Ceramic Coating San Bruno, CA

Ceramic Coating

Want to protect your vehicle’s paint for years not months? If you are in San Bruno, CA, you will find our ceramic coating are the best due to our quality and exceptional application. At DoubleTake Auto Spa our customers in San Bruno, CA like that we are factory trained, certified installers which makes a huge difference. No matter what you drive Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche we have ceramic coating options for your vehicle. If you’re wondering, “how long does ceramic coating last” or “ceramic coating prices” our friendly staff is waiting to answer your questions, so simply give us a call!

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Window Tinting San Bruno, CA

Window Tinting

Thinking about window tint for your vehicle? There are many benefits to our Ceramic Heat Reduction Window Tint such as eliminating UV rays from entering your vehicle which can cause skin cancer and retina deterioration. Ceramic window tint keeps it much cooler inside your vehicle vs the standard carbon window tint. And we all know, window tint gives your ride its own unique look and feel. DoubleTake Auto Spa we have a wide selection of SunTek Ceramic Heat Reduction Window Tints for you to select from. Give us a call today!

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Ceramic Coating vs. Waxing San Bruno, CA

Ceramic Coating vs. Waxing

Did you know, if the wax is your means of protection, it needs to be applied 4 times a year. But not the case with professional Ceramic Coatings. They bond to your vehicle’s paint, offering long lasting protection, with options from 2 years to lifetime protection. Now, you no longer need to wonder what’s the difference between “ceramic coating vs wax” but you might ask about, “ceramic coating cost” now, that depends upon the condition of the vehicle and duration selection. If you’re looking for a “certified ceramic coating installer” then call us.

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