14 Ways to Get a Perfect Flush When Nothing Works

    How to Unclog a Toilet When Nothing Works

    A toilet is the only machine in your house that needs a quick fix. So how do you unclog a toilet when nothing works?

    Panic sets in as soon as you see the sludge building up in your toilet. Your first instinct would be to call a plumber. Stop and think. Is there any other way you might be able to unclog your toilet saving your money and time all at the same time? Yes, there is.

    Follow these simple steps to clean your toilet without flooding your bathroom.

    1- Check the Tank

    You might not be able to unclog your toilet if there is no water in the tank. Take away the lid of the toilet and check the lift chain. A chink or twist in the lift chain might be the problem you are looking for. If your toilet simply does not flush or flushes partly then the lift chain might need to be broken or need a reset. 

    2- Check the water Supply

    Sometimes the water supply is low and can lead to a clog. Check all the pipes attached to the toilet. If you are able to get a full flush then your problem is resolved. Recheck the shut off valve attached to the pipe at the back of the toilet to see if water is flowing directly inside the tank. Try one or two flushes until all the dirty water is drained out and the clog is unclogged.

    3- Flush it Out

    It may seem unlikely but sometimes a toilet might be clogged because someone didn’t flush it. Remind everyone to flush the toilet before leaving the washroom. Flush the toilet once or twice and see if you can flush out the clog. If the water is still grimy then don’t push it. You might be dumped in your own slime. Try another solution instead.

    4- Use a Plunger

    The first thing to do when your toilet unclogs is to use a plunger. Use a bit of force to get the suction just right. Take one or two plunges and flush the toilet. Your problem might be solved quickly. If it is still choked up, place the plunger at an angle to get full suction. Push and pull until you feel that the water is being released.

    5- Squirt gun Suction:

    If your plunger is not working, use a squirt gun to unclog the toilet. It might be a bit messy but you can take care to slowly suck the water in and squirt it out in a bucket. After you have squirted out a large amount of sludge pour clean water into the toilet and unclog it. Put on gloves and a face mask through the whole process to keep yourself clean.

    6- Make a Baking soda and vinegar Combo

    If a plunger does not work move onto other tricks. Mix one cup of baking soda in a bowl of water and mix vinegar in another one. Pour both the mixtures in the toilet bowl and wait for a few hours. When you see bubbles forming in the toilet bowl it means the combo has done its job. Flush it out to unclog it and use the toilet as usual. 

    7- Twist a Wire

    Take a metal wire and twist it at one end into a small loop. A small residue might be blocking the toilet bowl. Try to unclog the main line. You will have to move from one side to the other to get the best angle. Once the wire moves easily inside the toilet it means that it is unclogged.  

    8- Soap and warm water

    You can also use a mixture of soap and warm water to unclog a toilet. Bring the water to a boil and mix small pieces of soap in it. Use a liquid soap to get a good liquid mixture. Pour the water in the toilet bowl to unclog it and put some liquid soap over it. This mixture will easily dissolve the sludge and you can unclog the toilet with a flush after 15 to 20 minutes.  

    9- Plunge in a Vacuum

    Using a vacuum in a toilet might be disgusting but it is a quick fix to a clogged toilet. Cover the hose of the vacuum with a toilet to increase the suction.  Take out the clog by putting the vacuum on full power. Place the clogged waste in a bucket. You can flush out the waste after the toilet is running smoothly.

    10- Wire coat hanger

    Using a wire to unclog a toilet might put scratches on the porcelain. To avoid any unwanted marks, you can open a coat hanger. Twist it open and use it to open up a toilet. Grab the handle and push it in the toilet until you feel that the clog is released. The water will move out of the toilet in a single flush and you are good to go.

    11- Pour an enzyme Cleaner

    To unclog a badly choked up toilet, pour an enzyme cleaner into the toilet bowl. Pour the cleaner which mostly consists of enzyme over the sludge. Let it rest for two or more hours until you see that the clog changes from solid to a mildly liquid form. Flush out the clog and your toilet will be running as smoothly as ever.

    12- Chemical drain cleaner

    Unclogging a toilet is easier with a chemical drain cleaner. Drain cleaners are quite pungent and their fumes are toxic to the breath. Use a mask and gloves to cover your face and hands from the toxic fumes. Leave the chemical drain cleaner in the toilet for 5 to 10 minutes until you see the clog turning into a liquid and flush it as it is.

    13- Plastic Bottle as Pressure Point:

    A quirky way to open a clogged toilet is to use a plastic bottle as a pressure point. Take out as much water as you can and then push the bottle in the center of the bowl. Wear gloves to avoid any nasty encounter. The added pressure in the toilet bowl will dislodge the clog in a few minutes and move it down the drain. 

    14- Get a Professional

    If all else fails then you can call a professional plumber. The steps mentioned above will definitely unclog your toilet. Still, if you feel that the problem is becoming messier and smellier than call a professional plumbing service. Be sure of the fact, that the professional plumbers also use the above hacks to unclog a toilet. Make sure you find a good plumber to save your money and further hassle.