10 Small Bathroom Design Ideas on A Budget

10 Small Bathroom Design Ideas on A Budget

A home is your haven, even if it’s a small one. It is not about the size or the price but about the level of comfort that matters the most.

Most of the homeowners who have lived in big and small homes both say that maintaining a smaller house is much easier. It demands fewer expenditures and efforts for maintenance. Are all small houses like that? The key here is smart design.

This blog is all about the small bathrooms and the best design ideas. If you pick the best layout and interior design for your bathroom, even a small bathroom looks great. Modern features and installations enhance the functionality of spaces quite effectively.

Let us look at 10 inexpensive bathroom remodeling ideas. You will find these small bathroom design ideas amazing as they don’t affect your budget much. So, it is like a win-win situation.

1. Buy A Ladder Shelve

It is normal to struggle with storage problems and resulting mess in a small bathroom. All the toiletries and towels need to have a specific spot so you can find them whenever you need them.

The best way to keep your bathroom organized is to assign a little space to each item. Have you ever given a thought to buying ladder shelves? If you haven't yet, it is time to do this.

Ladder shelves come in several varieties of shapes and sizes. The exposed shelves of the ladder design can be used to store a lot of toiletries. You can refurbish any old ladder in your storage. Paint it with some beautiful color to make it a part of your bathroom design.

2. Replace The Shower Curtain

Light illusions greatly help in widening up smaller spaces. A lot of design experts suggest painting your bathroom white to give an illusion of larger space but this idea is a lot more budget-friendly.

All you need to do is to replace the dirty and old shower curtain. The curtains get full of grime very soon as they are continuously exposed to water and soap.

A new white plastic curtain not only gives a fresh look to your bathroom but lets light pass-through for a brighter space.

3. Use Wicker Baskets  For Storage

You cannot add more bathroom cabinets in that small space but there are other ways to improve bathroom storage. Wicket baskets work as simple yet exquisite containers. The baskets can fit almost every bathroom design and are an incredible storage solution for compact bathrooms. 

4. Tuck The Clutter Away From Plain Sight

It may be convenient to put all of your toiletries on available shelve spaces. You don’t have to search for them every morning for use. But when you are looking to invigorate your cramped-up space, it is not going to help. You have to tuck that clutter away.

When you put all the mess away from plain sight, the change is amazing. Use the space beneath the sink and cover it up with curtains.

5. Get Portable Storage Racks

Get some portable storage racks for your bathroom when you can't fit things in the bathroom. It provides an instant solution to your worries. As it can be easily moved from one place to another, it won't take up bathroom space in unnecessary hours. It is cheap yet classy.

6. Recycle Some Old Crates

Your storage can be a great hunting place for storage solutions. Even an old crate, with a little tweak, can minimize clutter. If you are running short on the crash, upcycle some wooden crates. 

Hang them on bathroom walls to add more functionality to the plains shelves. Don’t forget to paint them as wood can soak up water pretty quickly.

7. Add More Hooks On Walls

Using all the available space is essential when you are designing a small bathroom. If there is not enough space for more cabinets or shelves, add more hooks. These can be installed in small available spaces and do not cramp up the place.

You can hang the towels and clothes when you have to use them but you can clear the hooks in a snap. As you walk out of the bathroom, empty the wall hooks to leave a clutter-free space.

8. Fill Up The Empty Spaces

Optimizing a small bathroom design is all about filling the awkward empty places. Make use of the little room between the cabinets and sink. Wall-mounted racks and corner cabinets are excellent storage solutions. It is important to remember that none of these shelves should interfere with your access and mobility in the bathroom.

9. Mix Paint And Nature Art

Use lighter paint colors for brighter spaces. Interior designers recommend adding some natural elements to bathroom wall art. Paint some green plants or flowers for refreshing interiors.

10. Add Some DIY Art Pieces

Craft some DIY art pieces for your bathroom to give it a personal touch. Wood and fake plants are the most popular design elements for homeowners.