Window Tinting Livermore, CA

Window Tinting

Don't you dislike that when you're driving a vehicle and the sun glares right in your face? Well, "dislike" is an understatement! This is dangerous since it increases the likelihood of a collision with another car. You have the ability to safeguard yourself in this scenario. If you can keep up with routine maintenance like changing your oil and tuning up your engine, why not think about getting window tinting for your car? If you haven't thought about this, it's time to take excellent care of your window and yourself. You can count on Doubletake Auto Spa in Livermore, CA to provide you with the best window tinting services. Ceramic heat reduction window tint may help you save energy while driving in the heat of summer. You can expect the greatest results from our window tint installers. Learn more about our window tint cost by contacting us now!

Paint Protection Film Livermore, CA

Paint Protection Film

Have you purchased your dream car? Congratulations! You'll never want to alter the way it is. You want to maintain it looking like the day you purchased it. However, your automobile requires some protection from the elements, such as dust, UV rays, dirt, and a lot more, in order to preserve its shine. You can keep your car's paint from fading by applying a layer of Paint Protection Film (PPF). If you're looking for a "paint protection film installer near me," you've come to the right place.  Your car's shine will last a lifetime if you use Doubletake Auto Spa's services. Get the full benefit of paint protection film at a minimal price in Livermore, CA. Our paint protection film installer will perform magic on your vehicle to make it remarkable, whether you want paint protection film for BMW, Mercedes, or any Tesla model. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our paint protection film options!

Ceramic Coating Livermore, CA

Ceramic Coating

It may be enough for some individuals to just safeguard the vehicle's aesthetics. However, even the tiniest detail is important to a vehicle fanatic. Ceramic coating is the perfect option if you love your automobile and want to make it more attractive by attempting something more effective and long-lasting. pondering the question, "Is ceramic coating worth it?" It's a big yes! Because it protects so well against severe weather, pollutants, and tiny scratches, the ceramic coating is well worth the extra cost. It will be a breeze for you to maintain your car clean using this. If you're looking for a qualified ceramic coating installer, look no further.  Ceramic coating services at Doubletake Auto Spa in Livermore, CA, are recognized for their high quality. To learn more about how long does ceramic coating last, call us. If you like, you may have a candy-like sheen installed by our trained ceramic coating installer right off the bat!

About Us

Founded in 2012, Doubletake Auto Spa is a certified ceramic coating, window tinting, car detailing, paint protection film, and clear bra protection center. We are committed to excellence; we aim to offer high-quality, powerful, and lasting results. As a result, we have maintained A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau for over 9 years and have 5-star customer testimonials on Google and Yelp. We are awarded the best auto detail experts in San Jose 2019. We proudly offer our services in Livermore, CA, and surrounding areas.

Sandra J, the owner of Doubletake Auto Spa, and her partner come from corporate America. They are highly passionate about cars; they went to auto detailing school to acquire knowledge, skills, and best practices. They are certified and go through constant training to advance their skills and improve the standard of services.

Car Detailing for the Car Lovers in Mind!

When you're driving a bright new car, you feel like you're on another planet. Your car's condition is a reflection of who you are. On the road, you feel more confident and prouder. In this case, the greatest car detailing services are what you require. Please don't be alarmed! Livermore's Doubletake Auto Spa is a well-known auto detailing company. You may be certain that you'll get the greatest service possible from us. Almost every car model may benefit from our detailing services. Whether you need BMW detailing, Mercedes detailing, Tesla detailing, or detailing for any other make or model, we can make your vehicle gleam. Call us to find out more about our auto detailing costs!

Freshest Shine with Clear Bra Protection

Your beloved automobile is exposed to a wide range of environmental factors that might accelerate its aging process. Road debris thrown back by the tires might also impact your automobile, resulting in dings and chipping. Do you like driving around in a car that is covered with scuffs, chips, and paint damage? We don't want you to do that! You're looking for a solution, right? Your car's original paint is protected by a transparent bar that shields it from the elements. Doubletake Auto Spa has the greatest clear bra protection in Livermore, CA, so give us a call now. You might save time and money by working with us instead of searching for "clear bra protection near me."

Freshest Shine with Clear Bra Protection