10 Glass Shower Door Trends In 2023 

    Modern Shower Doors Trends

    Looking to spruce up your bathroom design and take on an affordable and easy home improvement project? A glass shower door can be an option to consider. A shower door will not only give your bathroom more space and make it appear more modern but will also limit the spread of water onto your bathroom's walls and flooring, which will help to avoid the formation of mould and mildew. 

    Bathroom remodelling is an exciting process but oftentimes your bathroom can still appear cramped once you have completed the renovation. To provide a bit more room and eliminate the need for unattractive shower curtains that you would need to change periodically, try installing a glass shower door. 

    The benefits of a glass shower door are that the area beyond can be tiled and decorated to your pleasure and even better, a glass shower doesn’t require much effort to clean. Glass showers increase the worth of a residence that has depreciated in the market value because it is outdated. There are only more benefits to be discovered as each kind of glass door is diverse

    If you are unsure of where to begin, we are here to provide you with some amazing glass shower door trends for 2023!

    Shower Door Trends 

    There has been a growth in shower door installations and décor when it comes to home remodelling and improvement. Glass showers come in a variety of sizes and designs, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.It is essential to be aware of the different types so you can make the best choice possible.

    Types of Shower Doors

    1. Trackless Shower Doors: 

    A trackless shower door works the same way as the doors in your home. Of these trackless shower doors, there are two kinds.

    a. Pivot Doors: 

    A pivoting glass shower door enables you to open it in either direction by pivoting from a singular spot at the top and bottom of the door.

    b. Hinged Doors: 

    A hinged glass shower door is suspended upright on either a permanent glass screen or the sidewall and is designed to swing inwards or outwards.

    Easy access to the bathtub or shower is provided by a trackless shower door.As it must be able to stand alone, it calls for more expensive, stronger glass. Additionally, because there are exposed fissures and gaps, there might potentially be leaks.

    2. Framed Shower Doors: 

    Frame shower doors are the most popular shower doors home installers set up. A metal frame in cases the entire perimeter gives the frame shower door strength and stability. 

    Frame shower doors come in a range of shapes and are more affordable and simple to install.The metal frame lacks aesthetic appeal and restricts your functional capacity because they only open outwards.

    3. Steam Shower Doors: 

    Due to its floor-to-ceiling height, a steam shower door can transform your shower into a sauna.

    The airtight, small design of steam shower doors will stop water from leaking into your bathroom.A costly expert installation is required, and an exhaust system is needed to get rid of the accumulated steam.

    4. Neo-Angles Shower Doors: 

    Neo-angle shower doors have five panels in all, counting the entrance. They surround a shower that's been constructed into a corner.

    As the station walls encircling are going to be built of glass, you can spend less on tile work. They also give your bathroom more area and refinement.Neo-angle shower doors are more of an expensive option and are difficult to install if you don’t meet the proper spatial requirements.

    5. Bi-Fold Shower Doors: 

    Because they combine the benefits of a sliding door and a pivot door and open straight, bifold shower doors are a great choice for small bathrooms.

    They are the perfect option if you have a smaller bathroom.Bifold shower doors need a framework, which might not be flattering. They also need the assistance of a railing to function.

    6. Curved Shower Doors: 

    A curved shower door mirrors its name accurately. Your shower enclosure's door curls over the front, giving it a distinctive appearance.

    Extra shower space and an opulent appearance are both provided by a curved shower.Because of its excess curvature, it is more costly and may take up more area outside of your shower in the bathroom.

    Glass Shower Door Designs

    1. Plain Glass Shower Door: 

    The common, clear form of glass shower door is offered by the majority of shower door retailers.

    The most affordable design for glass shower doors is easy to clean. They also make a space seem larger.Very plain looking if you are seeking out a more high-end look. 

    2. Tinted Glass Shower Door: 

    A tinted glass shower door has a tint covering the glass chosen from a range of light to dark shades.

    Offers extra privacy and can elevate an ordinary plain glass shower door. The shower space is darker at night time, you also have less visibility to see outside the shower.

    3. Frosted Glass Shower Door: 

    Through sandblasting, a frosted coat is applied over glass shower doors, giving it a more decorative appeal.

    Frosted glass shower doors offer more privacy without the darkness of tinting. They can hide water stains. Harder to clean because dirt can accumulate in the crevices of the design work.

    4. Rain Glass Shower Door: 

    One of the most trendy shower door designs that features a “rainy” effect on the glass through texturing and unique patterning.

    Unique and luxurious while also offering more privacy than frosted doors.Expensive and hard to clean because just like sandblasted doors, dirt can accumulate in the details of the design.


    Glass shower doors may give your bathroom a special touch of elegance. If you have a big family and are remodelling your bathroom, think about investing in a glass shower door that is durable and provides extra privacy, such as frosted glass panels. You should select a door that offers both practicality and aesthetic appeal when determining which one is best for you. Pick a glass shower door that fits your bathroom's dimensions and your demands as a homeowner. Glass shower doors are a terrific way to modernize your bathroom and increase the value of your property so, what are you waiting for? Start searching today using our guide and brighten up your bathroom space!


    1. What should I consider before I measure my space for a glass door? 
      The majority of homes have glass door frames that are standardized to an uniform length to make replacing panels simple. To measure, get a measuring tape and note numbers at the peak, centre, and bottom of the door frame; take two to three measurements to be sure. The width of the door is determined by the broadest dimension.
    2. How long will it take to manufacture my shower door? 
      To create a shower door, glass is produced by pouring liquid glass into a casting. Once the final order is placed, the production process normally takes a week to 10 days max, depending on the type of door selected.
    3. Can I order Glass Doors online?
      Yes, you can buy glass doors online. Check business provider websites like CityLocal101 to find the best glass door installation services in your area and book a contractor online today.
    4. How can I clean my Glass Shower Glass doors?
      In a big spritz container, mix 2 spoonfuls of ammonia with 2 litres of lukewarm filtered water. Wait 5 minutes after spraying the glass and use a soft cloth to polish and smooth away any spots.
    5. What cleaning tools will be most effective to clean my glass shower door?
      Along with baking soda, white vinegar, and glass Cleaning Solutions, ammonia can aid in achieving a smooth appearance on glass shower doors.

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