Repair Your Car Key Fob in Eight Steps

    How to Repair a Car Key Fob

    You can repair a car key fob by yourself. That tiny thing that comes with your car can be easily repaired at home. You just have to be careful while handling the key fob. It may be a small thing but you will be able to use your key fob for a long period of time.

    Carry out the following steps to repair a car key fob on your own:

    1- Check the Battery

    Any problem in your key fob is due to your battery. The battery might be corroded, fused or out of power. If your battery is uncharged, you can recharge it by making a small electrolysis at home. You would need a small wire, water and salt to recharge the batter OR you can save yourself the hassle of making an electrode and simply buy a new battery.,

    2- Open the Case

    Pry open the case of your key fob. You can repair it by checking the details. Check for holes, dirt or circuit breaks. If the case looks fine than the problem might be with the circuitry. Look for the attachments on the circuit. Wires can be easily detached due to the frequent falls your key fob is subjected to.

    3- Find Chinks in the Circuit

    See if there are any chinks in the circuit. Repairing key fobs seems scary because their delicate circuits can be damaged easily. Don’t lose heart. Look closely and you will find a small circuit board, a rubber button covers with small conductive pads, and a small battery. Check all the parts to see if they are corroded or not.

    4- Repairing Contact Pads

    You can repair the contact pads on your key fob by using conductive ink. Put on very small amounts of ink on the contact pad to make new contacts. Leave the fob open to dry or use a hair dryer to turn the ink into solid contacts. Close the key fob and turn on your car to see if it works.

    5- Walk the Distance

    Sometimes all the tricks that you have used to repair the key fob end up being useless. Don’t just sit around. Walk over to your car and check the key fob. Most often people try to open their cars by sitting in their living room. The frequency of a key fob works for a distance of less than hundred feet.

    6- Clean the Case

    Remove any junk from the case by using a cotton swab or a small piece of cloth. Don’t soak the cotton or cloth in a bowl of water. You might not be able to repair the key fob if the water on your swab ruins all the contacts. Simply wipe over the contacts and the battery or use a small tweezer to take out the dirt.

    7- Read the Manual

    Keeping a key fob working is an art. You need to know the nitty gritty of the little machine. Read the manual once or twice before you repair the key fob. The instructions given in the manual will show you exactly how to use the key fob for your own purposes.

    8- Reprogramme the Key Fob

    You can re-program your key fob online. You can download an app on your smartphone or connect the key fob to your laptop. Finding the exact program to match your key fob is vital. Add the details of your car as well your key fob to find the perfect match.

    9- Consult an Automotive Service

    You can consult an automotive service to repair your key fob. After you have tried all the steps given above you will have no other choice but to consult an automotive service. You will have to pay a nominal fee to start your car.  First ask your automotive service to define the problem, so you can repair the key fob by yourself.

    10- Buy a New Key Fob

    If all attempts at repairing the key fob are wasted. Don’t despair and buy a new one. Try to keep the new key fob in a good condition. Repairing a key fob is not difficult but you can save yourself from the hassle by keeping it unspoiled. Caring for your key fob will be easier because in life “The little things matter”.