Most Popular Large Kitchen Design Ideas for 2020

    Most Popular Large Kitchen Design Ideas for 2020

    Kitchen Design Ideas For Large Space

    The idea of the kitchen being trendy and fashionable is not too common. People give every other room extra effort and time to ensure that they give an appealing effect at the end. So, from painting to the exterior and interior, everything is selected with extra care. Now, enough for the other rooms in the house. Let’s talk about the one room that is most demanded yet neglected in many ways. Yes, looking at the cabinet designs for modern kitchens, I had some ideas for a large kitchen.

    So, let’s see how can we reshape the large kitchen with the latest and trendy ideas.

    1.    Marble Kitchen countertops

    Marble is one thing that will always remain classy and fashionable. So, marble kitchen countertops can be your next choice while remodeling the kitchen. Choose the best quartz and you can have the most classy kitchen outlook for your home.

    2.    Stone Age

    Reading the name may be making you scream that no way you are going back to style a room as Stone Age. Well, it doesn’t mean giving up your modern and open-minded lifestyle. It is just another style in the marble category and you can make the best out of it to give your kitchen a new style.

    3.    Kitchen Larders

    Before the refrigerator, there were large cabinets used for the storage and preservation of dry food. You can remake it by adding a door to the existing shelves. You don’t have to get a huge cabin, but you can use shelves for it and change the kitchen for good.

    4.    Handmade tiles for the kitchen

    It may sound a little old-fashioned, but it has an amazing outlook for the ones with a love of vintage places and things. Use neutral hues and you can make this place more appealing and amazing in looking.

    5.    Add color to your ceiling

    Cabinets are selfish and they often make you forget about the ceiling. However, you can change the whole impact of the room simply by adding a fun color or any wallpaper to the ceiling. One can also use wood paneling for more dramatic flair.

    6.    Wood kitchen cabinets

    Wood kitchen is nothing new. But this is one of the classy styles even after centuries. People are still in love with wooden cabinets and no doubt that they always give a modern outlook to your space.

    7.    Color pop

    Using two colors can be a great idea for adding youthful energy to your space. You can choose young and energetic colors to add energy and good vibes to the kitchen style. You might be able to catch the attention of kids and make them cook for themselves.

    8.    Hi-Tech kitchen

    We all know that modern styles are blooming and most of them are revolving around smart technology. You can make your kitchen smart too simply by adding push-open cabinets.

    9.    Kitchen wallpapers

    Wallpapers can add up more to the kitchen style and look. They give a different yet modern look for many reasons. Moreover, your shelves may look more prominent with the wallpapers.

    10. Open shelving

    Open shelving means that you are in love with your cutlery items and you are definitely going to show them off by using this kind of shelving idea.

    11. Swoon-worthy ceilings

    You can paint the ceiling as a southern-porch style. It looks elegant and also makes other materials pop up a little more.

    12. Open kitchen with living area

    Some of us are fond of gatherings and love inviting people to our places. Now, to make them feel comfortable, welcome, and invited, you can arrange a gathering in a living area that is combined with the open kitchen. They feel as if they are in the home and have nothing to hesitate about while taking the food they desire.

    13. Copper accents

    Copper accents in the kitchen never disappoint. They give a classy look and a modern touch at the same time. So, add it to your kitchen and make your space more elegant and the way you like it.

    14. Darker floors

    With the ceiling, the floors can also make a great choice. So, darker floors always give a contemporary look and they make shelves more prominent. Therefore, you can add them to your remodeling list too.

    Final Thoughts

    Finally, it is about taking the place and space into consideration. You can check out the latest ideas, but you need to be more practical when it comes to modern kitchen cabinets. They are the storage points of your place and messing them up for the style should be worthwhile. So, while you are thinking of kitchen remodeling ideas, ever thought of hiring a home designer for the job? They are often full of the amazing ideas that you need to keep your place in a good-looking condition. If not, then this is your chance to try a professional designer for it.