How long does it take to clean a house professionally

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People often change places and move to new places when circumstances change. Shifting houses, apartments, and offices and moving to and from locations is a normal activity. 


For example; if someone earns a better job somewhere far from his or her residence. The office cannot move for a single person. Shifting to a closer option is what people think of as an optimal solution.


Talking about shifting or moving, this also has some ethics. Cleaning is an integral part of moving in or out of a place. One cannot just leave the place and take their belongings with them without cleaning the space.


It is not done! Moving out of a place required thorough cleaning of the place including the bathroom, lobby, and balcony.


What is a move-in cleaning?

A move-in cleaning is done when moving into a new place. The non-furnished space needs to be cleaned and then moved in. it is like a process that should be followed. Not having it done may give rise to allergies and other health issues.


What is included in a move-in cleaning?


A move in cleaning includes the following tasks:

  • Mopping the floors
  • Wiping the baseboards
  • Dusting the surfaces
  • Cleaning kitchen cabinets and appliances
  • Sanitizing bathrooms (sinks, toilets, showers, and countertops)
  • Spraying for spiders and rats (especially if the building was closed for a long time)


How much does a move-in cleaning cost?


Move in Cleaning Prices:


Low Cost:                 $100 - $200

Average Cost:          $200 - $300

High Cost:                $300 - $400


This calls for a subjective answer. This depends on various decisions that people take differently credited to their personality. 


Some people who would be more cautious would spend on cleaning chemicals and other sanitizing chemicals while some would act with less care. 


To speak generally:


A simple-sized house would cost around $200 to $400 to clean. Different cleaning firms attach different prices to different packages that offer different types of cleaning.


How much does a move-out clean cost?


Move out Cleaning Prices:

Low Cost:                 $100

Average Cost:          $350

High cost:                $650


Again, this depends on a lot of factors like the size of the house, the firm hired and the level of detailed cleaning done. A simple usual sized apartment cost around $350 to clean for a move-out.


 A larger-sized one that covers around 3,500 sq. feet costs around $450 to $650 to clean. For a small single person’s one- or two-bedroom apartment, it will be even lesser. When a cleaner is called, all the pointers should be mentioned earlier to get a reasonable estimate. 


Required pointers When you called a cleaner:


This includes: 

  • The size of the property, 
  • Total bedrooms, and bathrooms, 
  • Your suburbs, 
  • Any extra cleaning that you have done or want to have if not done yet, etc.


How long does a move-out cleaning take?


Up to 8 to 10 hours with 3 to 4 people


A move-out cleaning can take hours. This, however, depends on the size of the property and the workers and machinery ratio employed to perform the job. 


It is normally said that a house can take up to 8 to 10 hours to clean for a move-out, with 3 to 4 people employed and working non-stop.




How to calculate cleaning cost per square foot?


0.1 cents per square feet


A simpler way is to divide the total cost incurred by the size of the property in square feet. We will get the per square cost in this way. The other way is to go by “The Square Footage Method”.


The Square Footage Method


In this approach, we first decide the per square cost, say 0.1 cents. Then multiply the per square rate with the total area of the property that is worked upon. This way we can get the total bill.


House Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot


Home Sq. Ft

Move-in/Move-out cleaning


$150 - $200


$225 - $265


$245 - $295


$300 - $345


$350 - $400


$380 - $460


$460 - $520

How much do cleaners charge per hour?


$25 to $90 per cleaner / per hour


Cleaners charge per hour rates on the job they do but this also varies according to situations. 


For example, if a house is cleaned that is 2000 sq. feet large, the cost might be around $200 


but if an office that is the same size but is located in a high-end business park, the charge would increase. But to generally answer this question the rate is between $25 to $90 per worker.



What does a cleaner do in 2 hours? 


A 3-bedroom apartment may take no less than 2 hours to clean. 


  • Vacuuming the entire house.
  • Washing the bathrooms including toilets.
  • Dusting, and kitchen cleaning jobs. 
  • tile floors and garage entryways


A maid that you have already hired for your routine work can also do some of these jobs well saving you extra cost. 


What is the difference between standard clean and move-out clean?


Standard cleaning is what we do on a daily basis, to keep our living space neat and free of germs. But when a house is being moved out, thorough and detailed cleaning by hiring a janitorial service is needed.

These teams or businesses are professional cleaners that do it on a daily basis and their services are charged as one can clearly see the difference between a normal clean and a specialized and detailed cleaning job.


How long should it take a cleaner to clean a bathroom?


20 to 40 minutes


A typical bathroom should take no longer than 20 to 40 minutes to clean, including toilets. Dirty bathrooms may take 10 more minutes but a fresh and in-use bathroom would not require a thorough cleaning. 


To clean a bathroom to make it all shiny and germ-free involves cleaning toilets, showers, bathtubs, and more being washed and disinfected.


What should I look for when hiring a housekeeper?


You should look in a housekeeper:

  • Trustworthiness and Reliability
  • A person must be attentive
  • Have organizing skills to manage the workload
  • Adaptive according to the work environment


A housekeeper may possess 3 main qualities. First, the person must be attentive. If he/she is not attentive, then he/she might not get what is instructed and may not act accordingly. Second, he/she must have organizing skills. To manage the workload, organizing the work is very important. And lastly, they should be adaptive according to the work environment.



Signs of a bad cleaning lady


It's a common problem for men to clean, but if paying for it, things differ. There are signs when one should know to get rid of a problem causing or money-wasting activity. Here are signs when one should dismiss the cleaning lady.

  • She is spending less and less time cleaning and wastes most of the time
  • She goes by her own timetable
  • She is stealing from you under the banner of cleaning
  • She breaks stuff a lot


What should a cleaning lady do?


Acting intelligently may bring fruitful results. A Professional Maid Services will charge for every second. Thus, the cleaning lady should do some tasks to save them time to do more important jobs. A cleaning lady should;

  • Do the dusting
  • Vacuum the house
  • Mop the floor
  • Pick up any toys or other stuff i.e., organize the room for thorough cleaning

The idea is to do an easy cleaning before the team arrives.


Do you tip a house cleaning service?


If you hire the service frequently should you tip a maid cleaning service? No, it is not necessary to tip the workers every time. A good tip once to twice a year would be enough.

But if someone is not usual with the cleaning services, he/she should tip the cleaners good money. A fine tip of $10 to $20 per cleaning is a good range.