10 Small Bathroom Ideas on A Budget 

    10 Small Bathroom Ideas on A Budget 

    Importance of Bathroom Design 

    Bathroom design is crucial because it may make the difference between efficiency and relaxation and dread and discomfort. Its significance extends beyond merely beauty and ambiance. Your bathroom should reflect everything that makes you feel comfortable while also enhancing your time spent practicing self-care. Even more, a  stunning bathroom may increase the value of your property since prospective buyers give the bathroom's overall design a lot of thought. Lighting fixtures, tile and paint colors, and cabinetry all play a role in dictating small bathroom ideas and making your bathroom its most luxurious appearance. Things to consider when designing your bathroom are the optimal use of space and size, choosing lighting that will brighten up your bathroom without being too stark, and tiling that gives the appearance of cleanliness at all times.

    You're in luck if you want to upgrade your bathroom without going overboard and are unsure of where to begin in terms of price and design. Here we have the best small bathroom ideas ready to be taken on by you. After you have taken up these changes, it will seem as if your bathroom never looked dull before! Find out how to design a stunning and contemporary bathroom by continuing along.

    List of Small Bathroom Ideas 

    Here is a list of Small bathroom ideas you can do if you are on a budget.

    1. Install light Color tiles 

    The first small bathroom idea is investing in light tiles.  It is preferable to avoid dark tile if your bathroom is already small. This is because the room's restricted area is pulled in by the dark tiling, making it appear much smaller than it is. Light shades and colors are always the best choices for tiling. We advise installing faux marble tiles since they not only offer the impression of luxury but also make your bathroom look roomy and open.

    Even better, light bathroom tiles are always in style since they reflect lighting better and may make your space seem cohesive when combined with white cabinetry and fixtures. Warm white tiles in shades like off-white, cream, pearl, or eggshell white make for the greatest light-colored tiles. Additionally, you should use horizontal floor tiles since they can give the impression that your room is much wider and less congested.

    You can benefit greatly from replacing your dark and old tiles with new seamless white tiles.

    2. Apply Paint / Wallpaper to walls

    Applying a brand-new coat of paint and gorgeous new wallpaper to your walls is another small bathroom remodel you can carry out.

    The rule of thumb to follow is that your paint or wallpaper should be derivative of your bathroom's designs and fixtures. Another thing to be aware of is that a bathroom's paint finish matters. To prevent water damage to your walls, the bathroom paint should have moisture resistance. A satin finish is more durable and shines in addition to being easier to clean.

     Light grays and warmer white hues that provide a relaxing effect are the most popular selections for bathroom paint colors. However, many contemporary interior designers are using bolder hues like black, earthy greens, pinks, and quirky wallpapers. Many individuals choose these unique paint selections because they work effectively to make your space appear larger attributable to their strong, opaque, and brilliant hues. Additionally, adding graphic wallpaper to your bathroom will provide the perfect backdrop for your conventional bathroom fixtures, making them appear more costly.

    3. Use Proper lighting

    Proper lighting is important to consider because poor lighting can make your bathroom feel cheap and outdated. If you have a bathroom that is for general usage, then you should have lighting that emits warm and soft white lights as these are the most appealing for a bathroom. Strong vanity lighting is not what you want since, although being ideal for shaving and doing cosmetics in the morning, strong illumination might keep you awake at night and interfere with your sleep cycle. You can see how important lighting is to your health as well as the aesthetics of your bathroom.

    Lighting fixtures include sconces that are attached to the sides or atop mirrors in addition to light bulb color and intensity. The right lighting can make your bathroom appear sophisticated and even taller, so choosing your sconce style is important. If you have a small fixture you want to incorporate, make sure it is on both sides of the mirror since symmetry is crucial to take into account. In order to preserve balance, if you're adding an overhead design, make sure the lighting fixture is centered above the sink.

    4. Mirror, Mirrors

    Mirrors are an essential component of bathroom decor since the right size may increase space and make a bathroom feel more opulent. The most common mirror styles include full-length mirrors that cover the whole wall space above your vanity, iron-edged mirrors, which are both traditional and fashionable in today's world, and circular mirrors. 

    One of the most crucial things to remember when choosing a mirror is that tempered glass is required for bathroom mirrors. This is a type of glass that has been reinforced and constructed with durability.  Furthermore, when choosing the appropriate mirror, you should give careful thought to your budget.  This is because you are dealing with a smaller bathroom remodel and a more modest budget, which is why a huge mirror can cost you a lot.  As a general guideline, when replacing your mirror, choose one that is less wide than your vanity sink area to preserve balance and ideal symmetry. A framed mirror may also be more expensive, so decide if you want a bolder focal point for your bathroom or a more subtle addition that you may ultimately elevate with lighting on either side.

    5. Choose the Glass Shower Doors

    Glass shower doors replace the outdated need for a shower curtain which if tarnished, you would have to keep buying. A glass shower door is a terrific method to effectively separate the water discharge from your showerhead, which, if not immediately dealt with, may result in a mess and even mold growth. Glass shower doors are simpler and quicker to clean for a busy family since you can clean them the same way you would any other glass item in your house. Glass shower doors are the ideal complement to a small bathroom design since they enlarge the area that a shower curtain may have occupied while also acting as a barrier to the wetter areas of your bathroom. 

    One thing to keep in mind is that glass shower doors may be quite pricey, so they would consume the majority of your budget, but still, they provide a significant improvement that is well worth the investment! Other advantages of glass shower doors include their ability to lighten a room, boost a home's value due to their elegant appeal, reduce the need for a bathtub that could be taking up a lot of space, and prevent mildew from growing.

