10 Inspiring Home Renovation Ideas That You Would Love

    10 Inspiring Home Renovation Ideas That You Would Love

    What is Home Renovation and Home Remodeling 

    Home renovation and remodeling refer to the act of adding a new addition onto the property or merely removing outdated components from an existing home. You can do interior home renovations, such as expanding your bedroom, updating your bathroom's plumbing and fixtures, or taking old woodwork and remodeling it on your ceiling. Or, you can do exterior home renovations, such as building new additions to your roof, garage, garden, or even parking space.

    The top two motivations for carrying out home improvement projects that remodel and upgrade your space are to increase its aesthetic appeal and to make it more practical. You may update your space by adding beautiful new elements like lighting fixtures or paint colors, or you can waterproof your key regions like the garage or basement. You can even adjust the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in your room. If you want to maintain your home, you may think about replacing all the plumbing and electrical fixtures or making repairs to the concrete. You may also add more rooms to your current building, such as an office at home or a bedroom converted from an attic.

    As you can see, the ideas are limitless. It is just important to know the house you buy isn't the house you are stuck with. There are plenty of changes you can implement to upgrade it.

    Importance of Home Renovation

    From comfort to cost savings, home upgrades are important. The greatest benefit of remodeling your house is, first and foremost, the reduction in utility costs. You are paying twice as much money maintaining a worn-out HVAC system or a barely functional electrical fixture as you would with a brand-new and reconditioned one. This is why having your home inspected by a professional is helpful before you start renovating. They can check out all features of your home to make sure they are working as they should and you aren’t breaking the bank on a barely operating utility system.

    Second, it's crucial to remodel and renovate your property so that you may unwind and appreciate the place you toiled so hard to acquire. Rather than putting an old leather boot to collect all that rainfall from your leaky roof, why not replace it and save yourself the trouble from the space that seems congested or unkempt? Additionally, if you want to sell your house, making a few little improvements, such as changing the lighting, might increase the value of your house by improving its appearance. With home renovations and additions, you may give your existing house new market worth.

    Lastly, wouldn’t you love to live in a home that you don’t dread staying in? If so, follow along for the best house renovation ideas.

    Top 10 Inspiring House Renovation Ideas

    1. Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchen renovation 

    Renovating your kitchen is a terrific opportunity to rediscover your passion of cooking or to create a beautiful culinary environment for your personal chef. Painting your kitchen's walls and cabinets, replacing the flooring with peel-and-stick tiles or brand-new wood floors, fixing any leaky plumbing, and purchasing and maintaining kitchen equipment are some improvements you can make.

    When redesigning your kitchen, you may choose from a wide range of themes and styles. You have the choice of more contemporary kitchens, which include white countertops and black cabinets along with white marble flooring, or more homey kitchens, which have bronze kitchen fixtures, sage green walls, and dark oak cabinetry.

    There are various styles available, but ultimately it comes down to your family's demands and those of the individuals that cook in your house. If you have a big family, you'll need well-designed, easy-to-use equipment and a functional kitchen layout. If you want a lavish and stunning statement room in your kitchen despite the fact that it won't be used much, invest in wallpaper and flooring design rather than expensive appliances.

    2. Bathroom Renovation

    Bathroom Renovation

    The ideal technique to add comfort to your house is through bathroom remodeling. Your bathroom should be the most tranquil area in your home since it serves as a private place. A glass shower door can brighten up your bathroom and add a more contemporary touch. Other ways to upgrade your bathroom include replacing the tiles, repairing leaky plumbing fixtures, switching out your sink for a stylish vessel sink, adding a statement mirror to the entire wall, replacing the lighting, and adding more if necessary.

    Bathroom remodeling is important since frequently, the basic bathrooms that contractors install in your house don't make the most of the available space. With some home improvement, you may make the most of your available space with affordable solutions.

    A fantastic approach to add a touch of elegance to your space is to replace the doorknob with a gold or silver handle as door knobs are frequently covered with paint and sometimes even have rust from use. You can also update the sink faucet and cabinet knobs to give the area a new look. You should start by painting your bathroom if you want to fully transform its appearance. If you can't afford to buy a new vanity, paint it a different color with semi-gloss latex paint and add new LED lighting fixtures. Trust us when we say that lighting can completely transform a room!

