How to Spot & Avoid a Locksmith Scams

    How to Avoid a Locksmith Scams

    There is no denying the fact that locksmith scams are continuously on the rise. The prevalence of unauthorized and fraudulent locksmiths is mounting in all the states of the United States. These rip-off artists are even creating difficulties for thousands of others who are dead-honest with their profession.

    The working of these scammers is quite professional that it becomes difficult for a client to assess whether he is talking to a pro or just another scammer. They have everything in place, a phony address, a toll-free number, and a team that is available all the time to answer your phone calls. They can trap a caller with their lowest estimate and assuring them about their quick availability. Mostly when you call a locksmith, you are in an emergency and you want someone to send help right away. They arrive there timely but with a scam in mind.

    If you want to save yourself from getting trapped, you need to learn how to spot and avoid a locksmith scams right on the phone call. Given below are some of the expert's tips, you can save yourself from fraudulent locksmiths.

    He Is Not Properly Licensed

    Before you decide to hire someone, you should first know if the locksmith you are hiring has a license to work or he is just acting like a pro. Nearly all the states in the US require these lock and key masters to get a state license before starting their work. If he is unable to show you his license and other essential documents, do not hire him.

    His Working Procedure Is Vague

    This is another way to determine, “are these locksmiths trustworthy or not?” It is not you alone, who is at the risk of being scammed, these lock companies have to be careful too. There might be a client who can hire them to get a copy of a car key that he has stolen. To keep themselves safe, a company must first ask his clients to give them proof of ownership. If a locksmith does not bother about verifying that the car or building is yours, he is not professional enough and you should avoid working with such people.

    His Price Estimate Is Inaccurate

    When you are taking a free price estimate on phone, you must be able to pick a scammer right there. If the person you are hiring tries to add extra charges for every little service but does not give clear information about those extra charges, it is a scam. He is trying to keep everything vague and when he will be done with the service, you will get a big bill at the end.

    He Is Not Answering All Your Questions

    No matter what service you are hiring a locksmith, it is better to ask questions beforehand. If the person on the phone tries to avoid giving direct answers to all your questions, it is a warning sign. You need to pay attention to this and avoid hiring someone hesitant about answering your questions.

    Your Call Getting Transferred Multiple Times

    This may not seem like a trigger sign but it often is one. When you initially call a company, your call is connected with a call center, they will take the zip code and connect you with a locksmith in your area. During this processing, your call will be probably transferred multiple times. If they transfer your call more than once, you should take it as a red flag because it is more likely that you are not talking to a company’s representative but it is a call center who outsourcing help for you.

    He Demands To Pay Through Debit Or Credit Card

    A scammer is more likely to ask you for some deposit through your debit or credit card which is a wrong practice. First of all, you should not hire a company that asks for a pre-service deposit. Secondly, it is up to you how you are going to pay, in cash, or through a debit card.

    Summing Up!

    Avoiding a locksmith scam is not difficult at all, you just have to act vigilantly when hiring a lock and key service. Take these warning signs seriously and protect yourself from hiring a scam locksmith company.