House Cleaning Tips That Make Life Easier

    House Cleaning Tips That Make Life Easier

    Everyone loves to come back to a fresh and clean home but not everyone enjoys the arduous task of cleaning! If you are not a fan of house cleaning, you have got a lot of company.

    As we are hailed among the best house cleaning services in your area, we have gathered the top house cleaning tips. These tips have been making lives easier for a while now.

    With the following house cleaning tips up your sleeve, things are going to change. You will fall in love with your house cleaning regime. But wait! Find your favorite playlist of rock music first, crank the volume high and get going for a spotless home.

    Keep A Storage Area For Your Cleaning Supplies

    Get all your cleaning supplies in one place. Assign a specific storage area in your home for these supplies. Make sure the area is well-ventilated. Adequate air circulation is essential to avoid moisture buildup and subsequent mold growth.

    Moreover, keep a portable caddy to have everything you need to clean in one place. You will save a lot of time and such preparatory steps also help in achieving the mindset for cleaning!

    Always Start With A Plan

    How many times has it happened that you spend hours and hours thinking about where and how to start cleaning a messy house? Then start scrubbing one particular thing and the rest of the house was left?

    It happens when you start without a plan in your head. Think about all the time you have to complete the tasks at hand. Now prioritize your list and divide your time. Every day is not for deep-cleaning sessions. Nonetheless, making plans allows you more deep cleaning of the house.

    Declutter The Space

    Inspect your house for all the things you don’t need. There are a lot of them. Such items not only take up space but increase your workload when it comes to house cleaning.

    Go room to room and pick up all the clutter. Gather the clutter such as magazines, socks, well-read paperbacks, clothes, and old sneakers. Now sort the items you can donate, discard and keep. 

    Use Microfiber Cloths For Streak-Free Surfaces

    A house cleaner must have a good supply of microfiber cloths to clean mirrors without streaks all across the house. A microfiber cloth does not leave lint over the surfaces. Whether you are using DIY cleaners or commercially available house cleaning products, only use a microfiber cloth.

    clean mirrors without streaks

    How to Clean Mirrors With Vinegar

    The best way to clean mirrors and other glass surfaces with cloth leaves smudges and streaks. If you want to avoid the lint residues, white vinegar and old newspaper can rescue you. Here is what to do.

    • Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
    • Spray it generously over the glass or mirror. Let it sit for a few seconds.
    • Use a newspaper to wipe the surface. Proceed from top to bottom to get a streak-free surface.

    Vacuum or Dust First

    Turning off the ceiling fans in your home is the best way to dust the furniture and upholstery. Clean the tops of furniture, underside of shelves, picture frames, TV screen, window, and door frames.

    Tie a piece of microfiber cloth at the end of the broom or brush to clean hard-to-reach places like window blinds.

    Now change the sheets and vacuum floors. The cleaning sequence can make a whole lot of difference in the final look of your home. Steam clean your carpet floors to get rid of the tough stains and debris.

    You can also use a home dry cleaning kit for removing the tough stains from your couches and sofas.

    Sweep Before Your Mop The Floors

    Kitchen and bathroom floors often need mop cleaning. The best approach is to inspect the floors for any visible clutter. Throw away the trash and then sweep the floors with a soft-bristle broom. Start mopping from the farthest corner of the room and move backward toward the doorway.

    This way you won’t be stepping on the wet floors before they are completely dry. You can also purchase an automatic floor cleaning machine for your home. It’s quick, convenient, and affordable.

    Clean The Faucets And Showerheads With Baking Soda

    You can get rid of the unwanted grime buildup and limescale on the faucets and showerheads with this simple hack. If necessary, remove the showerhead and faucet for efficient cleaning. Otherwise, all you need is a few sandwich bags, white vinegar, and baking soda. Here is how to do it.

    • Fill a sandwich bag with white vinegar and baking soda.
    • Put the faucet handle or showerhead in the bag and make sure the handle is fully immersed in the mixture.
    • Secure the bag with a rubber band or a hair tie.
    • Let it sit for one to two hours before removing the sandwich bag.
    • Turn on the shower at full pressure and allow the water to run through the pores. And you are all set to enjoy a shiny new shower head.

    Launder Your Comforter With Tennis Balls

    Want to know how to clean a comforter at home? Ok! Read carefully. You can keep the down pillows and comforters plump in the dryer using new and clean tennis balls. It does not allow the stuffing of the comforters in corners. Throw the balls in the dryer and start the cycle to see incredible results. If you don’t have tennis balls, you can also use small toys. Make sure the toys do not have any hard plastic in them.

    Employ Dryer Sheets For House Cleaning

    If you are using your dryer sheets for your dryer cycle only, you are not making the most use of it. They can be used for a variety of cleaning chores in the house. Here are a few possibilities.

    • Wet the dryer sheet under a faucet and use it to wipe away the soap scum from the shower door and bathroom tiles.
    • Place a dryer sheet in the center of a dirty pan. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Let it soak for an hour. Remove the sheet and rinse away the tough stains.
    • Use a dryer sheet to pick up pet hair. You can also use a squeegee or lint roller to get rid of the pet hair. 

    Dry Clean Your Clothes At Home

    Set up a home dry cleaning at home and you will save hundreds of dollars every year. Not to mention the countless hours you spend waiting for your clean clothes. If you are a fan of delicate wear that requires frequent dry cleaning, invest in a home dry cleaning machine for your good.

    Get Rid Of Odors With Baking Soda

    Odors can make your freshly cleaned home feel dull. Baking soda has been used to get rid of nasty odors for centuries. If you are thinking about pet odors, baking soda is equally effective with them.

    All you need to do is to pour generous amounts of baking soda powder over the dirty surface. Let it sit overnight. Baking soda will absorb the odors. Vacuum it and you will notice that no more smells are lingering around.

    We hope that these house cleaning tips will make your life easier as they have been serving us for years.


    a- What Is The Smart Way To Clean A House?

    It’s pretty smart not to let things pile up. That way you will find it easier to convince yourself to finish the cleaning chore. And always start with a plan. Multitasking is only possible when you have planned it out.

    b- How Much Does Deep Cleaning Cost?

     Although the price depends on the size of the house and the extent of cleaning required, a typical three-bedroom, 2000 square foot house costs about $150-$250 on average. Whereas one-bedroom apartment cleaning starts at $80.

    c- What Is The Fastest Way To Clean A House?

    Gather all your supplies in a portable bucket. Assign time for each cleaning task and avoid distractions. Clean the whole house instead of going room by room and you will get the work done in less time. This is the best strategy to clean fast your place.

    d- What Is The First Thing You Should Do When Cleaning A House?

    First of all, declutter the house. Get everything back to its assigned place and then change the sheets. This gives you a nice and clean start. Always dust before you vacuum and sweep before you mop.

    e- How Can I Improve My House Cleaning?

    Always take a top-down approach and get done with the dusting and wiping before using water. Use house cleaning appliances to fasten up the process. Additionally, explore house cleaning tricks and hacks that take less time but offer excellent results.

    f- Is It Good To Keep Our House Clean?

    It is not only good for your peace of mind but imperative for your health. Several studies have suggested that cleaner households are happier and healthier as compared to cluttered and dirty places.