12 Small Kitchen Ideas To Make The Most Of The Tiny Space

    small kitchen ideas 2021

    All of us love the idea of spacious kitchens with high ceilings and walls, lots of natural light, and massive windows. But that’s not what most of us get!

    Keeping check of all these wild inspirations becomes a bit difficult when you see real estate markets and their rates. Settling for a smaller house means you have to live with an even smaller kitchen. Fortunately, there are several ways to make your small kitchen beautiful. There are ways you can increase its functionality and storage on a budget.

    Whether you choose to make those changes for yourself or bring in a kitchen remodeling contractor, make sure you have enough kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget before proceeding. A smaller kitchen generally fails to hide any or all of the mistakes of the construction or remodeling.

    Without further due, let us have a look at the 15 small kitchen ideas that can help bring a shining gem out of that small space under budget.

    1- Remove The Upper Kitchen Cabinetry

    Storage is one of the biggest concerns of small kitchen owners. Although cabinets appear to be storage-efficient structures, they sometimes do the opposite. If your kitchen walls feel all cramped up with cabinets, get it removed.

    Install some wooden open shelves. This shelf design not only adds functionality to the kitchen but makes it easier to access your stuff. It gives an added benefit that you will have to keep the shelves organized. Get rid of the stuff you really don’t need.

    For those who consider kitchen cabinets important, add more shelves vertically. Make sure the entire space in the cabinet is being used.

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    2- Add Task Lighting

    Lighting can be your best friend when you are a small kitchen owner. Pile up on-task lighting to make your kitchen look more spacious. Install sconces over the countertop and sink area to flood the area with artificial light. Take this as an opportunity to install stylish light fixtures to improve the aesthetic appeal of the space.

    If you have a limited budget, you can make your space majestic by adding LED lights. These lights are cheap, long-lasting, and can fit anywhere.

    3- Install Statement Lights

    When you have got a piece of amazing statement lighting, one would rarely notice the size of the kitchen. Hanging pendant lights or sconces, whatever suits your fancy, make sure it is installed at the right places.

    You can always search the internet for inspiring ideas or simply get in touch with a reliable kitchen designer. It always pays off! The same number of lights and almost an equal amount of money can bring an entirely new vibe to your kitchen. 

    4. Stock Up On Drawer Organizers

    The more organized you get, the better it is. At certain times, making up ends meet is a bit challenging but thanks to the innovators, you can get some efficient organizers. If you are running short of ideas on your own, visit the best home improvement of your area and check the section of organizers.

    Get more risers, space sorting systems, and anything that can help you streamline the space. Install small bars at the sides of the cabinets to create additional usable space.

    5. Install A Prep Area

    Adding a prep area may not seem to a super useful idea in opening up space but it works wonders when it comes to functionality. You may not have space to expand or add a large fancy kitchen island as a prep area but that does not mean you can’t add one. Bring in a table that can go double duty. Even a narrow console can make things easier for you.

    6. Use Light Paint Colors For Visually Expanding The Area

    By all means, you cannot actually add square footage to your kitchen but you can expand it visually. The best bet is to paint it with light colors. A lot of people opt for plain white as it is the go-to color for smaller spaces. The bright white lights reflect the rays of incident light and make it appear larger than it actually is.

    Don’t feel limited to white only. It may not be that easy to keep clean and spot-free when you have got kids at home. Search through the neutral hues of off-white, beige, light yellow, and ivory to find one that goes well with your kitchen cabinetry. 

    7. Opt For A Round Dining Table

    Fitting in a dining table and an island in a small kitchen are two of the biggest challenges homeowners face. Installing a floating shelf in your L-shaped kitchen is always a great idea. You can also get a table that can be folded and tucked in when not in use. The shape of the dining table is also crucial. Prefer round dining tables instead of rectangular ones.

    8. Get Rid Of The Clutter

    When space is premium you cannot waste a tiny bit of it. Getting rid of the clutter is something only you can do. Although you can hire a professional to add more shelves to give you more storage ideas, sort out all the items on your own. Do you actually need all 7 bowls you have been piling up on years? Think about your typical usage.

    Moreover, create clutter-free spaces on the countertops. Assign a particular place to every item and make sure you are placing it there every single time. Soon you will space is much easier to manage.

    9. Bring In Some Greenery

    A touch of greenery is bound to bring in the magic, whether it’s a small or large kitchen. It is particularly refreshing when it comes to small spaces. If you are good with maintenance and keeping schedules, opt for natural plants. They not only transpire moisture in the indoor air but can also absorb air pollutants. You may also get some organic tomatoes! Search for the plants that do well in higher temperatures.

    For those who are not very good at watering and taking care of plants, you can always opt for artificial plants. Consider a bespoke artificial green wall for your kitchen wall for some spacious natural vibes. 

    10. Install Subway Tiling For Classic Look

    Subway tiling is a timeless addition to kitchen walls. Choose light and natural hues to widen up space. Lay it horizontally all around your kitchen to make your space feel wider. Avoid using dark-colored tiles for the kitchen walls but you can always add some splashes of dark to the floor.

    For those who prefer bold colors, adding a fancy backsplash or an accent wall is the perfect idea to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

    11.Use High-Gloss Paint

    The gloss of your kitchen paint can also affect its visual appeal. Although high gloss paints are not so easy to maintain, you can use them to create reflecting walls and appliances. Choose the right colors of high gloss paint and it can do wonders.

    12. Mirror The Kitchen Walls

    One of my favorite ideas is to add mirrors to kitchen walls. Replace an entire wall with wooden frames and glass panes. Let the natural light flood one and you will never feel claustrophobic again in your kitchen.