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    Home inspections are daunting and a bit expensive but it is a necessity. Whether a person is buying or selling the house, inspection is a crucial part of the transaction. If you want to prevent any type of inconsistency that may occur while selling a house then here are several steps you should take to prepare the property when you want to sell it.

    Sooner or later whatever is wrong with the house will be found out anyway by the buyer and your selling might not be successful. Hence if you disclose the problems in advance and provide potential buyers with an inspector’s report then it will help the transaction to go through. These steps will make the home inspection a lot easier. Hence, let’s have an insight into these key points and steps to pass home inspection.

    Check Roofs

    You must always check the roof and foundation while home inspection. These two home improvements are budget killers. If you have any doubt that something went wrong in the house then you must call the local contractor to check it.

    The unsealed roof fastener will cause a problem for the buyers and would make a hurdle in selling the house. Hence, you must not neglect that fact and seal those fasteners. To solve this issue you only have to apply a dab of roofing sealant with a caulking gun.

    Check For Plumbing Leakage

    For the buyer, it is scary to face a plumbing leakage in the house. Hence, the draining pipes and dripping taps can be fixed inexpensively. Thus, you should inspect all the drainage systems and plumbing fixtures in the house. It is to ensure there are no plumbing issues in the valves. The places where you should check are kitchen and bathroom fixtures, drain pipes under the sink, plumbing connections. And at last the drainage in the toilet.

    Furthermore, your roofs also play an important role in the drainage. Thus, make sure that the downspout flows the water away from home. Home inspectors are strict when it comes to foundation drainage and water control. So it is optimal to divert water at least three feet away from the foundation.  

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    Check HVAC System

    To prevent the HVAC-related comments from inspection reports you should repair them. It is easy to fix them. You should hire a licensed contractor who will do the following tasks. They will clean the condensed drain line, protect the gas line, and seal the plenum. 

    Furthermore, they must clean the outdoor AC coils or fins, and seal the ducting leaks. Make sure that the heat and air are reaching the targeted location and not going out of the house.

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    Smoke Sensors

    You have to be conscious of safety issues and smoke is one of them. The properly located and functional smoke detectors should be installed in the house because they are relatively inexpensive. Smoke detectors should be in every bedroom, each dwelling story of the room, and in the adjoining hallway according to the International Residential Code.


    It is not an easy task to inspect the home and sometimes you might want to hire professionals. A little help from professionals will save you from future problems. However, some are easy DIY steps that you can do by yourself. Therefore, the above mentioned are some common items that have to check during the home inspection. So after completing all these steps, your house will pass any home inspection easily. 

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