Ceramic Coating San Jose, CA

Ceramic Coating

Want to protect your car against all kinds of scratches? If yes, head over to Doubletake Auto Spa. We are known for our best ceramic coating in San Jose CA, due to quality services. We have the best ceramic coating installers on the team who will give you top-notch service. So, stop searching for the "best ceramic coating near me." We are best for ceramic coating for TESLA, BMW, or any other vehicle type. Call us if you have any questions, such as how long does ceramic coating last or how much ceramic coating costs.

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Window Tinting San Jose, CA

Window Tinting

Do you want to keep UV rays out of your vehicle? UV rays can cause skin cancer and retinal degeneration. Don't worry, Doubletake Auto Spa will provide you with a heat reduction window tint and shield you from the sun's damaging rays. We have the best ceramic window tint installers who give the most efficient and cost-effective services. We use Sun Tek window tinting products that enhance the performance and appearance of window glass. We provide high-quality window tinting services at a reasonable price. Schedule your service!

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Ceramic Coating vs. Waxing San Jose, CA

Ceramic Coating vs. Waxing

Waxing is a thing of the past! Ceramic coatings are 50 times thicker than waxes and more durable, thus there is no comparison of ceramic coating vs wax. Other ceramic pro benefits include extreme shine, ceramic pro coating, ceramic 9h, ceramic pro care, ceramic pro car wash, ceramic pro detailing, and advanced protection, which may all be obtained through our expert services. If your vehicle is treated with a ceramic pro bronze or gold package, we also provide a warranty. For additional information about the ceramic pro coating, give us a call!

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