    3. Use Energy Efficient Appliances


    More than a decor inspiration, we suggest replacing your old appliances with energy efficient ones because it will help

    you save on your bills that are racking up unnecessary bills. Energy efficient appliances are the best solutions for you if your a family looking to save on bills and even if you are a business that could use a little extra funding. Furthermore, energy efficient appliances reduce greenhouse gasses because they consume less electricity— a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and make your air quality better. So, why not have a well functioning appliance that also does it’s part to save the Earth? Even more, with energy efficient appliances your home's resale value will increase due to the modern tech and the allure of potential home owners saving on bills themselves. If you can’t replace your appliances all at once, start out slow. Cut down the appliance that uses up the most energy like a fridge or HVAC unit. Build your way up. 

    4. Update The Entire Home With A Fresh Coat Of Paint


    A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to change the entire look of your home. We may not notice but smoke can smudge residue over our walls in our kitchen and stale hot air can penetrate from bathrooms or the outdoors and add a grayish tint over our walls. A fresh coat of paint for your kitchen and bathroom can bring back a cleanliness to your home and make it feel bright again. If you are looking to bring a dramatic change into your home, add a pop of color with an accent wall. Accent walls are the latest trends for home decor and interior design, especially for living room paint projects. The placement of the accent wall matters, though. Depending on where you place your paint, you can give your room added height, width or make it seem compact and cozy. Adding an accent wall can also take away the dull monotone color combo brought on by furniture sets. They’re conversational and a great focal point to a boring room. 

    5. Refinish Cabinets


    Oftentimes homeowners overlook the cabinetry in the kitchen thinking refurbishing is too big of a task to take on. However, they’re missing the opportunity to get rid of the old 90s cabinetry look and give their kitchen and bathroom a new look again. Believe it or not, you can refinish your cabinets on your own. This is done by sanding down the old wood, priming the wooden cabinets after you have removed bolts and handles, and then painting them with a fresh coat of paint. A spray paint can make this task easier and cleaner. A new coat of paint can make your cabinets look glossy and brand new again while also, bringing a different mood to your kitchen. You can also buy new cabinet handles which makes a big difference. Trust us, when it comes to bathroom and kitchen decor—the devil is in the details! There is a variety of custom designs available online to choose; colors available including gold to silver and even rose gold. Choose a handle that compliments your other kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Additionally, with simple woodworking technique, you can also elevate your cabinets to reach your ceiling, diminishing the small extra space between your cabinet and ceiling in your kitchen.

    6. Design Homemade Art

    Homemade Art

    Making your own art is a wonderful way to jazz up your décor. Today's social media platforms provide a variety of DIY options for wall hangings and art that you may create on your own (even from junk). There are a ton of creative ideas and works of art that are simple to make without the need for any formal artistic training.

    To create some DIY abstract art simply buy a panel or a canvas from your local art supply store and choose your favorite complementary colors. Start splattering paint all over the canvas; have fun with it and make it one of a kind. If you want to give your artwork a touch of elegance, you may also add some gold leaf. 

    If you want a more cost-effective solution as canvases can be expensive, you can print out artworks from the Internet and paint them over with glue or mod podge--giving the illusion of paint or texture. Once they dry, you can frame them and hang them accordingly. You can also create wall hangings from yarn, cardboard, wood, and more! You just have to be creative with it and search online. We are sure you can find many ideas!

    7. Boost Curb Appeal


    Boost curb appeal by getting into the holiday spirit! Every time the holiday season arrives, charm your neighbors with festive garden décor and front door wreaths. In the United States, we enjoy many holidays ranging from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and more! By keeping up with these holidays and purchasing inexpensive decorations or even making them yourself to put on display in your front garden or staircase, you might become the neighborhood's favorite home. We recommend going to stores like Target, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and Walmart to find all your homing solutions. 

    Even when the holidays aren’t rolling around, you can liven up your garden space with some gnomes, add different flora, plant a tree, and even DIY your own stone pavement. The ideas are limitless so don’t reduce your home remodeling plans to just the interior of your home--the outside matters just as much! 

    Another way to boost curb appeal is to invest in painting the exterior of your home. Brighten up your space with a fresh coat of paint!