    6. Place the Floating Shelves

    A bathroom isn’t just a space for solely self-care-related products--you can add ornaments, ceramic decor, and even plants on top of floating shelves to add a touch of detail in a sometimes overlooked space. Floating shelves is a great way to add extra storage space and also be a placeholder for decoration pieces. As it is the ideal location to store toiletry necessities with quick access without taking up the other essential wall space, adding floating shelves over your toilet area is becoming an increasingly popular design feature. Choosing to install floating shelves is also a budget-friendly idea because you can totally do it yourself! Just make sure to keep a foot or more of a difference between each shelf (depending on your storage needs). They're easy to install and afterward, you can enjoy the pleasure of shopping for frames, faux plants, and even woven baskets to store face towels and toilet paper in a classy and subtle way. 

    7. Scallop Sinks

    When it comes to sinks, something that endures multiple usages every day, you need a wash basin that performs well and also saves you effort when it comes to cleaning. If you have a countertop in your vanity space and have a dull and boring sink ready to be disposed of, consider checking out a range of scallop sink designs. Round sinks with scalloped edges are called scalloped sinks and are made to fit on a countertop. Scalloped sinks come in a range of styles to match the look of your bathroom and also prevent water from spilling outwards. For your upcoming small bathroom remodel, CityLocal101 has the top contractors in the business. They can help you pick from a wide range of materials, such as elegant gold or platinum on ivory porcelain, ceramics, glass, and concrete. Scallop sinks are taking over the interior design sphere as they are diverse and can suit a plethora of bathroom designs and will conceal the unappealing plumbing fixtures below. They are preferable to vessel sinks that cause more mess and require more cleaning. 

    8. Install Proper Hooks / Hangers

    Installing proper hooks and hangers is a minor but also vital change when it comes to small bathroom remodeling ideas. Think of hooks and hangers as a fixture. Even if you may not use them, a golden or silver-colored hook and hanger can add a luxurious touch to your bathroom. They can be a perfect space to hang your luxury bathroom towels, loofahs, or dry brushes. Hooks can be installed on your bathroom door if you want to situate your things for easy reach and singular, smaller hooks can be attached near your shower for functionality purposes. It's good to know that more than just color, hooks come in a variety of designs and shapes as well. They’re an art installation to say the least. If you have a modern bathroom, consider nordic designed hooks or for a more subtle storage hanging, consider transparent hangers. There are a variety of options that are waiting for you!

    9. Use Fresh plants and air exhaust systems instead of air fresheners

    In addition to harming the environment by producing a variety of potentially dangerous air pollutants that can lower air quality, air fresheners frequently smell like your grandmother's basement cellar! They are a cheap solution and do nothing to remove and keep the hot, stale air that can contribute to mold and mildew, out. An exhaust system is the first consideration you should take when conducting a small bathroom remodel. An exhaust system helps eliminate moisture that has formed on windows and tiled surfaces as well as standing water, dampness, smells, and other contaminants from the bathroom's air. You will have natural fresh air coming in from the outdoors while simultaneously removing the stale odors and impure air. For a cheaper and more energy-efficient solution, fresh plants do well to capture air and even bring liveliness to your bathroom space. They are a great decor item that can be added to your floating shelf or the corner of your bathroom.

    10. Install feature floors

    A feature floor is a fantastic way to update the appearance of your whole bathroom. A feature floor may be a terrific interior design element and make a bathroom look more interesting with good design and a well-done installation.

    A bathroom is a space that encourages a lot of foot activity as well as spills from various chemical items and water, so any flooring you pick must, first and foremost, be sturdy and simple to clean. It must be able to support the weight of fixtures placed on top and be heat and fire-resistant. These considerations should be made if you decide to install a feature floor.

    However, a feature floor may really provide the ideal accent and complimentary color palette design that is unique to you. CityLocal101 has some of the best flooring contractors in your area listed on our website. We offer you a range of businesses that are ready to take on your next small bathroom remodel project. Affordable rates and a variety of designs, check them out today!


    We want to make sure that you have the best options for your house renovation projects and that includes remodeling your small bathroom on a budget. We've provided you with some advice on how to upgrade your bathroom, from major adjustments like adding a glass door to minor details like floating shelves and living plants. These are all excellent ideas to update your bathroom. But bear in mind that it is ultimately up to you to choose the appearance you want for your bathroom. Take into account solutions that fit within your budget and will benefit you most over time, such as an exhaust system that will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and maintain environmental health. Or a glass door that saves you more by providing more protection against mold and mildew than a shower curtain (which you inconveniently need to replace from time to time).

    We hope you have benefited from our advice and are excited to take on this new remodeling project!


    1. How do I choose the right paint colors for a small bathroom?
      If you’re having to choose the right paint colors for a small bathroom, the general guideline to follow is to go with light, warm neutral colors that will add more space to your already congested area. Dark colors draw in focus to the specific wall or floor that you have decided to paint—that is why you should only choose bright colors that will make the space pan out to all four corners.
    2. What are a few easy ways to upgrade a small bathroom?
      Get yourself some decor, such as ornamental items, woven baskets to store extra towels and toilet paper, live plants to add freshness, and floating shelves to add extra storage space above your toilet and arrange all the items you have lying around in the sink. These are just a few simple ways to upgrade the small bathroom that you can do right now. 
    3. How can I make a small bathroom more energy efficient?
      To make your small bathroom more energy efficient consider investing in low-flow toilets, efficient faucets, and water-saving showerheads. LED lights are also a great way to save on energy costs.
      Some trends for small bathroom remodeling in 2023 are more minimalistic and modernized themes, marble tiles on both flooring and walls, as well as funky colors and graphic paper. Additionally, vintage bathroom hardware and decor add a unique touch to your bathroom, and scalloped sinks and large sandwiched mirrors with sconces on either side. All in all, it’s up to you!

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