What To Do When Locked Out Of Your House

    What To Do When Locked Out Of Your House

    We all have been through that rough and pretty annoying moment. The moment when it hits you that you are locked out of your house. It could be a lost or broken key or one brief moment when you walked out of the house and left your keys inside.

    Well, take it from a person who has it done more than a decent number of times, it will get better. However, frustrated you may feel at that moment, trust that you will come out of it, or in this particular case, get inside.

    Having ample experience in making this mistake, I chose to look at the brighter side and compile all the ways I used to get out of the situation. Thanks to my supportive friends and family members, some of this are purely the advice I got from them at those moments. And some of it what I have learned online.

    So, I am imagining you are stuck outside of a locked house right now and are not very much interested in reading all of my stories. I get it. Without further due, here is what you can do.

    1. Call Your Friends Or Family Members

    This is what I did in every single lockout situation I have ever faced. It could be a great way to vent out your worries and talk about a solution while you are standing outside the locked door of your house. But more importantly, any of those could have the spare copy you gave them earlier.

    Ask for the spare key and if they can reach you at that particular hour, you are rescued. You can also call your landlord. He/she may not be the best person to talk to when you are worried but they can have a set of spare keys so give it a try.

    2. Find Any Open Window Or Door

    It is not easy to admit or accept that you may have left any of your house windows or doors unlocked, especially when you left for work. But let’s face it, it happens. And when you are locked out of a house, nothing is more delightful than finding an open window or door that you forgot to lock.

     Double-check all the doors and windows you can access from the ground floor. If you have access to a ladder, check the windows on the first floor too.  It may not be a pleasing situation to hop into your house windows but it is relieving when you think about the bill of the emergency locksmith.

    3. Request Help From Your Neighbor

    When you are unable to handle it on your own, it’s better to leave off your perfect-homeowner hood and knock on your neighbor’s door. If you confided an extra pair of keys with them, request them to hand it over to you.

    Those who didn’t take the pain of doing so can ask for some help with calling a professional or family member for your rescue. You can also wait in the warm and cozy shelter while the help arrives.

    4. Try DIY Tricks To Open The Lock

    This time can also be used to try some of the DIY tricks you learned at high school. DIY attempts should only be made when you don’t have kids, elders, or dependents stuck inside. If anyone who needs immediate help is locked inside the house and you don’t want to break your house lock, it is best not to try DIY tricks.

    Your hairpin or credit card can be quite useful if you have got the skill for it. Insert the bobby pin inside the lock, try to maneuver the pins, and hope for the best. A thick credit card or plastic material can also be used. Wedge it between the frame and lock, jiggle and press the handle forcefully. 

    5. Call A Nearby Emergency Locksmith

    When the realization hits you that you cannot do it without a professional locksmith, take a deep breath and accept it.  Call a reliable emergency locksmith that can reach you at the earliest possible.

    Most of us only think about an emergency locksmith at such times. Have faith and search online. Ask your friends or family members for reliable names. Or just click the top suggestions of Google, verify the legal compliance of the company, and request them to come over for help.

    6. Disassemble The Lock

    There are times when you cannot get in touch with any kind of help. Don’t distress and make the hard decision of disassembling the door lock. You will generally need a hammer and screwdrivers to disassemble any kind of doorknob. Take off the screws, remove the hinge crews using a paper clip and slowly take out the lock. 

    7. Break-In Your House

    It is no secret that desperate times need desperate measures. If you need to get back into the house immediately and cannot risk any delays, break-in.