How To Remove Hot Tub Like A Professional

    How To Remove Hot Tub Like A Professional

    When it comes to removing a hot tub from your backyard the first thing that you need to openly accept is that the experience can be a lot challenging. A lot of times the hot tub is filled with gallons of water, tied up with a complicated electrical system and sometimes may even be embedded with the deck while making the hot tub removal process more difficult.

    As different situations will require you to take different responses, you would still want a professional to be by your side if you want to transfer the hot tub from one house to the other. There will be chances that you may have to move the hot tub while it being intact. On other occasions, you may even have to destroy the hot tub because you are going to get a new one anyway. But whatever you do, you are bound to do it with a lot of care.

    1- Draining The Tub

    First and foremost, some of you may already know how to do it as owning a spa puts this up as a requirement for you to do it on your own, but if you are still not very much familiar with the process then turn off the electrical switch to the hot tub. Once the electricity is off, switch the circuit breaker too.

    At the bottom where the drainage spout is located, attach a garden hose to it so that your yard doesn’t get flooded. By doing so, you will also be able to direct the flow of water to your desired place.

    After removing water from the tub, use a dry vacuum to remove the puddles and then move onto the next step.

    2- Following the Instruction Manual

    If you plan to remove the hot tub then you must follow the guidelines mentioned in the instruction manual that comes along with every hot tub whether you buy it as new or second hand from another owner.

    Tools Required

    • Safety eyewear and work gloves
    • Protective clothing
    • Jigsaw
    • Reciprocating saw
    • Dumpster

    3- Remove The Spa Skirt

    Usually, the outside of the spa is made up of more sensitive parts that you can remove without even sawing. The instructions manual, in this case, will also help you to identify which parts have been screwed in so that you turn wise remove the screws and free the spa skirt.

    4- Disassembling The Tub

    If there is one part of the hot tub that is always the hardest to remove then that has to be removing the shell - yes that one piece which is full of stainless steel jets. You may wish to cut it directly down the middle in order to remove the tub but still, the right practice suggests cutting the shell into pie wedges and avoid jets and tubing.

    It’s that one step where you are going to use the saw and even deal with wires so make sure you are all safe by first draining the tub.

    5- Hiring Dumpster

    The last stage includes calling up a dumpster company for the disposal of your hot tub. Typically, when you hire a company to do hot tub removal services for you in Orlando FL, they come prepared with this part but if you are on your own then you will have to make sure that the city’s trash picker is not going to help you with the disposal.

    To make the process less expensive, you can also call in your friends if they happen to have a truck for the drop off of disposal. 

    We hope this guide comes of great help to you!