7 Incredibly Beautiful Mirror Ideas For Small Bathroom

    Mirror Ideas For Small Bathrooms

    If you are remodeling a small bathroom, the mirror got to be on your list. There is a lot to love about them as they never judge you for staring and let you know if something is wrong with your dress but above all, they add tons of aesthetic appeals.

    The endless style capacity makes them the perfect addition to small bathroom spaces. The right mirror adds spaciousness, enhances natural light, and plays the role of a window when there isn't one.

    Mirror Ideas for Small Bathrooms

    Let us take a hard look in the mirror with these incredibly beautiful mirror ideas for small bathrooms. No matter what your budget limit is, there is always some kind of mirror that suits your space well.

    1. Mirrored Vanity

    Although mirrors don’t actually increase the square footage of a space, they bring in the illusion. When you are struggling to style a small bathroom, the illusions are quite helpful. The more mirrors, the better. And what if you could have mirrored vanity? It makes the room feel larger with a touch of glam. Without installing a full-length mirror, you can check your shoes in the mirrored vanity.

    2. The Full Bleed Mirror

    If you want to double the aesthetic appeal of the style elements in your bathroom, consider the full bleed mirror. A floor-to-ceiling wall mirror continuous to the adjacent walls visually enhances the gorgeous architectural elements. For instance, you bought fancy bathroom tiles for one wall but couldn’t afford to use them in the whole bathroom. Install a full bleed mirror to enjoy the luxurious look for the whole space. 

    3. Folded Corner Mirrors

    A small bathroom and awkward corners go hand in hand. But they don’t have to be boring anymore. The folded corner mirrors can make the corners chic. It allows us to make the best use of the available space. Consider installing floating vanity with the corner mirrors. The dramatic look of your bathroom will mask the fact that it is a small space. Hire the best remodeling company in your area to bring the best out of your walls.

    4. Mirror Cabinets

    Storage is the biggest concern while remodeling small bathrooms. Homeowners and architects strive to carve out more and more storage space for a de-cluttered look. What if the mirror over the sink can help you hide the clutter? It is possible by installing mirror cabinets. Such cabinets can be designed in any shape or size to blend well with the remaining architectural elements.

    5. Hanging Mirrors

    At times sticking with the conventional can do wonders. Hanging mirrors are having a moment in the design world. There is something about them that feels stylish, playful yet easy-going. The most popular shapes are round, oval, and rectangle but you can have them customized according to your requirements. Add colored vanities and scones to enhance the curb appeal of the place.

    6. Angular Double Mirrors

    Angular double mirrors add a dramatic touch to the bathroom style. The best thing about angular mirrors is that you get to see your whole look. You don’t have to ask someone else to check the view of your hairstyle. On the other hand, the design elements look much more gorgeous with tilting angles.

    7. Full-Length Mirror

    Wall-to-wall mirror installation is a tried and tested style. These mirrors are the easiest to use. Full-length mirrors bring in tons of sophistication and elegance.

    Whether you go for a minimalist design or bold and colorful, a unique bathroom mirror is a perfect way to add an extra punch of style.