Car Detailing Service Santa Clara, CA

Car Detailing Service

Car detailing is one of the most valuable car maintenance services you can benefit from. It is important to restore your car to a new-like condition to enjoy your every ride. When it comes to car detailing, Doubletake Auto Spa is the best center to approach in Santa Clara, CA. We are a BBB accredited business with around 10 years of experience in the industry. Our premium-quality car detailing services are backed with extensive experience, world-class expertise, and high-end tools and technology. With our services, your car will be protected with ceramic pro sport car coating for 6 months. Whether you are looking for an old or new car detailing, you can rely on us. Moreover, we specialize in Tesla car detailing, Mercedes car detailing, and BMW car detailing. So, with us, you can have peace of mind that your luxury car will be greatly taken care of. Reach us out any time!

Window Tinting Service Santa Clara, CA

Window Tinting Service

Whether you want to beat the heat, protect yourself from the UV rays, increase your privacy or security, or enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car, you may go for window tinting. No matter what your reasons are, the experts at Doubletake Auto Spa, know how to cater to your needs impeccably. With an extensive range of window tinting shades to meet your specific needs and style statement, we provide powerful and impressive results in Santa Clara, CA. Our window tinting service entails highly-robust ceramic window film installation to your car windows. We use the latest technology in window tinting; our ceramic heat reduction tint is exactly what you need. You will have to pay a very reasonable cost for window tint at Doubletake Auto Spa. You can get your tint today and take up 6 MONTHS to pay with NO INTEREST with PayPal. Call for an instant auto tinting quote!

Ceramic Coating Service Santa Clara, CA

Ceramic Coating Service

Traditional wax and polymer sealants are ineffective and outdated. No coating comes close to the ceramic pro coating as it is 50 times thicker than waxes and sealant. So, ceramic pro vs wax is out of the question. The ceramic pro coating offers everything from UV protection, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, stain and scratch resistance, durability, and gloss all the way up to all surface protection. Therefore, you should get the best ceramic coating services from a trusted and reputable auto center nearby. In Santa Clara, CA, Doubletake Auto Spa is the best ceramic coating installer. We are factory-trained and certified ceramic coating installers. Our meticulous prep work set us apart from the competition. Our prices, results, and service quality are unbeaten in the industry. Our work is marked by professionalism, timeliness, and efficiency. Therefore, you won't have to look for the "best ceramic coating near me" any longer.

About Us

Founded in 2012, Doubletake Auto Spa is a certified ceramic coating, window tinting, car detailing, paint protection film, and clear bra protection center. We are committed to excellence; we aim to offer high-quality, powerful, and lasting results. As a result, we have maintained A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau for over 9 years and have 5-star customer testimonials on Google and Yelp. We are awarded the best auto detail experts in San Jose 2019. We proudly offer our services in Santa Clara, CA, and surrounding areas.

Sandra J, the owner of Doubletake Auto Spa, and her partner come from corporate America. They are highly passionate about cars; they went to auto detailing school to acquire knowledge, skills, and best practices. They are certified and go through constant training to advance their skills and improve the standard of services.

Your Cars Are an Asset! Let’s Protect Them with Clear Bra Protection!

We buy luxury assets but lag in keeping up their newish shape and end up fretting over their damaged condition and minimal resale value. The same goes for cars. It is important to upkeep your car’s outer look to ensure it withholds its factory outlook for years. But do you know how can you get that?

Simply, with clear bra protection!

If you are already acquainted with this term or process, you must have been telling yourself, “I need the best clear bra for my new car.”  You certainly need a clear bra to give your car’s exterior comprehensive protection from the environment. Clear Bra is a paint protection film protection that covers the high strike of the car, such as the bumper, hood, front mirrors, fenders, and rocker panels. Some of the many benefits of giving your car clear bra protection are that it protects against bug splatters, rock chips, and prevents erosion caused by UV rays, and thus increasing the resale value of the car. Once you understand its diverse benefits, you realize you should have already done it. But, don’t worry. Better late than never!  Besides, it is primly significant to choose a reliable clear bra service provider to enjoy all benefits. Doubletake Auto Spa is Santa Clara, CA’s best clear bra protection service provider. We commit to giving you maximum investment protection with minimum maintenance. Whether you have just bought a new car or the paint of your old car is perfect, you can get the clear bra protection to keep it that way for years. With time, if it is not protected, the rocks, insects, and other road debris can damage the paint, thus the aesthetic appeal of your car.

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We’ve Got the Best Paint Protection Film for Cars

It is important to give attention to the exterior of your car as much as you give to the interior system of the car. It is possible to maintain the high-end finish of your brand-new car for a long time with paint protection film. The advanced technology infused in paint protection film saves your car from UV rays and protects it from harmful chemicals, animal waste, and other debris. However, you must deeply look into the techniques and procedures employed by your paint protection film providers. Choose a reliable company to ensure you get the desired results. In Santa Clara, CA, Doubletake Auto Spa is one of the best paint protection film installers. We were Expertise’ Best Auto Detail Experts in San Jose For 2019, which substantiates that we believe in quality and are committed to excellence. We guarantee 10 years of protection from scratches, scuffs, sail marks, and more. Whether you are looking for a paint protection film for BMW, paint protection film for Mercedes, or paint protection film for any car, you can count on us to provide immaculate services. Get your service today and take up to 6 months to pay Interest-Free paint protection film costs with PayPal Credit!

We have been providing impeccable auto detailing techniques, ceramic coatings application, paint protection film/clear bra installations, and the best customer service for years. Therefore, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and over 300 combined customer reviews on Google/YELP!

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We’ve Got the Best Paint Protection Film for Cars