leaks. Though, you should know why these pipe burst does happen to avoid damage to pipes. Here are the reasons that result in pipes bursting. The four of the main reasons are:

    • Frozen Pipes
    • Moving Pipes
    • Water Pressure
    • Corrosion

    If you can prevent these through mending or repiping, you probably never go through any water burst in your house.


    The crucial part of keeping in mind is that whenever you find a leak, patch it as soon as possible! Whatever alternative you go for of the ones we have mentioned above should the task. These tips will help you in protecting your plumbing system. Also, they can make your home safe until a repair person can arrive and permanently solve the problem. 

    Besides, you should know how to detect water leaks to avoid them before any damage can happen. Also, Find a plumber in your area, and please do not trust your quick repair for too long because it could cost you way more than replacing or repairing your pipes!