    8 .Upgrade / Replace  your old Furniture


    To completely transform the look of your home, upgrade and replace any outdated furniture. Home renovation websites frequently cover painting walls or improving lighting, but almost barely touch on replacing or upgrading your outdated furniture. The furniture in a home is what really brings the interior design to life. Reupholstering couches and chairs, repainting damaged wood, adding wooden ornamental accents, and even painting over them to create a distinct style are all ways to enhance your furniture if you don't want to toss it out. Finding furniture at flea markets or thrift stores and upgrading it to meet your style is another recent trend you can take on. There are many ways that you can change your furniture but, if you want to get rid of your furniture entirely, we recommend searching online for nearby furniture retailers to find inexpensive solutions or checking out antique furniture on Facebook marketplace or flea markets in your area.

    9. Use the Area Under the Stairs

    Use Space Under Stairs

    The area under the stairs is not just for hiding magical little children named Harry Potter! The area under the stairs is often ignored and many homeowners come to despise overtime. However, you can increase its functionality if you wish by converting it into a storage space. You would need to add additional framing to your home but it should be in a very economic range as it does not require demolishing but only addition. With the extra closet space, you can store away cleaning products and shoes while also blocking off the visible area under the stairs.  For a quick and easy solution that is within your budget, make use of this space by adding a table and vase or adding a unique wallpaper. Hang a picture frame and add lighting. The area under the stairs no longer has to be a nuisance. It can be a great spotlight to your entryway. 

    10. Use Proper Lighting inside & Outside


    Using proper lighting changes the entire mood of your space and can be the difference of a welcoming or unwelcoming home when you consider outdoor lighting schemes. Even more, lighting plays a role in our biological health as proper and good lighting can stabilize our heart rates and improve our moods. A stark light is not what you want in a bedroom or living room. On the other hand, kitchens and bathrooms don’t benefit from dim lights. Consequently, lighting structure and design should work with the functionality of your home. Consider unique sconce designs and overhead lighting fixtures that not only provide good use but also look amazing! Lighting is the perfect opportunity to play with shapes as lamp heads come in different varieties. Moreover, we recommend solar powered garden lights for your outdoors area. They can be stuck into the grass and charge in the day, giving you cost effective and ample lighting at night. Outdoor lighting should be cozy and comforting, as well as provide enough light for your safety—a lit garage is a safe one. 

    Conclusion / Final Thoughts:

    Home renovation can be a hefty task to take on, so you should take it day by day because a project that is rushed, is a project that will feel incomplete at the end. Ultimately, we advise you to have fun with it because it is a great way to discover all the hidden nooks and crannies of your home and fall more in love with it then you first did when you bought it.  More importantly, trust the process. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your home will take time to look as you want it to but, the hard work will be worth it in the end! 

    Lastly, go for more cost-effective solutions in your local area by checking out business provider websites like CityLocal101 who offer affordable contractors near you if you’re looking to paint your home, add additions to your house, update your HVAC system, and more.

    We wish you the best of luck on your home improvement journey and we hope that this guide has helped and inspired you! 


    1. How can you estimate the renovation cost?
      Estimating renovation costs requires you to discuss one on one with your contractor. Every contractor for every different renovation project whether it be house framing, painting, appliance repair, etc. will require a different cost. The best way to estimate the renovation costs will be to plan out your priority and see how much you’re willing to give into the entire budget, from there you can meet with contractors and round up an estimate. 
    2. Will you need a home renovator / Home Renovation Contractor? 
      If you’re taking on a big task like painting or demolishing and rebuilding a section of your home, you will definitely need a contractor. Otherwise, adding decor like artwork and plants can be done on your own. 
    3. Do Home Renovations give high ROI?
      Home renovations may provide a 70% ROI in most cases. Replacing outdated cabinetry, adding a new paint finish to the exterior and interior of your home, and changing the appliances to more modern tech is a sure way to add value to your home when it's time to sell. This is why a lot of homeowners take time to make their home refurbished before selling. 
    4. How long will the project take?
      The project’s length depends on how much manpower there is and how quickly you get started on it. It is best to discuss the details with your contractors to let them know that you need the renovation done as soon as possible or, to let them know that they must adhere to strict scheduling so it won’t run a long course. Just remember, big home projects take their time so, it’s best not to rush your contractor. Stay patient!
    5. What should you do if your home does not appeal to you after renovation?
      Even after you renovate your home and it does not appeal to you, you should continue making an effort to make some changes. Home renovation is a process and that is why you should take your time in selecting additions that you truly like and will not get bored of. It's best to start off with a plan so you can avoid this dissatisfaction. 

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